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    birdsfrompluto posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 month ago

    I’m so excited to write this story! I hope you all enjoy it.
    Queen of Broken Hearts ~ Prologue
    “Amatus, deity of heartbreak. Approach.”
    Amatus barely suppressed an eyeroll. Aphrodite was always so dramatic. Sure, they were dramatic too, but it was different. She was dramatic in an “ooo look at me, I’m so superior because I’m the OG” way, while they were dramatic in a “pay attention to me I’m amazing” way. Totally different. They chasséd up to her throne, posing with their hands on their hips.
    “You called?”
    Aphrodite stared down at them. They stared back. She stared harder, seeming to look into their soul. They began to fidget.
    “Amatus. I have been discussing your behavior with the other Erotes.”
    This time, they didn’t suppress their eye roll in time. This happened every couple hundred years. The other love deities would discuss the fact that they liked to break hearts more than fix them, they got a lecture, went back to doing their thing, and then the cycle began. Amatus was surprised they hadn’t given up.
    “I know, I know. ‘Fix hearts, don’t shatter them, be a good little love deity’.” Amatus fluttered their eyelids here for emphasis. “I’ve heard it all before.”
    “Not this time.” Aphrodite stood up, making her way down to them. “We have allowed you to run unchecked for far too long. I am doing what I should have done long ago – punishing you.”
    Amatus’s jaw dropped. “WHAT?”, they shrieked. She couldn’t do that! There was a script!
    “Yes. Now, hush and listen to your sentence. You will be made mortal and sent to Earth. When you prove yourself worthy of your title, you may return.”
    Their disbelief continued to grow. “Made mortal?! Forced to be with humans?! You can’t do this!”
    “I am afraid you have no choice in the matter.”
    “Since it’s about me, I’m pretty sure it does!”
    Aphrodite sighed. “I do wish it could have gone another way. But I fear this is the only way you will learn your lesson.” She placed her hands on their shoulders, halting their pacing. “Amatus, your sentence begins… now.”

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        Love it! Taggles!!

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