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    bookgirl2007 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 7 months ago

    Chapter 1: The Plan

    Nevers happily chatted as they walked down the corridors of the School for Evil, telling their peers about who they had kidnapped or which kitten they had used for a potion. They never saw two eyes, red as blood, watching them in the shadows. With a poof no one heard, they disappeared into a secret room, made entirely out of shadow. A girl stepped out of the shadows and walked towards a crystal ball. She had purple and black hair with blood red eyes and pale skin. She would easily be mistaken for a vampire, but instead had wings, black wings. She kept them hidden most of the time, as they did not help her sneak around. She spread her huge wings wide as she raised her hands in the air and began to chant. It was a chant from olden times, that no one alive today knew of.
    “Master, the devilspawn haven’t noticed me yet. The plan is going well,” she spoke with a firm voice. Icy blue eyes appeared out of nowhere, as well as something you may think was a portal, but was instead a prison of some sorts.
    “Well done, Ash, you did something,” a voice snarled. Ash closed her eyes patiently.
    “But I suppose it is progress. Soon we shall have what we desire. And, Ash, what is it we desire?” the voice asked.
    “The Storian.” Ash opened her eyes.
    “Yes, Ash, and why?” the voice asked again.
    “So we may seek revenge on those who have wronged you, Master,” Ash replied.
    “Good, now someone is bound to notice you at some point so you must look like a Never,” the voice said.
    “Master, you’re actually going to make me hang out with the devil spawn? And go to this ridiculous school?” Ash cried.
    “You are of age, and besides, when we get the Storian, I promise you that we can destroy this school together. It would bring me pleasure to see it’s destruction,” the voice replied. Ash swallowed. She had never been to a school before. She smiled slyly, thinking of the carnage she could cause, the perfect distraction, stealing the Storian, her Master returning, them destroying the School for Good and Evil. It made Ash’s heart leap with joy.
    “OK, Master.” Ash lifted her head and started to cackle wildly. Soon enough her Master joined in too.

        shadesofevil replied 2 years, 7 months ago

        OMG THIS IS EVIL!!!!!

          shadesofevil replied 2 years, 7 months ago

          tag me!!

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