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    Chapter One: Weird and Annoying
    Julien’s POV

    The girl slapps me in the face.
    “For the last time, GET OUT OF MY WAY!” she screams. Tears form in my eyes. My face throbs with the pain.
    “OK!” I agree. She stomps past me and then pushes me into the mud. I’m not too bothered about my clothes but some of the mud splashes me in the eyes.
    “OW!” I yell. I go over to tell her that I am a prince who should be respected. She’s faster than me. The girl runs to the Good lake, jumping in and swimming to the border. There’s a Nevergirl on the other side doing the same thing. She’s beautiful for a Nevergirl. The girl that pushed me was ****, so she couldn’t be an Evergirl.
    “CRIMSON!” the girl shrieks. She is worried about the pretty Never. They swim to each other, but the border separates them. Fairies lunge towards the girl, but she whacks them away as if she was waving away a fly. Wolves corner the other girl. She had to be Crimson.
    “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! YOU RUINED MY LIFE! YOU’RE NOT MY TWIN! YOU’RE PURE EVIL!” Crimson bellows. The girl is numb with disbelief. She sinks into the crystal clear lake before the fairies, all soaking wet from when they landed in the lake while trying to get the girl, lift her out.
    “Naughty! Very naughty, princess!” one of them hisses. The girl opens her mouth to speak but can’t. I don’t feel sorry for her. She must have done witchcraft to get herself put in Good. That poor Nevergirl. I could sense the Good radiating off of her. The girl gets flown into Purity. A small fairy remains by my side.
    “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” he says in a creepy voice. I scream as the fairy leaps towards my face. A spear prevents him from tearing my face apart. It’s made of pure gold. I look up and see the girl. Fairies are dive bombing her.
    “You made my Grandma’s golden spear *****!” she yells.
    “You didn’t have to save me!” I protest.
    “I didn’t WANT to. You were running around screaming like a little girl. Someone had to make you finally shut up,” the girl responds. About a hundred fairies try to pull her away. It works.
    “Stop struggling, Princess Clover!” one of them begs.
    “No! I’m not a Princess! My Twin, Crimson, is, but the School Master took us both and accidentally put Crimson in Evil!” the girl -no, Clover- cries. That’s one thing we can agree on. She is NOT a princess.

    Clover’s POV

    Were they taking me outside the gates? My heart soared with hope. That hope was crushed as they dumped me outside a room. The staircase they had dragged me up was pure pink. I may have thrown up in my mouth. The door said I was welcome here. I opened the door, and instantly clutched my nose as a horrible stench of perfume flooded it. Even worse, the perfume was PINK. And you aren’t even SUPPOSED to SEE perfume! Two girls sat on pink beds. One had blonde hair and the other had brown. They both wore WAY too much makeup. Of course, any makeup is too much.
    “Um… Sweetie, are you lost?” Blondie asks.
    “No,” I say.
    “I am Lucia, and this is my friend, Sasha!” Lucia grins. She hates me, I can tell. They both come towards me.
    “Not now, Barbie dolls. I don’t have time to play with you!” I say, shoving past them. Their mouths are wide open. I turned around and kicked them both in the ribs.
    “Staring is bad!” I say. That was what Grandma Rose used to say. No, I had to figh-. The memories hit me. The fight. How she fell. How that stupid Wilbur pointed his sword at his target. Me screaming her name. Running. Too late. The sword plunging itself into her heart. I swallowed. The golden spear was all I had left of her. My parents didn’t love me. Grandma Rose was the only motherly figure I had in my life. She didn’t give anything to anyone else. Just her spear, which she left to me. I sit down on the bed. It’s too soft. I pick it up and throw it over to the corner. I lay on the floor. It was nice and hard. Perfect. Sasha and Lucia shoot me venomous glares, but I don’t care. About anything. Crimson hated me. I had no one.

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