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    Prologue-Twelve Years Ago-Part 4
    Here is the next part of the Wildrose prologue. Sorry it took so long. This features the perspective of the main character’s mother and surrogate father. Sorry it took so long. I actually don’t know how many parts this prologue will be; I’m as in love with Cateline as I am with the main character. Constructive criticism welcome, and if you want me to tag, just ask.

    Given her steadily deteriorating condition, Cateline reluctantly agreed to King Chase’s request that the royal physician deliver a potion to her. However, contrary to the wishes of the soft-spoken doctor, the king commanded, at the dying queen’s insistence, that he would be the one to apply the treatment. As he pressed a silk rag soaked in potion to the princess’ increasingly pale forehead, she continued to tell him her tale.
    “After the first night, I never dared to ask Mirella to show me her eyes again. When we got through about a month, Diedere and Tessa started coming with me, then stopped. When I asked them why, Tessa merely smiled mysteriously, and the next day left me a stolen book from the royal library about navigating romance. The months passed, and both Mirella and I grew into young women. Our weekly midnight meetings became twice a week, every other day, and then nightly. The location was moved from the Scullery to a moonlit meadow on the slopes outside of my husband’s castle. These nights became my treasure, the only thing that kept me living another day, and given all that was going on, I don’t think I would have made it.”
    “You see, my father had fallen ill and was constantly going in and out of the royal hospital. This left Ezran as King Pro Tempore, and you can imagine how that went. It was around that time that the Wars of Lisieux began, and his best worst ambitions began to be realized. Kingdom after kingdom fell to his armies, so that the only place that wasn’t under our crowns was my home, Alambaera, which would eventually fall under him after Father’s death. As Tessa and Diedere liked to remind me, that was probably the only reason Ezran hadn’t divorced and enslaved me-he still had to keep me around if he wished to rule the entirety of the Thirteen Kingdoms. But all four of us knew that the minute he became the king, all was lost, at least as far as I was concerned.”
    “ Meanwhile, Mirella rose through the ranks of the Sisterhood, so that she was permitted all but the most high-level meetings, those that only Ezran and the High Sorceress were allowed to attend. As Queen, my life became an endless parade. My sisters were incensed that I, the disobedient and unruly youngest daughter, should be poised to rule the world as we knew it. One night, we at the palace received word that the final resisting province, ruled by the Duke and Duchess that were Tessa’s parents, had fallen to our forces. A celebration was promptly prepared, and even Ezran, who was normally quite stoic about such things, cracked a smile. As his seventeen year old queen, I faked a smile, though my heart sank at the news.”
    “After the feast, I snuck out to the meadow, where Mirella, hooded as always, awaited me. At first, I tried to pretend all was well. I listened to her talk about life as the High Sorceress’ protege, while gazing absentmindedly at the moon. After a time, I realized she had stopped talking. ‘What are you thinking about, Cateline?’ she asked me softly. I smiled nervously, unsure how to explain.”
    “”Mirella,’ I said slowly, ‘Have you ever wondered what’s going to happen after my father dies?’”
    “Her smile faded. I knew that like me, visions of that day kept her lying awake late into the night. ‘Yes.’ she said at length. ‘Yes, I have. Cateline-’ to my shock, her voice was choked with emotion, ‘I know you’re scared. And there’s really no point in sugarcoating it-when King Ezran ascends the Alambaera throne, you will get killed. I just wish-’ she burst into sobs. ‘I’m sorry.’ she whispered.”
    “‘Don’t be.’ I replied. ‘Can-can I ask you a question?’ She nodded. I rushed on, before I would lose the nerve. ‘If-when that day comes, could I-can I count on you to-’”
    “‘Cateline.’ Mirella said gently, her beautiful hand caressing my cheek gently, her tears having stopped, “You can always count on me to protect you. May I ask you a question in return?’”
    “‘Of course.’”
    “‘Do you-’ the part of her face not covered by the hood turned as red as her robes. And she faltered. ‘Do you think we should head inside? We’ve been pushing these meetings long enough as it is.’ she finished, somewhat lamely”
    “‘Oh, yes, of course.’ I said, trying to conceal the jealous burst of disappointment that had surged through me. We headed back to our chambers, and agreed to meet tomorrow.”
    “The next morning, a messenger informed me that I was to meet my husband at seven for dinner. This was incredibly odd-I stayed on my side of the castle and he on his, and we were only in the same room when we had to be, and even then we kept our distance. In fact, the last two words he had ever spoken to me were said four months ago, a customary ‘My queen.’ prior to the opening dance of the Solstice Ball. At lunch, I slipped a dagger into my dress before being escorted to his chambers.”
    “When I arrived, it was to find my husband waiting for me, along with the High Sorceress and some of her senior acolytes. ‘King Ezran.’ I said calmly, curtsying. My heart raced, yet I remained perfectly calm on the surface. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing how much he scared me.”
    “‘Queen Cateline.’ he replied with a bow that was almost mockingly deep. He glanced at the guards and servants dismissively. ‘Leave us.’ he commanded. They all exited, except for the High Sorceress. He caught an acolyte who was making a beeline for the doors on the shoulder. ‘Stay.’ he said. As her robes swished in the sunlight, I realized, with an odd kind of jolt, that it was Mirella. “
    “The moment the four of us were alone, a bunch of black vines oozing with toxic sap grabbed Mirella’s waist and forced her to her knees. The High Sorceress stepped forward, and beneath her veil I could see a satisfied smirk. ‘My lady, what are you doing?’ Mirella cried.”
    “‘Punishing you for your treachery, you insolent, meddling little girl.’ the High Sorceress hissed. ‘You thought we didn’t know? You actually believed we would not find out?’ Her voice had turned strill, and the Sorceress’ wrist glowed a dangerous shade of red. She exhaled, so that her voice had returned to its usual breathy silkiness when she spoke again.”
    “‘After all the effort I have put in cultivating you, all the Sisterhood has given you, Mirella, it is shameful how you decided to repay us. I did not know what to feel when Gazuki,’ she stroked her cat affectionately, ‘informed me of your treasonous perversions. How could you?’”
    “‘How could I what?’ Mirella retorted, her voice no longer pleading, yet cool, calm, even, as though she was biding her time to make the right move.”
    “‘I know what you’ve been doing, with the Queen, all these nights.’ she informed Mirella smoothly. ‘I know how you feel about her. I know what you are.’ She smiled wickedly again. ‘Pity,’ she said, leering at me, ‘That your dearly beloved is not only a traitor, but a liar.’ The vines fell, and Mirella was yanked up forcefully by the one that had held her arms. ‘Now,’ the High Sorceress commanded to the junior sorceress, ‘Lift your hood.’”
    “‘No!’ Mirella yelled. ‘I won’t! You can’t make me!’”
    “‘Hmmm.’ the High Sorceress said. With a lazy flick of her wrist, one of the vines that had trapped Mirella shot up and in an instant I was dangling outside of the tower window, at the mercy of a woman who had none. She looked at Mirella again. ‘Lift your hood. If you really do love the queen, then I wouldn’t advise making me repeat myself a third time.’”
    “Mirella sighed, defeated. She pulled her hood off, and the vine snapped back sharply and let go of my waist, causing me to collapse on the floor. When I looked up, a shock of disgust and revulsion coursed through my body.”
    “Her face was beautiful, and perfect, mostly. She had high cheekbones, and thick, flowing, white-blonde hair. Her pale lips were dainty and perfect, and she could easily have been an ice princess of sorts. The only imperfection, the only flaw, were the eyes. They were smoky and dilated, like those of a vulture. What you must understand, Chase, is that in my home country of Alambaera, such things are considered to signal evil and wickedness. Now I understood why the orphanage had rejected her. It was not for her parentage-the wealthy women that owned these institutions were always enthusiastic about reforming lost causes-but because of her appearance. Everyone had decided she was evil, thus rejecting her, and now that I saw her too, the High Sorceress and King Ezran were hoping I’d do the same.”
    “Her face was streaked with tears, and slowly, my disgust melted away to guilt and anger mixed with love. How could they imagine that I would abandon Mirella because of a small difference in her eyes? How could I feel the same disgust as the blinded, idiotic, bigoted fools who had forced her into this sad situation? ‘Mirella-’ I began, but she cut me off.”
    “‘Don’t say it. I’m sorry, okay?’ she yelled ‘This is why I didn’t want you to know. Yeah, I’m destined for evil. It was selfish of me to love you and want you to return it. I’m such an idiot, and=’”
    “‘Mirella!’ I said. ‘You are an idiot, if you think that the High Sorceress’ crazy schemes will change how I feel about you. You’re beautiful just the way you are.’”
    “Suddenly, Mirella flung herself onto me, and I was nearly knocked to the ground by the force of her embrace. ‘Cateline, I-’”
    “‘How incredibly romantic.’ the High Sorceress sneered. ‘Really, it’s very touching. But you two forget why you are even in this room in the first place. This whole meeting happened because of your treason, and now it is time for you to pay the price for it. What do you say, my lord?’”
    “‘With all due respect, High Sorceress,’ King Ezran replied with a wicked little smile, ‘I’m afraid they must be kept alive, for now. The queen is necessary for the time being, if I am to retain rights to the Alambaera throne. As for the rebellious young acolyte, you and I are both aware…’ he trailed off delicately. ‘The moment I am crowned King of Alambaera, however, both shall receive their justice. However, having violated the purity of the royal crown, and in order to prevent further violations, they shall be forbidden from seeing each other.’ He glanced at us coldly.’You may depart. Not a word of this to anyone.’”
    “For six terrible months, I never got to see Mirella again. Although Ezran declared that he would not kill me, I found myself moved out of the Queen’s Wing and into the West Tower; apparently to protect me from so-called rebel activity. I was kept constantly under supervision, and was not permitted to leave the castle. I was a very busy queen, a fact I both resented and was grateful for; whenever I had a second to breath, I’d start thinking about Mirella. On the night of my eighteenth birthday, I was shaken roughly awake.”
    “‘Cateline. Cateline. Cateline! CATELINE!’ Mirella whisper-shouted. My eyes flew open.”
    “‘Mirella?’ I asked, shocked. ‘Is that you?’”
    “‘Yes, it’s me.’ she said impatiently. ‘Come on.’”
    “She had definitely changed in the past half year. Her hair had thinned and dulled, her lips had grown ashen and cracked. Her figure, once solid and graceful, was now thin and weak, a mere shadow. Long scars stretched across her face and on her body, and her skin had a slight yellowish tint. ‘What have they done?!’ I had said in anger.”
    “‘The king and High Sorceress were very angry about the two of us.’ she’d replied. ‘However, as queen, you had to be shown off in public. However, being a lowly acolyte, I felt the full extent of their wrath. But that doesn’t matter right now. We need to go.’”
    “‘What?’ I asked. ‘Why?’”
    “‘Tomorrow is a solar eclipse. As our sisterhood is based off of Twisted Sun Magic, those of us without runes will be severely weakened. However, I’ve dealt with that.’ She fingered a glittering necklace that glowed a fiery reddish-orange. ‘That’s our chance to get out of this blasted kingdom. If we go now, then we’ll reach the Sisters’ border outposts by the time the eclipse starts, and then we can deal with them. Grab whatever you need, and then meet me at the stables.’”
    “I nodded, slightly overwhelmed. After Mirella left, I grabbed a few valuables, made a makeshift sack of silk curtains to stuff them into, and rushed out.”
    “When I arrived at the stables, I caught sight of Mirella atop a horse, dressed in a long, flowing white dress. Awash in the silvery moonlight, from a distance she looked like a goddess or fairy, and it was only upon closer inspection that you could see how maimed she was. But in a way, that was beautiful too, for it proved she was a survivor, strong and resilient. I climbed onto the horse in silence, and we rode into the night.”

    “Are you sure you don’t want to rest?” King Chase asked her softly, pressing the cloth soaked in potion to the forehead of the dying queen.
    “No, Chase, I can’t rest.” Cateline whispered, wincing at one of the periodic stabs of pain. “My time is numbered, and I have to make sure someone knows the whole story. I’ve only got several hours left, and every minute we speak is another minute of my life gone.”
    “Alright.” he agreed. “So, you traveled for several hours, and then the eclipse occured. What did you do then?”
    “We had arrived at the border of Lisieux and Westeros. In a few minutes, the eclipse would occur. We approached an outpost of the Sisterhood. ‘Right,’ Mirella said to me briskly, ‘Forgive me, Cateline, but my intention in coming here isn’t for the reasons I originally stated. The thing is, we could have escaped anytime. But last night, I had a dream. It’s a little difficult to explain, but you see, there’s something very important in that tower, that we have to find.’”
    “‘What is it?’ I asked her.”
    “‘I-I don’t know. But, I mean, in the dream, when I touched it, I did receive…visions.’”
    “I raised my eyebrows, but she did not elaborate. Mirella took out a couple of the dark, wine red robes she had packed, and I pulled them on reluctantly.”
    “‘We’ll only have fifteen minutes before the eclipse ends.’ she explained. ‘In that time, we need to make it down to the dungeons, recover what we need, and make it out alive. Just take this scabbard and follow my lead, okay?’”
    “I nodded. Still in a daze over all that had happened in the last twelve hours, I pulled the hood low over my face and readied myself for what was to come.”
    “The outpost consisted of several narrow towers of polished, glittering silver stone. Graced with slender arches, ornate carvings, and hanging gardens of poisonous flowers, the whole castle at once felt delicate and terrifying, beautiful and monstrous, in its own unsettling way. As we walked up to the main gate, a couple of acolytes in vermillion gowns snapped up to attention. ‘State your name and business, please.’ one of the girls asked politely.”
    “‘I am Lady Melsvar, and this is my comrade Zarya.’ Mirella replied smoothly.”
    “The acolyte ran inside and rushed out a few minutes later, red-faced. ‘I’m so sorry, my lady.’ she said, ‘But you were not expected to come here, and protocol dictates-’”
    “‘Oh, be quiet, you impudent little girl.’ Mirella snapped in a harsh tone of voice that I hadn’t thought she was capable of using. ‘Whatever gave you the idea that you could argue with a Sister of the Third Rank? Do I need to have a discussion with your Mistress? I suppose you checked with the record keeper. Has it ever crossed your mind, you insignificant, ungrateful whelp, that perhaps Sisters of a certain degree may perform duties that it would be undesirable to explain to meddling little children like you?’”
    “The acolyte flinched, and for a moment I felt incredibly sorry for her. Sure, she had chosen to join an organization that she knew was tyrannical and oppressive. Yes, she would kill me, Mirella, and everyone I ever cared about without a second’s hesitation. But she was still a human being, a child. ‘Please, forgive me, Your Grace. Would-would you like an attendant?’ she replied smoothly, though given the slight tremble in her voice, the look in her eyes, and what I had heard from Mirella about the Sisterhood’s disciplinary policies, I knew she feared for her life.”
    “‘I suppose the two of you could act as escorts, if you’ve finished your show of insubordination.’ Mirella replied. ‘Take us to the dungeons.’
    “After murmuring an incantation under her breath, the gate swung open and we followed the acolytes inside. ‘Was it really necessary for you to speak to her that way?’ I whispered to Mirella.”
    “‘I know it might have seemed a little harsh, but you have never been a part of the Sisterhood, and don’t really understand the culture of this organization. Believe me, if I had been any kinder, then they would have known something was wrong, and we can’t risk them finding out until the eclipse. Stay close.’”
    “The other acolyte paused. ‘I’m afraid we have to wait.’ she said apologetically. ‘By the order of the Second Rank sorceress who heads this outpost, no one is to go beyond the courtyards, residences, and recreational areas during eclipse.’”
    “‘Perhaps I could have a discussion with the Second Ranker?’ Mirella asked haughtily. ‘You see, our mission is terribly important.’”
    “‘Alright.’ the acolyte agreed, and we ascended the steps of one of the towers. ‘Since Sisters below the Fourth Rank aren’t allowed in there, we’ll depart.’
    “‘What are we going to do?’ I whispered to Mirella. ‘If they’re Second Rank, they’ll definitely know who you are. Should we just leave while we can?’”
    “‘You don’t understand how important it is that we retrieve that map!’ Mirella snapped, her eyes glowing, hot and glazed with power for six terrifying seconds. My lover took a deep breath. ‘Look, the moment the eclipse starts, we’ll enter the room, and then subdue her.’”
    “‘Fine.’ I agreed reluctantly. As the sky darkened, I glanced at Mirella again nervously. In the six months we’d been apart, it seemed the Sisterhood had changed far more than her appearance. She seemed slightly unhinged and dangerous, radiating a kind of intense, angry, cold energy that both drew me in and pushed me away. Suddenly, the whole castle fell in shadow. I looked up at the sun, a black disk surrounded by a shimmering, ethereal white corona.”
    “‘Come on!’ Mirella said impatiently, and I pulled my gaze away. ‘Take this knife.’ she told me. She handed me a bone-white dagger that glowed with the same kind of power that seemed to emanate from Mirella.”
    “‘What is it?’ I whispered, horrified and fascinated at the same time.”
    “‘My mother’s parting gift.’ Mirella kicked the grand doors open to reveal a chamber whose architecture was rather distinct from the rest of the tower. It was cool and dark, and the only light came from the shimmering red and gold orbs around the center of the room, and when I looked closer I saw a kneeling woman in her thirties wearing robes somewhere in between garnet and wine. She looked up sharply as we entered the room.”
    “‘Hello, Mirella.’ she said evenly. ‘What gives me the honor of your presence here?’”
    “‘Don’t try any of your games, witch.’ Mirella warned coldly. ‘There’s something we’re looking for, Eleanor, and you’re going to help us find it.’”
    “‘Why should I trouble myself with that?’ she asked calmly. ‘You’re just as powerless as I am. Why, the moment this eclipse ends-’”
    “‘That’s where you’re wrong.’ Mirella snapped, revealing her ruby necklace. ‘Now, if you don’t want to catch fire, then I suggest you tell us where the Map of Wyrna is located.’”
    “‘Oh very well.’ the sorceress said, in a whiny, bored voice. ‘It’s in the dungeons, at room 117. Are we done?’”
    “‘You’re coming with us.’ Mirella ordered. ‘And don’t try anything.’”
    “The dark sorceress stood up and as Mirella kept a glowing finger to her neck, we followed her down a secret passageway and into the dungeons. ‘So,’ the witch said brightly, as Mirella used Twisted Sun Magic to open the locked doors, ‘Why did you even turn against the High Sorceress?’”
    “‘Because she’s evil.’ Mirella snapped. ‘And my mother died because of her.’”
    “‘That’s…interesting.’ the mage said musingly. ‘Who was your mother?’”
    “‘Berengaria.’ Mirella snapped. ‘Just be quiet and do as you’re told!’”
    “‘For someone who hates the High Sorceress so much,’ Eleanor said, ignoring Mirella’s order, ‘You certainly act a lot like her.’”
    “A blast of purplish blue fire shot out from Mirella’s fingertips, far enough not to burn Eleanor but close enough to singe her hair. ‘Next time, don’t expect to be so lucky.’ Mirella hissed. It was fortunate that the cell was so poorly lit, because if Mirella had gotten to see the what-was-I-saying smirk on Eileen’s face…’”
    “‘Here it is.’ she breathed, unfurling a scroll. ‘The Map of Wyrna.’”
    “‘Mirella,’ I said nervously, unsure whether or not it would trigger her, ‘What exactly is Wyrna?’”
    “‘It’s what the ancients called our land.’ she replied. ‘Wyrna. Long ago, there was a time where there were no kingdoms and royals and cities. Except for one. Every place, from Alambaera to Westeros, all belonged to Wyrna, which according to a few tomes formed after a war. If they are to be believed, we were once just another corner of a different world, and our ancestors, who were soldiers in the losing side of said war, were cast out for refusing to surrender. Our world, for whatever reason, was named Wyrna, and a great variety of magical barriers were erected to keep us away from the Old World. However, this map may contain hints as to how we can get there.’”
    “‘Which means,’ I said excitedly, ‘That we can escape! Maybe there are people in the Old World who will help us, sympathize with our cause and put an end to Ezran!’”
    “‘So that’s what you intend to do.’ Eleanor said. ‘Well, it’s not going to work. By trying to do that, you are taunting fate. Defying destiny. You cannot kill King Ezran, even if he is a tyrant.’”
    “‘Why not?’ Mirella said angrily. ‘You just said he was a tyrant.’”
    “‘Even if you have betrayed the Sisters, young acolyte, you must still be aware of the prophecy. You see, Ezran’s queen shall bear him an heir. And this heir shall slaughter his father to take the throne for himself. When he does, the land shall come onto a time of glory and prosperity. This is what the Sisterhood has been fighting for, the purpose of the creation of Twisted Magic. When he is born, he will right all of the wrongs and bring Wyrna back to its rightful place.’”
    “‘And who, exactly, is this heir?’ Mirella asked icily. ‘And does King Ezran know about this prophecy?’”
    “‘We don’t know who the heir is, and for obvious reasons, we have not informed the king. But so that our messiah can be born, you, Queen Cateline, must return to Ezran’s castle at once so that his birth can happen.’”
    “‘Absolutely not!’ I said, feeling a sudden surge of anger. ‘Do you know what you’ve done, for the purpose of your stupid prophecy?! An evil king is now poised to rule the world, Twisted magic is now poisoning the land, all so that some supposed messiah can swoop in to save everything? One that we don’t even know will be born?!”
    “‘You don’t understand!’ Eleanor snapped. ‘If we had let nature run its course, far worse things would have happened! Wyrna is a cage, a tiny cell to keep us believers in freedom chained up. You do not know the history, you will never know the history, but remember this; sometimes the end justifies the means, and Evil is required in the service of the Greater Good.’”
    “‘I. Don’t. Care.’ I said in rage. ‘I don’t see how anything can justify what your Sisterhood has done to the Thirteen Kingdoms. Killing all of the Pure mages, conquering every single one of the kingdoms, placing on the throne an emperor who you know will not rest until every man, woman, and child is in chains, there’s nothing that can make all of that okay. So, I’m sorry if this ruins your stupid schemes, but I will not go back to Ezran. Come on, Mirella.’”
    “‘I see you cannot be persuaded.’ Eleanor replied. ‘You are motivated not by altruism, but by petty self-preservation. Don’t worry, I understand. You shall do what you must. And I shall do what I must.’”
    “The woman dropped to her knees, and her wrists began to glow a hot, angry shade of violet. She convulsed on the ground, her veins blackening, her skin shining red with blood. ‘Cateline,’ Mirella said, tugging on my sleeve, as I stood transfixed with horror, ‘Cateline, we need to go!’”
    “‘Of course,’ I said, backing slowly away. The moment we left the tiny room, we broke into a run, our feet pounding against the rough stone floors. We burst through the double doors, into the immaculate courtyard, where enrobed sorceresses goggled at us, distracted from the eclipse. Whispers traveled through the crowd, turning to yells. Waves of acolytes fell to their knees, undergoing the same horrifying process. Blood flowed freely up to my ankles, as streams of Twisted magic in the form of a black slush mixed with it, morphing it into a substance that burned easily through the columns and arches that decorated the castle. But that was only the beginning. Beings with no hair or pupils that, judging by their robes were former sisters lunged forward, attempting to drown Mirella and I in their disgusting mass. We fought as hard as we could, and with a pang I slid my knife through the figure of the girl who had escorted us in. As we pressed and shoved our way to the gates, the moon uncovered the sun.”
    “The vile monsters, faced with the light of day, caught fire almost immediately. With horrible, primal screams of rage, they leapt toward us with renewed vigor, determined to bring us with them. As my fingers scrabbled hopelessly against the lock on the gates, I felt crushed by despair. We had failed. We’d never escape. Eleanor was right; I should have just surrendered when I’d had the chance. And now, I would receive my punishment for rebelling against fate. The world became a haze, and my grip on my dagger slackened. Time to die. Best to get this over with, and-”
    “I heard Mirella scream. Suddenly, all thought of surrender and giving up left my mind. How dare these vile witches even dream of touching her?! I would teach them a lesson, the only lesson possible. I shoved acolytes and sorceresses out of my way, as they burned pitifully on the ground, determined to make it to the only one who really mattered. And there she stood, in the center, Mirella, clearly struggling to resist the sensation that had overcome her. I rushed up, and grabbed her before she could collapse. ‘My satchel.’ she whispered. ‘In it, there’s a rune. Whisper Wyrna and rub it thrice, then press it against my heart.’”
    “ I nodded, and reached for the satchel. The charm was a shimmering amethyst, and after rubbing it thrice and whispering Wyrna, it glowed dazzlingly. Though it became almost to hot to bear, I did as I was instructed and pressed it against her heart.”
    “The effect was instantaneous. Ice began to spread throughout the courtyard, and the fire-beings slowed to a stop, unable to melt through their frozen binds. Mirella fell to the ground, suddenly paler and weaker than ever.”
    “‘I don’t understand!’ I said frantically. ‘I did everything right!’”
    “‘You did do everything right.’ Mirella agreed. ‘However, magic, especially Twisted magic, always comes with a price. This particular spell is very powerful, and spells of its nature are distinct for one particular reason. You see, there’s only one way to generate enough power to freeze 200 Sun mages.’ She looked up at me with a grim smile. ‘You need to perform a human sacrifice.’”

        larkofwoodsbeyond replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        I’m in love with this story! Your writing is amazing, and Cateline’s development really makes her feel like a real person.

        clarad575 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        This was so good! I need to have more!

        ladyofthebooksge replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        This story is amazing! Catalina is certainly growing on me, and the suspense and intensity is amazing! I can’t wait how things will unfold on the wedding and with chase, Catalina, and Mirella

        takan replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        I LOVE IT!!!

        dritten25 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        Omg omg plz write more! The details and the plot as well as characters are growing on me!

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