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    I’m looking for a beta for this story, so if you’re interested, let me know! Also, feel free to make art of any of the scenes if you feel so inclined, I would be very much honored.
    Queen of Broken Hearts ~ Chapter One
    Amatus opened their eyes only to realize they were sitting against a dumpster. “Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, GROSS!”, they squealed. They attempted to stand up, only for their legs to decide this was an excellent time to refuse to work. They settled for scooting away as quickly as possible, then used the opposite wall to stand up once they reached it.
    Amatus took a moment to ensure they weren’t going to fall back over the moment they let go of the wall, then assessed themselves. They didn’t seem to be injured, so at least Aphrodite didn’t literally drop them on Earth. They ran their fingers through their hair and examined their arms. They still had their hip-length, perfectly tousled, orangey-red waves and soft, unblemished porcelain skin. Good. That was one fear out of the way.
    Next, Amatus studied their outfit. Aphrodite had given them a mint green v-neck with short sleeves casually tucked into black leggings. On their feet were white ankle socks and a pair of baby blue platform sneakers. Their thought of “not that bad, but could definitely be better” was interrupted by the discovery of their legging’s pockets. In one was a passport that claimed they were from Greece and a phone, and in the other was a credit card with a note attached. They snatched the note off, muttering as they read it.
    “For any purchases necessary. I’ll allow a bit of wiggle room, but don’t go wild.”
    Amatus scoffed. Anything they bought was necessary. Like right now, they needed a new wardrobe, makeup and hair products, and a Tevana Iced Passion Tango Tea with soy milk, vanilla syrup, and blackberries. Preferably in that order, except maybe the tea first. Obviously their first task was to find a mall.
    “Oh my god.”
    Amatus looked up. Oh, good. Teenagers always knew where a mall was. They flashed the two standing in the entrance to the alley their most charming smile.
    The girl gaped at them. They couldn’t help noting that she was pretty, in an alternative way. Her curly desert rose hair looked good with her dark skin and brought out her wide amber eyes. She was on the short side, and was wearing a t-shirt with some symbol on it, an ankle-length dark red skirt, and black boots with roses on them. Next to her, the boy was very obviously trying to keep himself from checking them out. His chunky black frames seemed to have been chosen specifically to try and hide his striking eyes, which were blue with a golden ring around the pupil. He had shaggy caramel brown hair and tanned skin, which was surprising since his clothes clearly marked him as the type to spend all day in a basement playing video games.
    Amatus rolled their eyes. They knew they were gorgeous, and their sul.try voice could cause almost anyone to freeze, but that wasn’t a reason to completely lose your mind.
    “Could you direct me to the nearest mall?”
    The boy shook off his awe first. “Oh, yeah, sure. We were going there anyways, right, Kammie?” He nudged the girl with his elbow.
    “How many times do I have to tell you? It’s Kamirah. Not Kammie, not Kam, not any number of nicknames you could come up with,” she grumbled.
    “Kamirah,” he hissed, flashing Amatus an apologetic smile. “Fight later, help the pretty person now.”
    “Yeah, yeah.” The girl, Kamirah, turned to Amatus. “We can take you to the mall.”
    “But first,” the girl held up a hand, interrupting them. They frowned. “You gotta tell us what you’re doing hanging in an alley. You’re not a st.oner, are you?”
    Amatus quickly shook their head no, quickly coming up with a cover story. “I’m an exchange student from Greece. I got twisted around at some point and now I have no idea where I am.” They tossed in a sheepish giggle for good measure.
    The two teens scrutinized them, and for a moment they were afraid they wouldn’t buy the lie. Luckily, the boy eventually shrugged and held out a hand.
    “Even if you are lying, you don’t look like you’re secretly plotting our deaths, so. I’m William, but you can call me Will.”
    Kamirah sighed, then offered her hand as well. “I’m pretty sure you already heard that I’m Kamirah.”
    Amatus smiled, then lightly shook their fingertips. “Amatus. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

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