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    boomboompancakes posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    When you asked what a Code Black and Yellow was, Berry and I realized you probably hadn’t been here long, checked your activity, and realized we still hadn’t given you the welcoming routine we try to give every newbie we come across here! SOOOOOOOOO…
    Berry, get the welcome wagon!
    “Way ahead of you, Twig!”
    *Berry wheels in the musical wagon which begins to play music*
    *i dance around and sing*
    Welcome welcome welcome
    A fine welcome to you!

    *Berry twirls by you as she joins the song*
    “Welcome welcome welcome, I say how do you do?”
    *she blows a trumpet in your ear and twirls away*
    *i skip all around banging a drum*
    Welcome welcome welcome
    I say hip hip hooray!

    *Berry and I both dance and harmonize on this last line*
    Welcome welcome welcome to SGE todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
    *i toss confetti* WHOOOOOO
    *Berry points up her wand and fireworks shoot out and explode in the air: POOM, POOM, POOM, POOM, POOOMMM*
    *I pull out a felt pop-up card and hold it out to you*
    *it opens, and out pop swan icons and colorful letters spelling out “WELCOME TO THE SGE SITE!”*
    *”WELCOME TO SGE!” cheer recorded voices from the card, which then proceeds to spray glitter in your face*
    *we laugh*
    So, congratulations! You’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into the wonderland that is the SGE site! It’s an endless kaleidoscope of stories, friendships, poems, random silliness…
    “Food fights, parties, near-death experiences, imaginary friends like me…”
    And just overall insanity. But the main rule is, insanity means…
    *in unison* FUN!
    “There are very few rules here. One of them is, don’t kill anypony. Fighting is okay. Fighting with food, weapons, magic, pillows, anything, the more intense it gets the more fun it is–just no actual bloodshed.”
    Oh, and watch out for Bob, the alien who stole the 12th puzzle piece of the swan search game.
    “And NEVER quote The Bee Movie. EVER. Otherwise the shadows will come alive and try to kill us all.”
    Lately, some newbies have been doing that out of curiosity and/or sadism, but really, having Bee Movie Incidents too often is VERY dangerous and also takes the excitement out of it, so for the love of EVERYTHING, please refrain.
    “A Bee Movie Incident may also be referred to as a Code Yellow-Black.”
    Other advice: when you have something to say about a post that’s just been made, please say it in a comment on the post, NOT in a whole new post.
    “Yes. And if you want to tag just one person to talk to them, do it in a post on your activity page.”
    So, now that we’ve gotten all that down…
    Enjoy being part of the Ever Never Army! 🙂
    “If you have any questions, just ask. Everypony here is super nice and will totally help you out! 🙂 ”

        ettyevergirl replied 1 month, 2 weeks ago

        😂 thanks I was confused

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