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    bladedancer104 posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 6 months ago

    Abria’s POV

    Abria was stunned. Speechless, for once.
    Maybe it was the fact that her father had been so distant to her ever since her mother’s disappearance, or the fact that she had never been treated this specially before. By anyone.
    Whatever it was, she didn’t know what to say besides, “I– wow, thank you, Nires. I mean- it’s beautiful-” She trailed off, still trying to process everything. She had been a bit hesitant to take his hand earlier- it felt like a risk- but did this mean that their feelings were mutual?
    “You’re welcome.” Nires took her hand. She could’ve jumped right to the moon then and there.
    He smiled softly, and looked so shy, she had the urge to throw her arms around him in a hug. What was happening? She never acted like this, especially around boys. Usually, she had to be the strongest person in the room, be the bodyguard, the warrior, for everyone else. But this- this was different.
    “I, uh… I found the roses we needed.” She said, a bit awkwardly, running a hand through her hair. “C’mon,” She led him to them and they both picked out the biggest, reddest flowers they could find.
    “Hang on a second,” She said with a grin. “I’ve got an idea.”
    Pulling a small coin purse from a pocket, she payed for a bunch of wildflowers and twisted them together into a wreath-like shape. Frowning with concentration, she moved so Nires couldn’t see what she was doing, and when he tried to peek over her shoulder, she waved him off with a, “Just hold on, Sailor Boy.”
    Finally she turned around and reached up to plop the newly completed flower crown onto his head with a satisfied nod. “Now we can go look for more stuff.”


        julianaarthur replied 6 months ago

        This is sooooooo heartwarming!!!

          bladedancer104 replied 6 months ago

          Great, I’m glad you liked it !

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