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    bookgirl2007 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 2 months ago

    Chapter 5: I Can’t Help This Awful Energy
    Nico’s POV

    Artemis looked like she was going to be sick. She darted out the door faster than me. I raced after her. I slam into someone. Dean Dovey glares at me. Uh oh.

    Artemis’ POV

    I feel faint. Tears trickle down my face. I’ve lost Nico. I break into a sob. Gemstone. I sit on the roof and cry myself to sleep.

    “Come and get me!” she laughs evilly, dancing in a mocking way.
    “Or would you rather tell the Schools that YOU are responsible for the death of Gemstone?!” It’s blackmail. I’ve GOT to stay in control. It becomes harder. She’s fighting and she doesn’t fight gently. The last thing I can remember is her words.

    Nico’s POV

    I crashed onto Evil ground. Dean Dovey may be old, but thanks to her I no longer fear death. I hear screaming. Like, EVERGIRL screaming. I look to Good. Artemis is there. One of her roommates is a murderer. Oh yeah, I’ve forgotten about my own problems. I have to pick a Queen in 20 weeks. Greeeeeeaaaaaattt. Why oh why can’t I just do a Wicked Witch and melt into a puddle? Revenge runs up to me.
    “Another one.”

    Two murders in one day, both Artemis’ roommates and the murderer goes undetected. Whoever is killing these people off is dangerous. Probably Evil’s Greatest Hope too. I think this girl is called, umm, Mango? Weird name. There are only 4 girls in that dorm now. Eclipse, Suprise, Tornado and Artemis. One of them is a murderer. This is bad. Really really really bad.

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