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    bladedancer104 posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 6 months ago

    Penny’s POV

    Penny folded her arms, glancing around at the others. She fiddled with her fingernails. This was starting to get boring. She only looked up when Cassidy appeared in the clearing.
    “Did we have to leave in the middle of class?” She squeaked.
    Penny rolled her eyes, unable to keep from smirking.
    She heard a quiet rustling noise behind her and whirled around to see a girl step out of the forest. Her frown grew deeper as the girl queried them about leaving class early.
    “And who are you?” Penny glared at her. Who was this person? Could she be trusted? Probably not. And if she did want to help them, she would probably just end up being dead weight to the group anyway.
    “I am Ceridwen verch Gwyn, a Fae from Annwn, and I want to know why you’re standing here.”
    Penny raised an eyebrow at that huge mouthful of a name. “Why should we tell you?”

    @larkofwoodsbeyond (wasn’t sure what she would say)

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