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    bookgirl2007 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 6 months ago

    Hi everybody! This chapter (ONLY THIS CHAPTER) will be told in two POV’s: Ash and Castor (the dog )

    Chapter 4: The Book
    Castor’s POV

    She was 100% Evil, that I could tell easily. Her expression, her movement and her voice were the things that helped me realise that. Only one other has been close to that: Dean Sophie, who was 99.9% Evil. Ash, well, she was rotten to the core. The purest Evil I’ve ever seen in my life. And yet, she didn’t look like you would think a villian would. Villians were, um, not likely to win a beauty pageant. But Ash was … different.

    Ash’s POV

    Castor told me to come to his office so he could tell me how I ended up in the hospital wing. Pollux had to attend to Princess Ettiquette, which made me retch. Castor pushed the door open.
    “Take a seat,” he said. So I sat down on a leather chair.
    “Refreshments?” he asked.
    “Well, some water. Still water, I don’t like fizzy drinks,” I replied.
    “OK, read a book if you want,” he said, going through a door that probably lead to the kitchen. I picked a book that’s sitting on a coffe table covered with dirt. The book itself was covered in dust. I scraped off the dust to reveal a title: The Tale of Castor & Pollux. Intrigued, I turned the page.

    Once upon a time, long before the rule of Rafal, there were two boys. Twins. One was cold and cruel. One was cheery and full of life. The cruel boy’s name was Castor and the cheery one was called Pollux. One day, the boys were kidnapped and taken to a magical school. The two vowed to find a way out together, but as time went on, that became harder and harder. Castor found allies in darkness whereas Pollux had made many princely friends. The old School Master, a warlock named Wizardo, had foreseen that the boys could only get out if one found True Love. But as the Snow Ball drew closer and closer, Pollux had no date for it. And so he had failed not only his school, but the brother he loved dearly. Enraged that he could not go home, Castor lead an attack on the Snow Ball, targeting princesses that had said no to his brother, letting his animal side out. Wizardo had to protect both Good and Evil, so he transferred Castor and Pollux in a dog’s body to symbolise Castor’s Evil and wildness, but to have Pollux in charge of him. As old as the dog would look, they would always be 11, the age they were, until they would be free.

    Castor’s POV

    I walked in with a bottle of water and saw she was reading the only book I didn’t want her to read. Without Pollux, I felt the animal side become unleashed and I lost control. The last thing I remember was the bottle hitting the floor.

    Ash’s POV

    I screamed as Castor lunged for my chair. I leapt off the chair, taking off my cape so I could fly. Castor snarled as he jumped, tearing off loads of feathers. I breathed a sigh of relief that he hadn’t attacked my face, not seeing Castor jump again. He scratched my left eye and it was flooded with blood. It was on my eyebrow too. I managed to fly shakily out of the door way before my wings gave way. I slammed the door and using Dark Magic, not caring who saw me, I opened a portal to the Room of Shadows. My Master was there, waiting for me.
    “Hush child. I promise when we get the Storian, you can kill him. But for now you must heal.” My Master put a bubble around me, to show me I was safe. How could the Storian’s latest fairy tale be about me? And how long had The Tale of Castor & Pollux been there? My sobs echoed through the room as I curled up and cried myself to sleep, the pain too unbearable to think with.

    3rd Person POV

    Dean Sophie and Dean Dovey looked out of the window, in shock.

        bookgirl2007 replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        Dun dun dun! They’ve seen the Dark Magic!

        thesgeturtle replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        This is so interesting! Can you tag me?

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