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    Chapter Two

    Anya quickly chewed the last of her meatball and picked up her plate and deposited it at the sink. She returned for the salad bowl, and awkwardly picked up Sofie Eve’s plates. She slurped up the rest of the spaghetti on Sofie’s plate and dumped them into the sink. She put the salad in the icebox for tomorrow.
    Eve was attempting to clean up a sauce-covered, red-faced Sofie with a damp cloth. Their mother was wiping down the table, and their father had yet to come home from the mill. “It’s your turn to wash the dishes tonight,” she yelled to Eve.
    “I’m busy with Sofie, Can’t you do it?” Eve called back.
    “NO!” Anya yelled as she shut the door to the room that she shared with Eve.
    The walls were pale green, the plain white curtains hanging from the window. There was a large wardrobe and two wooden desks. Each girl had a hand carved nightstand that their father made for them by their bed. Eve’s bed was neatly made, lavender comforter ironed and blue teddy propped carefully against the pillow. Aya’s bed, on the other hand, was unmade. The lavender comforter was rumpled and her pillow was somehow at the foot of the bed. She flopped down onto it and pulled Thumbelina out from under it.

    The next thing she knew, she was lifting her head up off her book and peering into the darkness. Eve was softly snoring across the room. A sliver of moonlight shone from her window. She crept to it and peered outside.
    The townsmen had formed a guard around the houses, as per usual. She spotted her father standing with his fellow mill workers. Tomorrow he was going to be too tired for the party. After the children were kidnapped, the people whose families hadn’t been torn apart celebrated-those whose children had been snatched away closed their shutters and mourned the loss of their dear ones. She shook her head at her restlessness and climbed back into bed, huddling in her dress, which she realized she’d never changed out of.

    “Anya!” Anya woke up with a jolt and found herself moving, her body being dragged across dirt. “AAAHHH!” She wildly thrashed and her bare foot connected with something.
    “HEY!” Jay tried to kick her back, but accidentally hit…
    “Cassie?!” Anya finally caught a glimpse of Cassie’s elated face through the shadows.
    “Hi Anya!” Cassie said. “We’ll still be together after all!”
    “Why me?” Anya cried as she struggled. “I’m not Good! Or Evil!”
    “Guys?” Flynn’s voice echoed. No one paid any attention, they were all too busy squabbling. “GUYS!” everyone stopped just as the Shadow flung them up into a tree, whose branches ping-ponged them up higher and higher.
    “HOW TALL IS THIS TREE!” Jay screamed.
    “I DON’T WANT TO SHOW UP IN A ***** DRESS!” Cassie yelled.
    Anya and Flynn clung to each other, breathless.
    Finally, it stopped. “Whew,” Cassie said.
    “Um, I wouldn’t say ‘whew’ just yet!” Flynn warned as she pointed to a bird made of bones. Cassie paled.
    “Uh-oh.” The bird seized them in its claws and took off.
    Jay clung to the bird in fear. “I guess this is a really bad time to say I have a terrible fear of HEIGHTS!” he screamed as the bird suddenly dropped him and Flynn into a dark fog, before swooping and letting Anya and Cassie drop into a pink fog.

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