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    Chapter One

    Anya chased after her little sisters Eve and Sofie as they ran across the meadow, shrieking with joy.
    “Wait for me! Battersby’s Bakery isn’t going anywhere!” Reluctantly, they slowed. “How many times do I have to tell you no run-” she stopped short as she smashed into Eve, who had very suddenly stopped and was gaping at the town square, staring with very big blue eyes. “HEY! Watch it!” she grumbled.
    “Sorry,” said Eve. “But look at the town!” Anya looked up and saw the town square plastered in parchment.
    “What’s that?”
    “I have no idea,” Eve said. “Let’s go find out!” The three girls ambled down the hill.
    “Excuse me, Mrs. Carson? Can you tell me why these posters are here?” Eve asked, but Mrs. Carson hurried by, eyes wild. That’s strange. Anya thought. Mrs. Carson is usually very friendly.
    Suddenly, she heard a R-R-RIIIP and turned to see Sofie tugging at one of the signs.
    “Sofie, no!” she tugged the paper out of the four year old’s hand as Sofie laughed.
    “Look!” Eve pointed at the poster. “It’s from the School Master!” Anya looked down at the parchment in her hand.

    People of Gavaldon

    By order of the School Master, FOUR children from Gavaldon will be selected for the School for Good And Evil this year, due to lack of eligible students in the woods. Thank you for your understanding,

    The School Master
    The School Master

    “Whoa.” Anya stared at the notice clutched in her fist, gobsmacked.
    “I know, right! I can be a princess this year!” Eve squealed, twirling happily.
    “No, You can’t. The School Master only takes kids who are older than Twelve. You turned ten last week.” Eve frowned.
    “Way to go, Anya. Let’s just get that bread and go home.” Anya hoisted Sofie onto her hip and the trio headed towards the bakery.

    “What do you mean you have no Honey-Nut Special?” Anya asked, brow furrowed. The baker figeted under her stare.
    “We ran out…Dean bought the last loaf ten minutes ago.” Anya sighed. Mother had really wanted that bread, but a plain loaf would have to do. They paid, and after briefly stopping at the sweet shop to buy Eve, Sofie and herself each a candy, headed home. Her mother was waiting at the door for her.
    “I’ll take the girls. Cassie just came over and I told her you were shopping with the girls, but would be over soon. You can stay at her house for dinner.” Anya nodded and ambled down the dirt road toward Cassie’s house, kicking dust at the rabbit that crossed her path, and passing the boys playing soccer in the meadow. As soon as she knocked, Cassie was on top of her, smothering her in a hug.
    “ANI!” she squealed excitedly. Anya wheezed under the onslaught of blue fabric, honey brown hair and enthusiastic demeanor.
    “Hi Cassie,” she grunted as she extricated herself from her friend’s embrace. “Ever heard of personal space?” Cassie laughed her sparkly, bubbly laugh and pulled Anya to her room. Anya’s eyes watered and she coughed violently as the onslaught of rose perfume reached her nose.
    Cassie’s room was fairy-tale themed. That was normal for gavaldon, but Cassie had gone to the extreme. Her walls were dusty rose, her shelves chock-full of storybooks and little fairy-tale knicknacks. Glass slippers, tiny wooden pinocchios, princess figurines, carved wooden animals, the works. Her bed had a thick, plushy, sky-blue comforter buried in stuffed animals, and one wall had a huge painting of a fairy-tale castle. Also pushed against that wall was a vanity covered in product.
    All of a sudden, Cassie shrieked. “What? What is it?” Anya asked.
    “Your eyebrows!” Anya’s brown eyes crossed trying to look up at them.
    “What about my eyebrows?”
    “They’ve joined up again! I told you to pluck them at least twice a week! And your hair!” She held up a long lock of tangled, matted brown hair. “Sit!” She pointed to the chair in front of the vanity. Feeling like a dog, Anya sat obediently and tried not to cough or swat Cassie away as she plucked her eyebrows and brushed out the tangles in her hair and sprayed rose conditioner in it. “So, have you heard about the double number of kids being taken this year?” Anya asked. Cassie nodded, hazel eyes wide. “Oh, yes! Everyone has by now, I bet! Isn’t it exciting? Twice the chance to be picked!” I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘exciting,’ Anya thought. “I just know I’ll be chosen as a princess this year. I bet Flynn and Jay are going to Evil.” Anya nodded. Flynn was a very self superior girl and didn’t care about anyone else. She was like a fox. She kind of looked like one too, with her sneering face, tawny eyes, and sleek russet hair. Jay was a dark haired, dark eye boy who liked to kick any animal he came across and hide the other boys’ soccer ball. “Amia will probably be going to Good,” Anya said. Cassie nodded. “Yeah, she probably will, but I’ll miss you. It won’t be the same without my best friend.

        bookwormizzy replied 7 months ago

        oops I almost forgot!

          bree132 replied 7 months ago

          That is amazing! Working on one and will hopefully post it on Saturday I have sooo much school work! That was amazing though!

          bookwormizzy replied 7 months ago

          Also @AnnieJ

        anadilisawesome76 replied 7 months ago

        we don’t have schoolwork unless we go into a 4 week holiday so i have been doing this!

          bookwormizzy replied 7 months ago

          ME TOO

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        this is so good!!!!!!

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