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    bookgirl2007 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 3 months ago

    Chapter 3: And All The Kids Cried Out
    Artemis’ POV

    I wasn’t afraid of Nico anymore. It had been a couple of weeks since we were paired together and I trusted him. We weren’t exactly friends, but he wouldn’t hurt me. He’s actually really nice.
    “Sugar? Hello? Earth to Artemis?” a voice says. It’s Mango. I stir.
    “No. It’s too early!” I whine. Mango tuts.
    “When you’re a Queen, you’ve gotta get up early,” Mango responds instantly. “Yeah, I know you’ve been getting 1 in every challenge.” She doesn’t know something. I’ve been helping Nico with his homework too. He’s gone from 13th place to 1st. Because of me, I guess. But Queen… Of where?
    “Of the Underworld?” I think dreamily. No! That’s where Nico will rule. Meh. I’m probably gonna fail.

    Nico’s POV

    I stumble around. I’m dreaming. I know that. A shape appears. Like Nemesis dreams, but not Evil. Kinda like what Sophie had when she wanted a prince and to go to Good. Artemis appears. She always does. She smiles and waves. A look of terror crosses her face. She screams and dissolved into black smoke. I yell for her. A blue flame comes into view. I sigh.
    “Hi Dad.”
    “Nico? Who was that? Is it your Nemesis?” Dad asks. I open my mouth.
    “Lovely. Now, onto the reason why I’m here.” Great. Dad’s ‘reasons’ are stupid. It’s either ‘Mom snores’ or ‘I can’t find the cereal’.
    “Picking a wife.” I freeze.
    “WHAT?!” I yell.
    “A wife. A Queen. To help you rule,” Dad smiles. “So have you met any Nevers you like yet?”
    “No,” I say. If I HAD to choose someone, I’d choose Artemis. She was kind and beautiful and Good and shut up Nico. Shut. Up.
    “Pity. Choose by the end of the year.” Dad leaves. I begin to cry. I don’t want a Never. I want my Best Friend. Not want. Need.

    Artemis’ POV

    I waved my hand in Nico’s face.
    “Hello? Wake up. NICO?!” I cried. He jumped.
    “Are you OK?” I say.
    “Y-y-yeah,” he mutters. I’m not so sure. I pat his shoulder. He seems to relax a bit at my touch. I smiled. My other friends might be terrified of him, but I’m not. He’s Good, really.
    “Just checking,” I replied. My eyes flash red. What isn’t he telling me?! No no no. Get yourself under control. Don’t be HER. Be loving and kind. I take deep breaths. That calms me down and I can tell my eyes have changed back to their normal green. I can’t keep this secret forever. But I’ve got to try. I won’t let the monster win.

        horseygal38 replied 2 years, 3 months ago

        Really good!

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