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    bookgirl2007 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 3 months ago

    Chapter 1: Life Hates Artemis
    Artemis’ POV

    I skipped through the fields, singing with the birds that landed on my fingers constantly. I don’t know why, they just do. I’ve always had some sort of unspoken connection with animals. Wish I could say the same for humans. A fox cub, Gala, plays by my feet. I’m meeting my boyfriend, Hero, at the park. He says he has a surprise for me. He doesn’t normally surprise me. He’s kind of an open book. Weird. I’m 13, by the way. And very, very, very unsociable. I read and talk to animals. No contact with humans whatsoever. But that’s fine with me. Other people don’t understand me. They say I’m… different. Am I? Yes. Yes I am. I’ve reached the park. I go to the canopy, where we always meet. My heart stops. Hero is there. Kissing another girl. That stupid girly Angelica. Tears fill my eyes. I gasp. Hero sees me. He turns red and breaks away from Angelica, who grins smugly.
    “Oh… Umm… Hey, Artemis…” he says. I bite my lower lip. I’m numb with the pain.
    “Look… I…” he fumbles for words.
    “HE LOVES ME NOT YOU SO GO AND DIE YOU LITTLE FREAK!” Angelica yells. I was already scared of everything and I was always so timid. I hung my head in shame. He had cheated on me. I thought he was my True Love. Never mind.
    “D-d-don’t,” I stutter. “J-j-just don’t.”
    “The thing is, I’ve been using you to get good grades. I’ve been cheating on you from the start. I never loved you. Besides, you’re unlovable. Who would love an **** little freak like you?” Hero snarls. That’s it. Gala growled. The rest of the animals following me (about 100) followed her lead and looked battle-ready. They attacked Hero and Angelica. No matter what they did to me, I couldn’t let them be hurt.
    “Stop,” I whispered. My voice barely goes above a whisper. Ever. When Gala and company are done, they look at me. I know they want to go home.
    “Let’s go.”

    I couldn’t sleep that night. I’d wasted the local shops’ supply of tissues. Mum and Dad were working late tonight, so it was just me and my huge group of animals. I wanted some fresh air, so I opened the window. Tried to. It was sealed shut. There were nails in place.
    “What the…?” I asked, before realising the answer. The one thing that filled me with cold hard dread. The clock struck midnight. I’d be safe.
    “You’re fine,” I told myself. They always strike at midnight. Just a couple more chimes. I exhaled a sigh of relief as the last chime began. Then there was a huge crashing noise. My window fell back. I screamed. As the chime ended, I was lifted above my house. Gala poked her head out of the window.
    “GAAAAAAALLLLLAAAA!” I shriek. What’d you know, I CAN sceeam!
    “Hush child,” a voice whispers above my head. My eyelids droop and I succumb to darkness.

    “Her hair is cute.”
    “I wonder what her eyes look like.”
    “When’s her birthday? We should throw her a party!”
    “She could be like, 20% cooler, if she learned awesomeness from me!”
    “GIRLS! QUIET!” I wake up.
    “Teal. Maybe green.” A girl with purple and pink hair looks at me. I scream.
    “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!” the girl says. She lets me get up. There are 4 other girls. One has pink hair, one has purple, one has rainbow (RAINBOW?!) and one has blonde (finally, a natural colour). Purple-and-Pink extends her hand.
    “I’m Eclipse!” I take her hand.
    “Artemis…” I say.
    “I’m Tornado,” Rainbow-Hair says.
    “I’m Gemstone,” Purple-Hair says.
    “I’m Suprise!” Pink-Hair says.
    “I’m Mango!” Blonde-Hair says. Mango? What an odd name. Suprise grabs my hand and pulls me to my feet.
    “I love love love love love your hair!” she squeals.
    “Why? It’s bla-“ I start, before seeing myself in the mirror. It’s not black anymore. It’s a shade of light pink. The curls go down to my waist, not like my short bob. The bell rings. And I remember that I’m in the School for Good and Evil. Gala. Oh no. Mum. Dad. No, no, no.
    “YAY! TO ASSEMBLY!” Suprise hails.

    We walk to assembly. Tornado gasps and stops in her tracks. If it’s a boy, I swear I will hurl.
    “Girls! I just remembered! The son of Hades, Nico, is in our year! Rumour has it that he kills people who annoy him! And just for sport!” Tornado cries. Hades is the God of Death. Yikes. I made a mental note to stay far away from that guy. We continue walking. I close my eyes for a second, thinking of Gala. Somehow I’ve gotten separated. I’m on the Evil side by accident. I bump into a boy in the first row. He has short black hair and a long fringe. He drops his books. The hall, Good AND Evil, goes silent. You could hear a pin drop. He picks it up and glares at me. I’m shaking.
    “You do that again, and I swear to Zeus, I’ll kill you and torture your soul!” he yells. I start to cry. I know who this is. Nico. Suprise appears and yanks me into Good. A dog walks onto the stage, arguing with itself. It mumbles about rules.
    “And now! To make sure we don’t get a repeat of Sophie and Agatha, Evers and Nevers will have a ‘buddy’ on the other side,” the friendly head says.
    “WHAT?!” the 2 schools yell. The dog is unfazed. It reads names until there is only mine left and- Oh no.
    “Ever Artemis will be paired with Never Nico!” the friendly head says. Great. Just great.
    “You will spend all of your free time with this person, do homework with them and have the same Surviving Fairy Tales group as them!” Friendly Head instructs. Survive a Fairy Tale? I can’t even survive my hair changing colour. I. Am. So. Dead.

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