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    bookgirl2007 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 3 months ago

    Chapter 2: Meaner Than My Demons
    Nico’s POV

    The girl was annoying. She wouldn’t stop crying. It was getting on my nerves. No matter how much I screamed at her to shut up, she kept wailing. Figures. That’s an Evergirl for you. I grunted in exasperation.
    “Will you shut up, PLEASE?!” I asked. That was the first time I ever said please. The girl shrieked and started sobbing over pets or something. It was like I was torturing her. Wait… I did threaten to do that earlier. Great. This Evergirl seemed different. As much as she was like the other Evergirls, I knew she was hiding something.
    “Why are you talking to me?” she asked. Finally. The girl could talk.
    “Like it or not, we’re paired together for the next three years,” I said. She sighed and sank down into her chair.
    “I miss you, Gala,” she whispered. I wasn’t meant to hear her, I don’t think.
    “Who’s Gala?” I asked. Hey, I was bored.
    “M-m-my p-p-pet,” she mumbled. For a moment, I though I saw her eyes flash red. Trick of the light.
    “Any friends you miss?” I continued with the questions.
    “Don’t like peoples company. Prefer animals,” she said.
    “Hobbies?” I pondered.
    “Reading and animals,” she responded.
    “True Love?” She gasped and tears formed in her eyes. I had hit a nerve.
    “True Love?” I repeated. She blinked and her green eyes were replaced by red. Her light pink hair became darker. She put her hand to her head and it became lighter again, her eyes back to normal.
    “Sorry about that,” she replied. “It’s OK,” I said, not really meaning it.
    “It’s just that…” her voice trailed off.
    “Yeeessssss?” I asked again.
    “My boyfriend cheated on me and used me to get good scores in school,” she explained. I felt a sudden feeling of… sadness and rage. Like I wanted to rip this guy limb from limb.
    “I’m sorry,” I confessed. I meant it. The girl seemed petrified of everything and to feel like that… WAIT. AM I FEELING SORRY FOR AN EVER?! Pfft, I can’t be.

    Artemis’ POV

    I wanted to slap myself. I had nearly given myself away. My secret… No. I couldn’t think about it. Conceal it, don’t feel it, NEVER EVER let it show.

    Nico’s POV

    “Are the rumours true?” she asked.
    “What rumours?” I questioned.
    “Y’know, you kill people that annoy you and torture them?” she said. Oh. She’d heard them.
    “No,” I replied truthfully. “It’s just ear candy for the Nevers.”
    “Oh.” There was an awkward silence.
    “I’m not what they say. I only got into Evil coz of my dad and his Evil deeds.” WHY IN TARTURUS WAS I TELLING HER THIS?! Maybe coz she was the only friend I’d ever had… NO I DON’T NEED OR WANT FRIENDS.
    “But they say you are Evil’s Greatest Hope,” she said.
    “No. I’m not,” I said. That was true. The teachers had told me that.
    “OK.” She didn’t seem to care. She treated me with kindness. Something I had never recieved before.

    Artemis’s POV

    He wasn’t Evil’s Greatest Hope. But I already knew that. Of course I did.
    “You’re meaner than your demons.” My parents words flowed through my head like a river. I knew he wasn’t Evil’s Greatest Hope. How did I know this? Because I am.

        horseygal38 replied 2 years, 3 months ago

        Really good!

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