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    Chapter 10
    Here is the tenth chapter of my story, Girl Knight, constructive criticism welcomed, if you want me to tag, just ask:
    “What!” said Xavier, “I don’t even know who this Arielle girl is! How could I have killed her if I don’t even know who she is?”
    “Don’t lie!” snapped King Tedros. “Your hairs were found in her bedchamber, along with a bloodstained steak knife that was the same model as the Camelot Castle steak knives. Son, I’m incredibly disappointed in you. If it weren’t for the brave actions and quick thinking of her mother, Queen Diane, Princess Arielle would have died. I don’t know and don’t want to know what made you do such a thing, Xavier Pendragon, but this is disgustingly villainous and horrifically Evil, and I want you to know that there will be a trial and you very well could go to prison. Son, I’d say was incredibly disappointed and absolutely furious with you, but that would be the understatement of the millenium .”
    “Prison!” he exclaimed. “But mom, dad, couldn’t you-”
    “I couldn’t and I wouldn’t.” said Queen Agatha flatly. “You will be tried before an impartial court to ensure full justice, and your father and I will wholeheartedly support whatever sentence they give you. Even though you are my son, you will be treated the same as anyone who has committed the crimes you have.”
    “Mom, dad, don’t you two understand! I didn’t do anything!” yelled Xavier.
    “Please give up the act.” said Queen Agatha. “I didn’t want to believe Queen Diane when she told me, but the evidence against you was undeniable.”
    “Queen Diane!” he yelped. “You’re listening to her?!”
    “Yes, I know we’ve had a bad history, and yes, she has done some rather unforgivable things in the past, but the evidence was incontrovertible. Now, stop arguing. You will be able to present your case to the judge and jury when the time comes. In the meantime, you will spend every second of the day in a side chamber in my wing.” said Queen Agatha coldly. She withdrew a scroll and began reading from it. “You will be let out twice a day to go to the bathroom with an escort of royal guards. You will have three meals, and only three meals a day. No more snacks from the kitchen. There will be at least two members of the Knights of the Round Table posted in your room to supervise you at all times. You are not to leave your room without an escort of at least ten guards, nor are you to open your window without the permission of both of the knights stationed in your room. As for leaving the room outside of designated bathroom times, that will require the permission of both your father and I.”
    “Wait!” said Xavier. “What about class at SGE?”
    “Xavier, after trying to kill a perfectly innocent princess you expect to still be allowed to stay at the School for Good?” asked Queen Agatha incredulously. “Dean Kinjari formally Failed you exactly ten minutes ago. You are now officially expelled from the School for Good and Evil. As of right now a team of three dozen courier crows are flying all of your personal belongings back to Camelot Castle. You’re no longer an SGE Everboy. You’ve been kicked out.”
    “But, mom, you’re on the school board, could you-”
    “The students of the School for Good are supposed to defend, forgive, help, give, and love. Tell me, Xavier,” said his mother, “does trying to kill a princess sound like defending, forgiving, helping, giving, and loving to you?”
    “Look, Xav, your mother and I do love you, but we also believe you must pay for your crimes.” said King Tedros.
    “But I didn’t commit any-”
    “Please stop lying.” said Queen Agatha firmly. “You needn’t break the Prince Code of Chivalry anymore than you already have. You know what you did, so stop trying to trick us, or worse yet, trick yourself. Like I said before, the evidence Queen Diane presented against you was incontrovertible.”
    With that, nearly everyone in the room left except for ten guards and two knights. Xavier wondered how in the world he was going to get out of this mess.
    Arielle woke up in a clean white bed in a large white chamber. Around her was King Tedros, Queen Agatha, and Queen Diane. She closed her eyes, and then opened them again blearily. The people around her were deep in discussion.
    “I’m so sorry,” said Queen Agatha, “about what our son did to your daughter Arielle. Please, do take our offer to pay for all of Princess Arielle’s medical care. The Camelot Royal Hospital is the finest in the Endless Woods. We would be delighted to host her.”
    “That is most generous of you, Queen Agatha.” said Queen Diane, smiling with everything but her eyes, “However, my husband and I both believe that she will be best back home in Glass Mountain.”
    “NO!” yelled Arielle, startling the king and queens. “Xavier didn’t do anything!” she said, having captured the attention of everyone in the chamber. A flood of memories was rushing back to her, about running through the woods, a member of the Glass Mountain Royal Guard shooting an arrow at her back, presumably on her mother’s orders, fainting from blood loss, and then it all went black. However, it didn’t take a genius to piece together what had happened. “It was her!” she yelled, pointing at Queen Diane who faked surprise, “It was her fault!”
    “Ah,” said Queen Diane, “Yes, I thought we’d be hearing something like this.”
    The queen plunged her hand into her gown and withdrew the vial of love potion that she had shown Arielle earlier. However, it was not full of frothy pink liquid but instead contained only dregs of the elixir. “I have reason to believe that my daughter has been given a love potion.”
    King Tedros and Queen Agatha were predictably stunned. “But-why?” said Queen Agatha in shock. “What was his motive?”
    “I believe that by making Arielle in love with him, he thought he could prevent her from testifying against him. A brilliant plan from a criminal perspective, but thankfully he did not take into account the science of forensics.”
    While King Tedros and Queen Agatha discussed this latest development, Arielle glared at her mother, who simply mouthed What?.
    “She’s lying!” snapped Arielle. “I was shot in the back with a glass arrow, which means it was a member of the Glass Mountain Royal Guard, who probably did it on her orders! The love potion was intended for Prince Xavier, to make him want to marry Claire, and I escaped because I didn’t want to be part of the plot to drug your son! I faked my death to try and throw my mother off, but she evidently decided to blame your son for it! Xavier is innocent!”
    King Tedros and Queen Agatha gasped in shock and Queen Diane glared at Arielle, who simply mouthed What?.
    “Is what Arielle is saying true, Diane?” asked Queen Agatha, looking at Arielle’s mother straight in the eye. “Are you truly trying to frame our son?”
    “Queen Agatha,” said Queen Diane in a wounded voice that only Arielle knew was fake, “how on earth can you imagine for a second that I would ever do something so vile and heinous? Agatha,” she said, using only the queen’s first name to add an extra emotional value to her lies, “I would never attempt to do something so evil to Prince Xavier. It was with only the heaviest of hearts that I’d informed you of what he’d done to my daughter.”
    “Your daughter sounds incredibly convinced though.” said King Tedros, voice rising with every syllable. “If it is indeed true that you’ve framed my son, gotten him expelled from the finest educational institution in the Endless Woods, and tarnished the reputation of Camelot for centuries to come, all so that you could escape the justice and punishments for your wicked crimes that are due to you, then I can assure you that Camelot Castle and the Kingdom of Camelot will not stand by and-”
    “King Tedros!” exclaimed Queen Diane. “Of course my daughter sounds convinced! She’s under a love potion! It just breaks my heart to watch my little girl defend a boy who tried to kill her.” she said, with a sad look that convinced everyone but Arielle, “But I know that after the intensive therapy that will be provided at our own Glass Palace my little Ari-ella will be as good as new.” Queen Diane beamed in a way that enhanced her gorgeous face, despite the fact that it was fake. (Ari-ella was the nickname her mother used when she wanted outsiders to think that their relationship as cordial, warm, the very pinnacle of mother-daughter bonds, though they were anything but)
    “All the same,” said Queen Agatha, “There are a few interesting questions. Such as: how did you know that it was Xavier right from the start?”
    Arielle could see her mother’s gears turning as she devised a lie. “By doing an analysis of Prince Xavier’s hair and fingerprints and the hair and fingerprint samples we found in the room,we identified it was Prince Xavier.”
    “No, you misunderstood me.” said Queen Agatha. “I meant, how did he even become a member of your suspects list? Also, how did you obtain a verifiable sample Xavier’s hairs and fingerprints to compare with the fingerprints and hairs you found?”
    “Well, we found an Everboys’ tie in Arielle’s suite, slightly soaked with blood, so we contacted the Ever Groom Rooms, in particular the Rapunzel Hair Salon, and got the hair samples of every single Everboy. We found a match between Xavier’s hair and the assassin’s so therefore, Xavier was the assassin. Naturally I was stunned the Prince of Camelot would do such a wicked thing, so I obtained permission from Dean Kinjari to dust his personal belongings for fingerprints. And sure enough, they matched.”
    “Really?” said Queen Agatha. “If my son were truly Evil, then I know for a fact he would be intelligent enough to not leave such obvious evidence lying around.”
    “Ah, Queen Agatha, don’t us mothers always want to believe our child is stronger, smarter, sweeter, kinder, and infinitely more talented and special than all the others. The point is, the evidence points at your son. Come, Arielle, we’re leaving. After all, we really must start your treatment.”
    Arielle didn’t budge. “You mean all of the evidence you planted points Xavier’s way!” she yelled.
    “Queen Diane,” said a nurse, hurrying forward, “Your daughter is far too weak to endure a carriage ride. Perhaps she ought to stay the night.”
    “No, no, I’m sure it will be fine.” said Queen Diane, smiling down at her daughter, though her eyes flashed dangerously. “Isn’t that right, Ari-ella darling?”
    “No it isn’t!” snapped Arielle. “I’m not going back to being your ****! Xavier did nothing!”
    “Queen Diane, I’m afraid we cannot allow you to exit Camelot. Your daughter’s accusations against you are extremely serious, and-”
    “Now really, Queen Agatha.” simpered Queen Diane. “I know your heart desperately wishes that Xavier be innocent, but you simply cannot allow family ties to blind you, resulting in an obstruction of justice.”
    “I’m not trying to obstruct justice.” said Queen Agatha coolly, though there was a fire in her eyes. “I merely don’t wish to be duped into prosecuting my son as a result of one of your political games, Queen Diane. Which is why I hope you can stay at Camelot Castle tonight for an interview to better understand the case, along with Princess Arielle so that we can get her story firsthand. We can also prepare an antidote for her love potion, to obtain reliable facts.”
    Arielle’s mother was like a snake, and she watched with a sense of triumph as Queen Diane struggled to slither through this one in a ladylike way.
    “Well, Queen Agatha, I’m sorry, but I must decline your invitation.”
    “It wasn’t an invitation,” said Queen Agatha, radiating a kind of cold power, her eyes blazing, her voice completely lacking diplomatic politeness,“It was an order, and I’m afraid you haven’t got any choice other than following it.”
    Arielle was torn between cowering under her bedsheets and laughing at the fact that her mother hated it when women behaved, in her words, “as powerful as men instead of in a ladylike, humble manner.”.
    “Oh?” said Queen Diane. “In case you have forgotten, Queen Agatha, I too am a queen, and you lack the authority to command me.”
    Everyone in the room knew this wasn’t fully true. Camelot was the most powerful kingdom in the Endless Woods, and King Tedros and Queen Agatha were regarded as the leaders of all Ever kingdoms, more respected by Evers then even the Dean of Good herself.
    “Yes, but you forget that you are in my castle, and therefore you cannot leave if I don’t want you to. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, Diane.”
    “No.” said Queen Diane. “I know what you are trying to do, Queen Agatha! You are afraid that perhaps it will smear Camelot’s reputation if the king is a murderer. If you think I will bow down to Camelot and allow your kingdom to achieve its goal of ruling the Endless Woods-”
    “Queen Diane, Camelot’s goal is, and always has been, Woodswide peace, and-”
    “Woodswide peace! I know what you’ve been plotting, Queen Agatha,” said Queen Diane, shaking with rage that Arielle could almost believe was genuine, “and as a dedicated Ever whose highest loyalty is Good, and a queen whose first priority is her kingdom, as a mother whose main concern is the health, safety, and well-being of her children, I will not step aside and let you wreak havoc! You are corrupting Good with your heinous ideas, and I cannot and will not remain silent! If you dare to obstruct justice, than I shall inform every single leader and ruler in the Endless Woods that what Camelot’s future king is and what the current King and Queen of Camelot are trying to do!” she said, sinking into indignation and anger that only Arielle knew was false.
    “Queen Diane, hear me out!” yelled Queen Agatha, losing her cool composure. “First of all, I don’t think that gender equality, royals and peasants having an equal opportunity to attend SGE, and rejecting betrothals and allowing princesses to marry boys of any class are Evil ideas. Also, I am not obstructing justice, I’m trying to help it, and if anyone here is guilty of obstruction of justice, it is you, Queen Diane! Finally, if my son is indeed guilty, which I highly doubt, then we will make Rose the monarch!”
    “You see?!” howled Queen Diane. “A girl, ruling a kingdom? I have heard many rumours about the unacceptable methods you are using to raise your daughter.”
    “Excuse me, but how is letting Rosie pursue her own interests ‘unacceptable’?” interjected King Tedros angrily.
    “You hired that vicious woman Lady Nicola to be in charge of her education, gave her weapons training and horseriding education, allowing her to neglect Beautification lessons, and permit her to go gallivanting around the Woods like one of those Oceancrest rogues and arrange playdates for her with peasant children!” snapped Queen Diane. “I know how incredibly radical you two are, but Princess Rose can hardly be considered a princess, the way you are letting her run wild!”
    “Run wild?” said Queen Agatha incredulously. “She’s a talented girl with many interests and many ambitions, and you can’t expect me to shut it all down because of some sexist ideas.”
    “That’s your problem, Queen Agatha!” said Queen Diane. “You may love your daughter, but you hurt her more by not informing her that there are some things that girls are meant for and some things that boys are meant for, and that she would be better off refraining from learning anything not strictly related to the subjects of Beauty and Etiquette. To not tell her these truths is nothing more than cowardly parenting, prizing Princess Rose’s short-term happiness over her long term well being.Of course, to set a proper example, perhaps King Tedros ought to do it, to truly show who is meant to be the head of the royal household.”
    “First of all, Queen Diane, I do not think I am being cowardly in parenting. Indeed, I doubt you can call yourself a ‘parenting expert’.” snapped Queen Agatha. “I don’t know how any form of good parenting can result in a girl constantly attempting to run away from home,” she continued, glancing at Arielle, “but I think I will keep my current methods of raising Rose, as she shows no inclination to become a runaway princess yet, and is happy at Camelot Castle. At the very least, she loves her father and I, which is more than I can say for you and your daughter.”
    “Are you suggesting that my little Ari-ella darling doesn’t love her mother?” gasped Queen Diane, pretending to be horrified. “Or that I do not love her?”
    “I’m not suggesting, I’m saying both.” said Queen Agatha.
    “I totally agree with what Queen Agatha just said.” said Arielle.
    “Thank you, Arielle.” said Queen Agatha, her anger broken momentarily by a faint smile. “Secondly, the so-called ‘truths’ I’m not telling my daughter are not truths at all! They are sexist lies perpetuated and strengthened over the course of centuries, and she is better off not hearing them. Finally, it is none of your business how me and my husband rule Camelot and run Camelot Castle. You may believe that the queen should do nothing beyond sitting still and looking pretty, but we believe different, and no matter what you say that is not going to change. Now, Queen Diane, my guards will escort you back to your guest room and interview you on your story. Your daughter will stay in the Royal Hospital and be cured of the love potion you alleged that my son has given her, and then interviewed to see whether her story and your story fits together. Then, after conducting a thorough investigation, we will present all the evidence we found to the Camelot High Court and await the judges’ decision.”
    “How dare you attempt to convict a queen!” hissed Queen Diane.
    “Queen Diane, if you are perfectly innocent you have nothing to fear-”
    “As if!” she snapped. “You will find all the evidence necessary to release your son, and forge the evidence if you have to! Guards!”
    “You have no command of Camelot Castle’s guard at the present moment,” said Queen Agatha disdainfully. “Nor do I wish to give that authority to you.”
    But instead of Camelot guards there came Glass Mountain Guards. Queen Diane nodded and they forcefully yanked Arielle out of the bed and held onto her tightly, to the utter horror of the nurses. While her Oceancrest instructors insisted that it was important to stay calm during these situations, Arielle was feeling anything but calm. She couldn’t go back! Not to the Glass Palace, where she would be forced to become a prissy pink-loving princess or else suffer the disastrous consequences. Not to the world where she would be forced through the horrible path her mother had laid down for her! She was not going to attend SGE. She was not going to become a carbon copy of Claire. She was not going to end up married to some dumb prince of her parents’ choosing. She was not going to become a **** in her mother’s plans for the future generations of their family to rule the Endless Woods. She was not going to go back!
    With these thoughts in mind, she used her extensive martial arts training to knee one of the two guards holding her in the soft spot. As he moaned in pain she socked the other in the jaw. Six more of her mother’s lackeys made to block the exits, but she took it to the next level, or rather, a level below. She curled up into a ball and rolled through the guard’s legs. Evidently, in their many years of elite training, they had only learned to fight upright, and all of their heavy armor made it hard to curl up into a ball anyway. The moment she had left the chamber she had been kept in, she sprang off, kicked off her high heels and dashed through the Royal Hospital, guards in hot pursuit, and navigated the maze corridors. After a few random turns she burst out onto the streets of Camelot City.
    Passerby turned to gawp as Arielle rushed past. She couldn’t blame them, and supposed that the sight of a barefoot girl who looked like a princess running faster than your stereotypical princess should be able to in a bloodstained and tattered gown and lopsided tiara, with over a dozen royal guards in Glass Mountain armor, three dozen royal guards in Camelot armor,five nurses, three rulers and the servants of those rulers rushing after her.
    “Arielle, wait up!” said Queen Agatha. “We only want to help you!”
    “Yeah!” said King Tedros. “I’ll make sure that Queen Diane doesn’t get you!”
    Arielle knew that the King and Queen of Camelot did sincerely want to protect her, but she also knew that if she even slowed for a second than her mother’s guards would get her and drag her back to the Glass Palace.
    Queen Diane, who believed that princesses should avoid anything that could give them sweaty armpits and therefore neglected to learn how to run properly was having an extremely hard time. Since she would rather get a pimple on her flawless face then go through the disgrace of running about the streets barefoot, she did the only other thing she was good at; being a damsel in distress.
    “Please help!” screamed Queen Diane at the gawking passerby, conjuring up fake sobs. “She’s my daughter! She could get hurt! She doesn’t understand the danger she’s in, and has been duped by an evil witch! Help me take my little Ari-ella home and I will reward you most handsomely!”
    That added a few more to the chase. Arielle didn’t know how long she would have to run, but she knew she couldn’t stop. She burst into Maker’s Market, Camelot City’s industrial and economic center, and the sight of her shocked and stunned royalty, peasantry, and nobility alike. She had skipped breakfast and lunch and as she passed the food vendors, her stomach ached for the fat and juicy sausages and plump meat pies and baskets of candied fruits and sweet sticky cakes and trays of tarts and jugs of fruit teas stacked on the food cart. She turned into a glitzy alleyway and ducked into the staff entrance of a cute little cafe called Miss Dot’s Chocolate Shop. As her chasers thundered past she ducked beneath a dark brown counter that smelled heavanly. Once the coast was clear she finally took a good look at the store. Her jaw dropped.
    Every inch of the store was made of chocolate. In the very center was a fountain of glossy dark chocolate that spewed chocolate milk. The store’s floor was made of slabs of chocolate with bits of almond in them. The very counter she had been hiding under was made of light brown milk chocolate. The walls, which she had first assumed to be milk colored marble with brownish streaks upon closer inspection were actually white chocolate mixed with a little bit of dark chocolate in a way that created a marble texture. Waterfalls lining the walls gushed various chocolate fillings such as cream, cranberry sauce, and caramel, creating multicolored, delicious rivers and pools on the floor. The chairs were made of soft brownies, and they lined the counters or were clustered around little circular tables whose tabletops were really just giant chocolate chip cookies. The roof was adorned with giant chocolate animals, and the shop was lit by floating giant icecream cones dipped halfway in chocolate, with either mint chocolate chip, chocolate-vanilla swirl, cookies n’ cream, or a simple classic chocolate icecream, topped with a dancing flame, which by some mysterious magic wasn’t melting the ice cream. Arielle wanted to eat up every inch of the store, but didn’t know whether this Miss Dot would be okay with it.
    “Hello!” said a jolly voice behind her. Arielle whipped around to find a trio of black-robed thirty-something witches. The one who had spoken was the plump jolly one on the left. She was also presumably Miss Dot, because her hat was the only one made of chocolate.
    “Ugh, are you a princess or something?” asked the witch in the center. “If you are, I suggest you clear out. I’m quite interested in hanging you up in my room as a wall ornament.”She had a bloodred demon tattoo, and her black hair had red streaks in it. She wore a lot of heavy black makeup and ruby-and-onyx jewelry. Her robe was high cut to show off her black leather boots that had more than a few bloodstains, and the sleeves were shortened to reveal her matching fingerless gloves and scarlet fingernails. Hanging on a gold chain on her neck was an obsidian knife sharpened to a deadly point. Arielle was at once in awe of and afraid of this witch.
    “Hester, you know I need more bone jewelry.” snipped the albino witch to her right. “Sophie snuck into my bedchamber to try and ‘improve’ grandmother’s classic bone collection. Now it’s all pink.” She was beautiful, but in an evil way. Her red eyes sparkled with malice, her lips were a delicious purple, her skin was snow-white, and her long white hair flowed down her back. She didn’t wear a witch’s hat, but a tiara of black diamond. “Don’t look at me like that!” she snapped as Arielle goggled at her. “Sophie gave everyone in Camelot Castle a makeover, the disgusting airhead.”
    That’s when she realized who these three women were. They were the Coven of Room 66, which, despite the unextraordinary name, was the most feared and powerful coven composed of the three wickedest witches in the Endless Woods.They could at once be your greatest friend and your worst enemy. Her realization must have shown on her face, for Hester smirked and said, “That’s the spirit.”
    “Now, really, you two should be more polite!” scolded Dot. Then she turned to Arielle with a smile. “Hello, dear!” she said brightly. “Do you want to buy anything?”
    “I don’t have any money.” said Arielle glumly. “Could I maybe have some chocolate for free? You know, as a charity thing?”
    “Sure.” said Hester half jokingly. “If you give us a century of hard labor for every meal, we’ll let you eat for free.”
    “Yeah, we’ll even supply you with the leprechaun blood to live that long.” Anadil “We also accept servitude.”
    “Never mind.” said Arielle hastily.
    “You two are so evil!” snapped Dot.
    “Thank you.” said Anadil. “It’s what we do best.”
    Dot smiled at Arielle. “Well dear, I’ll be happy to provide you with as much free chocolate as you want. Anyway, Hester, Ani, didn’t Aggie promise to have the royal kitchens make us a lamb brain stew for every needy soul we feed. Besides, it’s my shop.”
    “She doesn’t look like a needy soul.” said Anadil, glancing at her tattered silk gown.
    “Don’t listen to these two.” said Dot. “Here, I’ll get you something.”
    “No she won’t,” said Hester. “Not until you tell us your story. We promise we won’t tell anyone, unless you need us to.”
    “My story?” said Arielle, heart racing. Could she trust these three witches with her story? On the one hand, they could report her, and she would be forced to go back with her mother to the Glass Palace. However, she was tired, hungry, and thirsty. She knew that the Coven was unpredictable; after all, they had been ranked by the Neverwood Digest as the ‘Most Fearsome Coven’ and were at the same time close friends with the Queen of Camelot. However, if she didn’t tell them they would almost certainly kick her out of the shop and then she’d almost certainly be discovered. Arielle decided to take a chance with these three. She explained how she had escaped from the Glass Palace at the age of eight, enrolled as a student at Oceancrest Academy, lost her best friend to the School for Good, became operative and was stationed in Camelot Castle to protect Queen Agatha, was discovered by her mother and dragged back to the Glass Palace, escaped, was found again, was now hiding from the Glass Mountain Royal Guard in Miss Dot’s Chocolate Shop, and that her best friend was an escaped student at the School for Good and was pretending to be a lady-in-waiting at Camelot Castle.
    “Wow.” said Hester, once she’d finished. “I would turn you in…”
    “No!” yelped Arielle in surprise. “Please don’t!”
    “Shut up and listen!” said Hester impatiently. “Now we’ve met Queen Diane and absolutely hate Her Royal Cliche Evergirlishness. And since you hate her too, we’ll help you.”
    “Yeah, remember what she said to us?” said Anadil. “About how girls like us die young, because we get burned at the stake for witchcraft.”
    “She called me fat.” huffed Dot.
    “Well, you are!” snapped Hester. “Anyway, Arielle, we’re on your side. Come on, let’s get you something to eat.”
    Ten minutes later, Arielle and the witches were digging into a five-layer chocolate gelato cake, sipping mugs of steaming hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, nibbling from a dish of chocolate drizzled fruits, grabbing brownies and cookies and chocolate animals from silver platters set all around the table. “You know, that bird you’re eating?” said Dot conversationally, as Arielle savored the deliciousness of a very realistic looking dark chocolate dove, “I think it was the best friend of some princess in the Southern Kingdoms.”
    Arielle spat it out in shock, and didn’t touch another chocolate animal for the rest of the meal.
    When they finished dinner, Anadil showed Arielle to the guest bathroom in Dot’s little apartment above her shop. After the crazy events of the last 24 hours, nothing could be more welcome than a warm, relaxing bath. After her bath, she found a pretty blue frock on her guest bed and put it on. Then she descended the stairs, only to find three ghost white witches ******* to wooden poles. She took another step down, and her worst fears were confirmed. Next to a pair of smirking fairy godfathers and a dozen Glass Mountain Royal Guards was a hatefully gorgeous, unfortunately intelligent queen, her sneer somehow as beautiful as her smile.
    “Hello daughter.” said Queen Diane.

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