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    Chapter Three

    Yesterday, Bella had packed her pretty pink bags full with gowns, shoes, beauty products and tiaras. She had gotten her acceptance letter to the School for Good months ago, and had been preparing for it ever since.
    As the only child of the king and queen of Jaunt Jolie, this was ‘quite the honor,’ as her father said. She smiled out the carriage window and brushed long golden locks. Some people had been skeptical, but Bella had known this was coming ever since she was two years old. As she hugged and kissed her parents goodbye and stepped pink-heeled feet out of her family’s pastel coach to meet the other Evergirls at the Flowerground station, she just knew that she was going to become class captain, get herself a prince, a castle, and a fairy tale.
    Because if anyone tried to stop her, she thought, sky blue eyes narrowing, she’d make them pay.
    Prince Jax straightened his blue tie and anxiously looked at the Flowerground, running his hand through his dark hair. He swallowed and licked his lips. This is it, he thought. This is where I prove to everyone I’m Good…or not. Steeling himself, he turned back and waved at the crowds with a cocky demeanor, before quickly disappearing into the tree stump before anyone noticed he was sweating like a hog.

    Sauda, Luna, and Blair waited in the dead field outside the Stymph Forest with all the rest of the Nevers from all the other kingdoms. Needless to say, it was a big meadow. People murmured and chatted, filling bone plated up with food as they waited for the stymphs.
    Suddenly, out of the trees came an ear splitting screech and a blur of bones blasted out of the forest and snatched up a screaming child. Then, another. The flow of birds increased until there were dozens, circling, squawking and snatching, people shouting gleefully and hooting, sometimes booing. Money frantically changed hands and then-
    It slowed to a trickle. Sauda scowled, Luna bared her teeth, Blair’s fists gnarled-and then one more came bursting out from the dark foliage and seized the three girls. Sauda howled in abandon. Luna smiled wickedly.
    “This is it, girls!” Blair cried. “We’re going to the School for Evil!”
    Caily winced as her handmaiden tightened her baby-blue corset. “Really Sai, does it have to be so tight? I can barely breathe!” Her dark haired, pale friend relented, loosening it a bit, but still not quite enough.
    “Sorry, miss.” Caily sighed.
    “We’ve discussed this, Sai. You can call me Caily.” The sounds of her handmaiden bustling around the room stopped. Caily turned, the simple movement requiring a lot of effort due to her big blue gown, sewn with pearls. “Sai? Are you alright?” Sai’s dark, tapered eyes were teary.
    “I-I’m going to miss you when you’re gone.” Caily sniffed.
    “I promise I’ll write to you every week,” She said.
    “You’d best be going now, Miss,” Sai said. Caily sighed. Back to ‘Miss’ again. Sai hoisted up Caily’s peach bag and lavender suitcase. “You don’t want to miss the flowerground, so we’d better hurry on to the carriage.”
    Caily took one last look at her room and then followed her friend out the door.

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          bookwormizzy replied 7 months ago

          let me know if i forgot anyone!

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        Hi! wow, this is good! I think you commented on CauseImOnlyHuman’s story. That was me! I had some difficulties getting back on, so if you can help me find my story that would be really great!!! Can you tag me on this one?

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