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    boomboompancakes posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    *you slide down the twisty slide into our party planning office*
    *i’m sitting on my desk, looking over the Welcoming Party plans from last time*
    *Berry emerges from her ridiculously huge walk-in closet for the first time in like an hour, with her outfit from last time*
    Okay. So.
    I forgot all about this until TWO DAYS before the 25th?? Like, I’m pretty sure NOPONY mentioned it at ALL until today???
    And I’m pretty sure that everypony else forgot too.
    Like, last year we spent a bunch of time preparing beforehand and coming up with the tag list and stuff, and a lot of users knew about it beforehand. This time…nope.
    I’m thinking that’s kind of a problem?
    Can we maybe move it to the 30th and spend this next week making posts about it and getting people to say if they want to be tagged and what year they’re in? That’d be good.
    Also, I added three more songs to the playlist.
    — Couldn’t Be Better (from The Uglydolls Movie)
    — Keep It Lit (by Tegan Marie
    — Rather Be (by Clean Bandit)
    Plus Berry and I can sing the SGE site song I came up with.
    I made add a few more things, but for the most part I’m just keeping all the stuff from last year.

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