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    this chapter is pretty long but I hope you enjoy it.

    Chapter Four

    “Whoa.” Anya looked up and saw Cassie staring at the school, craning her neck to see the pink and blue glass towers spiraling up into cotton candy fog.
    Anya noticed that her eyebrows were skittering up her forehead, and then immediately furrowed them. Impressive indeed.
    Large words on the golden gate spelled out,
    School for Good
    Enlightenment and Enchantment

    Suddenly, girls began to sprout like flowers from the ground, luxuriously unfurling, reaching perfectly manicured hands to the sky, sun blooming onto creamy faces, blinking long lashed eyes and then planting delicate slippers on the grass.
    Anya noticed that her disobedient eyebrows were climbing up her forehead again. She scrunched then back down.
    Some of the girls were tall and willowy, some shorter than others, some with fair skin, others with darker tones. Eye color ranged from sky blue to chocolate to topaz to jade. Some flaunted loose, flowing hair, and others with tight, bouncy curls, but all of them had graceful curves, slim shoulders, kind expressions and wore pastel gowns in shades of blue, pink, peach, yellow, and white like the flowers in the garden.
    Teams of fairies immediately began tending to the girls, brushing nonexistent dirt off their gowns, giving them cups of honeybush tea, and seeing to their trunks and bags.
    Anya noticed that Cassie was wearing a silky peach nightgown, but was clutching a small bag, presumably full of things that she had wanted to bring with her to school. Seeing her gaping at the other princesses, Anya was doubly glad she’d fallen asleep in a dress, even if it was just a plain one. Six fairies flittered over to her and Cassie, dusting them off and taking her friend’s small bag. They picked them up and flew them along with the other girls to a pink foyer with sparkling diamond columns.
    As they walked along, Anya noticed the marble columns painted lovingly with angels, cupids, unicorns, fairies and nymphs, spelling out E-V-E-R.
    Then she saw the pictures of former students next to paintings of them as graduates, gold framed star students at the top, kissing princes and slaying giants and robbers, silver framed sidekicks and helpers in the middle, and at the bottom, bronze framed children drawn next to plants and animals. There was a team of woodland creatures precariously stacked on a ladder, hanging new portraits.
    Anya spotted Cassie’s sweet, smiling face next to a conceited looking princess with golden hair and crystal blue eyes, smiling imperiously.
    Then she saw herself, tangled brown hair and brown eyes staring out of the frame like she was bored. She stifled a chuckle, then coughed from the large amount of flowery perfume in the air.
    Then they emerged from the hall and saw four glass staircases, two princess pink and two royal blue, labeled PURITY, CHARITY, HONOR, and VALOR.
    Teachers lined these, haloed by the sunlight shining through stained glass, smiling and strewing rose petals over the new students. The women wore high-necked gowns in a rainbow of pastel hues, while the men wore pastel suits with slim, knotted ties.
    Anya let out her breath and brushed rose petals out of her hair. Cassie smiled and basked in the light with the other girls, then took Anya’s hand and squeezed it. Anya squeezed back, then they were seperated by the tide of pastel girls, chittering amongst themselves.
    Absurdly tall nymphs descended and handed the girls pink-ribboned baskets, full of books, a schedule, and under that, something poofy and very pink. Girls combed through their baskets and read the spines of their books, comparing schedules.
    Anya pulled out the pink thing and recoiled from an unbelievably short, bright pink pinafore, over a lacy white blouse, covered in carnations.
    “Really?” Anya looked over at the girls who’d spoken. She was wrinkling her nose at the uniform and was wearing a baby blue dress and corset, and whose hair was like cocoa powder mixed with gold dust. She saw Anya looking and her green eyes widened. “Oh-I wasn’t, I mean, I didn’t-”
    “No, it’s ok,” Anya laughed. “I’m not that fond of the uniform either.”
    The other girl shook her head. “It’s not that I don’t like…I’m just not very fond of the color pink. I prefer lavender.” Anya smiled. Maybe not all of these girls would turn out to be so bad. “I’m Caily, by the way. Princess Caily of Maidenvale.”
    “I am Anya. Anya of…Gavaldon.” Caily smiled.
    “Nice to meet you, Anya.” Anya continued rummaging in her basket, combing through books with titles like:
    The Recipe Book for Good Looks
    101 Dances Every Princess Needs to Know
    A Princess’s Guide to Winning a Prince
    Animal Communication Level One
    Etiquette for a Princess
    And finally,
    The School For Good And Evil Rule Book.
    She set these aside and looked around for her schedule. Finally, she found it at the bottom of her basket.
    Princess Anya Of the Woods Beyond
    Purity 54

    Session Faculty
    1-Beautification Professor Emma Anemone
    2-Good deeds Professor Clarissa Dovey
    3-Etiquette Pollux
    4-History of Heroism Professor August Sader
    5-Animal Communications Princess Uma
    6-Surviving Fairy Tales Yuba the Gnome

    Anya stared at the schedule telling her that she had to wear pink and learn to walk in heels and not slouch and smile and talk to animals…ok, that part does sound pretty cool, she thought. But the rest…that wasn’t her! Why did they pick her for Good? Surely there was someone else eligible, surely there had to have been a mistake-
    But she was here.
    All of a sudden the girls were being herded up the stairs, to the pink towers. Cassie floundered through the crowd and latched on to Anya and together they climbed the glass stairs. The crowd of girls thinned, and Anya saw they were in a dormitory, with doors labeled. She searched for her own name, craning her neck-
    There it was! She pushed her way over to a pink and gold door reading:
    Welcome, Anya, Cassie, Willow!

    Her stomach turned. Seeing her name carved onto a door with such certainty, she knew: There was no mistake. Slowly, she pushed the door open, Cassie at her heels. The room took her breath away. Cassie squealed in delight, rushing inside.
    A tall, slender, intimidatingly beautiful girl with light brown hair and sapphire eyes was waiting for them. She was wearing a pale, floaty white gown that accented her light tan perfectly. “Hello new roommates! I’m Willow.” she smiled and Anya noticed that her teeth were perfect and blindingly white.
    “I’m Cassie, and this is my friend Anya,” Cassie said. “It’s sooo nice to meet a real princess!” as Willow and Cassie chatted, Anya examined the room.
    The walls were pale pink, painted with princes and princesses kissing, cupids, and rainbows. The ceiling was sky blue, painted with fluffy clouds. There were at least eight mirrors that she could see, and the windows had gauzy pink floral curtains fluttering in the breeze from the open window. There were three ivory-and-gold wardrobes, and in each was two extra sets of uniforms and a white nightgown and pink lace dressing gown. Next to them was a changing curtain, painted lavender. There were also three white desks laden with parchment and each had a long, unused feather quill and a tall, lavender candle. Three gold-and-diamond vanities sported ovular mirrors and waited for beauty products. The elaborate four poster beds had canopies and curtains made of a sheer, sparkly pink fabric. The plushy bedspreads were blush pink and there were at least a dozen decorative throw pillows in all shapes and sizes, most of them pink and white, covered in ribbons or lace. The room smelled overwhelmingly like flowers, due to the lilies placed around the room in glass vases.
    Does there really have to be so much pink? Anya coughed a little from the pollen of the lilies and meandered back over to Cassie and Willow. Cassie had unpacked and was now helping Willow with her numerous trunks, bags, and suitcases. “I noticed that you two don’t come from any kingdom,” Willow said. “You must be readers.” She saw Anya and Cassie’s blank stares. “You know, non-magical people. I can loan you some of my things, since you didn’t come with any trunks.”
    “Thank you,” Cassie said. “I tried to pack, but I fell asleep with a bag on my back just in case I didn’t have time to grab my stuff, so at least I have that.”
    “Well, we should change into uniform for Welcoming,” Willow said, ducking behind the changing screen.
    Anya looked at Cassie. “Welcoming?”

    I hope you liked it!!! please feel free to critique and comment!

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