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    I’m looking for a beta for this story, so if you’re interested, let me know! Also, feel free to make art of any of the scenes if you feel so inclined, I would be very much honored, and if you have an idea for a character you want to see appear let me know. I’m always open to ideas!
    Wow, two and a half chapters in one day! I don’t think I’ve ever written that much. A miracle has occurred on this day.
    Queen of Broken Hearts ~ Chapter Two
    Amatus had decided they had chosen the worst possible duo to be their starter friends. They were the biggest losers they had ever had the displeasure of meeting. Of course they weren’t expecting the first humans they met to be the very best, but did they really have to be stuck with the very worst?
    “I already told you, I’m not stepping in there.”
    Amatus huffed. “So what if it’s a big corporation? That doesn’t take away from the fact that their tea is the best.”
    “No.” Kamirah crossed her arms. “I refuse.”
    He shook his head quickly, glancing over at Kamirah. “They took over the Target food spot. Now I have to pay $4 for a single cake pop when before I could have both popcorn and a large soda.”
    “Gods…” Amatus groaned. “Fine. I’ll go myself.”
    “Or,” Kamirah smirked. “We could go to The Well.”
    “The Well?” Was that some fancy cafe they hadn’t heard of before?
    “Yeah. It’s a little coffee shop a street away. My cousin works there, I’m sure he could get us a discount.”
    Amatus was torn. They refused to be seen in some hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, but they also didn’t want to go in alone. They would never admit it, but they were kind of scared. Being mortal was so weird. They felt weak and helpless.
    “Forget Starbucks, we gotta go there! They have the best pastries!”
    Kamirah glared at Will. “We weren’t going to go in Starbucks anyways.”
    “Right. Because Starbucks is a big corporation and we don’t support big corporations.” Will nodded dutifully. He sounded like he was reciting from a textbook. Amatus couldn’t help giggle a bit.
    “Ugh, fine. I guess we can go to The Well or whatever it was called. But you’re buying me a raspberry scone.”
    “I think what you mean is that you’re buying me a dark chocolate cookie.”
    Will hooked his arms through the other two’s elbows, ending the argument before it started. “C’mon! What are we waiting for!”
    Amatus was in love. None could even begin to compare. White Peach Matcha lattes could step on them and they would thank them. Although, they didn’t have feet. Or legs. But it still held true.
    “If we had these back home, I would drink nothing but them.”
    Kamirah smirked. “Glad you came here now?”
    “Gods, yes.” Amatus took another sip and let out a They noticed the looks the other two exchanged at their words.
    Oops. Maybe they could just brush it off as a slip of the tongue.
    Will turned his attention back to his muffin. “So, where are we going after this?”
    Amatus shrugged. “I need clothes, makeup, and hair stuff. Anywhere that has any of those is good.”
    “Don’t you have that in your luggage?” Kamirah raised an eyebrow. She was getting suspicious, they knew it. They would have to be very, very careful if they planned on hanging out with her. At first, the idea was horrifying, but now that they knew she knew someone who could regularly get them the most godly beverage they had ever tasted they absolutely had to remain friends with her.
    Amatus rolled their eyes in a way that clearly said omg, let me tell you ALL about it. “I mailed most of it, and the mail idiots lost it. What I brought with me on the plane got stolen. I literally have nothing, so it’s a good thing that my mom’s rich.”
    “We could go to Full Circle!”, Will blurted out. “It’s a sustainable boutique that also sells vegan and cruelty free makeup and beauty products. My sister is obsessed with their Cosmetic Warrior face mask, she says it’s the only real breakout destroyer.”
    “That sounds perfect. Amatus?”
    Amatus considered the offer for a moment, then nodded. “I’m sure I can at least find the essentials there. It’s a start, at the very least.”
    “Excellent!” Will jumped up, shoving the last bit of muffin in his mouth. “Let’s go!” He practically ran out of the coffee shop, forcing the other two to actually run to catch up. Amatus was blessed with long legs, allowing them to catch up easily, but Kamirah was slightly out of breath when she caught up.
    “What… why did you run?”, she huffed. Will slowed down, giving her an apologetic smile.
    “Hugo works there.”
    “Ohhhh~”, she smirked. “That explains that.”
    “Hugo?” Amatus gave them both a confused look.
    “Will’s bOyFrIeNd.”
    “He is NOT my boyfriend!”
    “Yeah, but you two flirt, like, constantly.”
    “That doesn’t mean he’s my boyfriend.”
    Amatus bit their lip, holding back a smirk of their own. Will was nice, sure. But anyone named Hugo was supermodel material. He may flirt, but no one on his level would date someone on Will’s. They almost felt bad for the inevitable heartbreak Will would suffer from.
    The group soon reached a small boutique located in an old-looking strip mall. The window displays were elegant but also inviting, and the double doors were made of dark-colored wood. Overall, it gave off an air of being the kind of place rich young adults would shop at. It was perfect.
    Amatus threw both of the doors open, strutting inside. A place like this required a grand entrance. They looked around, taking in the store. There was a fairly even mix of feminine and masculine clothing, ranging in style from t-shirts and ripped jeans to evening gowns. In the back were shelves and racks with makeup and beauty products. This store was paradise.
    “This store is paradise,” they announced, turning to their… well, not friends. Maybe acquaintances. Will gave them a thumbs up.
    “I’m glad you think so,” a voice replied, chuckling. Amatus turned to face a teen boy who looked like Eros’s long-lost twin. His ebony curls perfectly framed a sculpted face. His naturally dark tan skin and sharp brown eyes were swoon-worthy. The icing on the cake was his visible biceps. “My mom does her best to make it a wonderful place.”
    “Hi Hugo,” Will squeaked out, waving shyly. All his flamboyant confidence was gone, and in its place was pure panic.
    Amatus smirked, looking forward to seeing the look of pure bro-ness on Hugo’s face. When they turned, though, they raised an eyebrow. Hugo was smiling sheepishly, and was that a blush?
    “Oh! Will! Sorry, I didn’t see you…” Hugo trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck. “Not that you’re not noticeable! Just that you were back there, and normally hang out with Kamirah, and… yeah, I’m gonna stop now before I shove my foot even further into my mouth.”
    Will let out a nervous laugh. “It’s cool. Amatus is kinda distracting.”
    “Not as distracting as you,” Hugo blurted out. His eyes widened, his mouth hanging open. “I- sorry, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.”
    “I-it’s ok,” Will stuttered out. The two boys stood there, staring at each other, matching blushes on their faces. Amatus raised both eyebrows. That was very interesting.
    Kamirah moved, standing in between them and breaking the tension. “Hugo, good to see you too.”
    “Kamirah! Always a delight.” Hugo shook his head, as if trying to banish his thoughts. “I’m guessing you’re not here simply to stand around. How can I help you?”
    “I need everything,” Amatus replied, determination in their voice. Now that the show was over, they wanted to get to shopping asap. “Clothes, makeup… everything.”
    “Then it’s a good thing we have everything.” Hugo gestured to the store. “Knock yourself out. I’ll give you my employee discount since you’re a friend of Will’s, so don’t worry about spending too much.”
    “Perfect!” Now that they had permission, Amatus dived into the closest clothes rack, pulling out anything that caught their eye. The other three exchanged looks. This was either going to be very, very boring, or very, very entertaining.
    ~ The Well is the cafe I go to on Wednesday. I’m hopelessly addicted to their Desteany, which is an Earl Grey misto with sugar and lavender.
    ~ Cosmetic Warrior is a real face mask from Lush. I’ve never tried it, but the reviews say it’s a blessing to people with acne.

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