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    bookgirl2007 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 3 months ago

    Chapter 4: Please Stop, You’re Scaring Me
    Artemis’ POV

    I run around in the darkness. This is a dream but it feels so realistic. A figure appears. She has hair the colour of dried blood and her eyes are the same.
    “Come to visit me again?” she asks.
    “Not willingly,” I think. She moves and in seconds there is a dagger pressed against my throat. It’s already drawing blood.
    “Your thoughts are MINE!” she hissed.
    “If I die, you die too,” I think.
    “You’ll die, me I’ll BE you!” she snarled. She lets me go anyway. She’s normally merciless. I retch while my throat recovers.
    “I want it.” The words cut through me like the dagger. I know what she wants.
    “No, please. No…” I mumble feebly.
    “I will destroy every last piece of you and all that will be left will be ME!” she threatens. She dissolved into black fire and hurtles herself at my heart.

    Nico’s POV

    “Dude? Mate, wake up.” I groan. It’s Revenge, a Never who is my roommate. He’s the son of Ursula, the Sea Witch.
    “It’s a Saturday,” I mumble.
    “Mate, this isn’t no ordinary Saturday!” Revenge protests. I raise an eyebrow inquisitively.
    “Not when an Evergirl has died.”

    I ran through the crowd on Halfway Bridge. Not Artemis. No no no. I couldn’t lose her. A body lies crumpled on the floor, a pool of dried blood around her. It isn’t Artemis. Thank Gods. Dean Dovey and Dean Sophie are trying to get people’s attention away from the girl by forcing Pollux to juggle and sing songs. It’s not working. I spot Artemis. The barrier isn’t working because of the body, so I slip past to Good. She’s crying in a corner. Like you wouldn’t believe. She’s acting like it’s her fault.
    “Hey there, buddy,” I say. Artemis looks up from her hands and tackles me in a flying hug. She sobs on my shoulder.
    “There there. Did you know her?” I say. She nods.
    “My roommate Gemstone.”
    “How did she die?” I ask. Someone else answers it. An Evergirl pokes her head round.
    “Top floor. Fell out the window,” she says. That sets Artemis off again.
    “Do you wanna show me her room? To make sure it’s safe?” I offer. Artemis sniffs.

    Artemis’ POV

    Gemstone. Gemstone, my friend. Gemstone was dead. I wanted to slap myself. Why? Because…

    Nico’s POV

    Artemis opened the door to the room. She pointed to a bed with a purple throw and fake diamonds on it. That had to be Gemstone’s. Only there was a problem. The bed was next to the door. And the window was too high up to sleepwalk and fall over. I explained this to Artemis. She nodded grimly, crying even more than before.
    “So, what you’re saying is…?” she questioned.
    “Gemstone couldn’t have fallen. She was pushed. And one of your roommates did it.”

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