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    bookgirl2007 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 9 months ago

    Chapter 2: Icy’s Wish
    Icy’s POV

    Icy zipped up her blue hoodie and saw that during the time of her kidnapping, the frost had melted off. She waved her hand and it came on again. Icy still couldn’t believe she was in the School for Good and made a note in her head to get to Evil but for now she was going to have to deal with her two roommates. Ivy was one of them and she was already her *****. So that left… Icy opened the door only to see the parade of PIT (Princess In Training) girls glide by. Icy read the names on the door.
    Icy Frost
    Ivy Rider
    Clover Reflection
    Aha! Clover Reflection! That had to be the girl with long ginger hair in the bed next to Ivy’s. Icy strode over to her and made a little snow storm that brushed her face. Clover stirred.
    “Wha-.” she began.
    “Be my *****!” Icy commanded.
    “Huh?” Clover asked.
    “Be. My. *****!” Icy ordered.

    Ivy’s POV

    Ivy felt sorry for Clover but couldn’t do much about it. She had become Icy’s ***** in a matter of seconds and Ivy feared Clover was going down the same route.
    “*****? Um, OK?” Clover said. Great. Just great. Ivy squealed in delight as a beautiful fairy with wavy golden locks and pastel coloured wings appeared and handed her her schedule. Animal Communication was first. Clover giggled as a fairy with brown hair and bright yellow wings passed her hers. Then, Icy let out a bloodcurdling scream.

    Clover’s POV

    Icy screamed as a fairy with black hair and blood red wings passed her her schedule. Clover had apparently become her ***** so she walked over to Icy and patted her on the shoulder, getting frost from Icy’s hoodie on her hand.
    “What was that?” Icy cried.
    “It was a fairy,” Ivy replied.
    “A what?” Icy questioned.
    “A fairy!” Clover cried.
    “Um, yeah, uh, sure!” Icy stuttered as she left the room.

    Icy’s POV

    “OK, next! Icy Frost!” Princess Uma yelled. Icy stepped towards the Wish Fish and they circled round. They formed a blizzard around the School for Good & Evil and the Endless Woods. The blizzard enclosed it all and with a poof, all of Good disappeared! The Snow Queen and Jack Frost sat on ice thrones and Icy sat on one too. A 5 year old child, Icy’s sister Jackie, sat on one. This was Icy’s wish. Good’s destruction.

    Stay tuned!

    @bookgirl2007 out! 😀

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