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    *the setting: a city at night*
    *it’s oddly quiet and somehow completely empty*
    *i stand against the wall in my inside-out unicorn pajamas, cozy socks, sparkly sneakers, and dark orange hoodie*
    *i run across the street, down the next block, turn the corner, run across*
    *i turn and cross the next street, run down that block–then hear a voice behind me that makes me stiffen*
    *i duck around the corner, flattening against the wall, avoiding the lights–only to look left and see Berry across the street, this street much narrower, wearing a utility belt and police cap, vest, and badge over her pink vest, speaking into a megaphone*
    “This is the Hug Police. Boom Boom Pancakes, you’ve been a wanted criminal charged with several years worth of physical affection deficiency. I’m taking you in.”
    *i narrow my eyes*
    Not if I can help it.
    *i turn right and take off running down the block, across the street–*
    *mid-street Berry teleports right in front of me and wraps her arms around–*
    *–empty air, as I just shrank down to Troll size and continued running right between her legs*
    *i run through the gaps in the fence around a park, then spring back to full size once I’m in, still running*
    *Berry vaults over the fence, lands inside the park, and runs after me, past grass and trees and benches*
    “Stop! Stop in the name of the law!”
    *i look back at her*
    What ‘law’?
    “The law of everycreature that needs hugs! You are a shockingly touch-starved potato, and you need to be given physical affection!”
    Hard pass.
    *i turn back around*
    *then I launch myself over the fence using my hair, land and keep running*
    *Berry’s feet leave the ground entirely and she flies after me*
    *she flies not too high over the streets while I run across block after block*
    “You’ve been running for years, Boom Boom, but it’s time we ended this. You need your hugs!”
    No. I. Don’t.
    *i stop, my phoenix wings, unicorn horn, and dragon tail appearing on me, and i flap into the air out of Berry’s reach just as she swerves and closes in and makes another grab for me*
    *i fly up into the sky and Berry quickly flies after me*
    *she reaches me in no time at all, but i shoot an exploding pancake in her face*
    *the force of it pushes her down, the maple syrup in her eyes and face momentarily startling her and making her wobble a bit*
    *she has to take a moment to wipe her face, and in that moment I fly higher, faster, farther, above all the surrounding buildings*
    *for a moment as I fly up through the sky, I think I’m free*
    *then she zips upward FAST, reaching me in an instant, sending me spinning as she zooms up past me, then grabs onto my shoulders*
    *my wings, horn, and tail disappear, but at the same time i manage to flip her over so I’m on top and punch her, sending us tumbling down, down, down*
    *she keeps gripping me, trying to pull me in close enough to call it a hug, but I keep punching and kicking to keep her off*
    *we keep falling, falling, falling as we fight–or rather I fight and she tries not to–*
    *Berry looks down, and suddenly sees that we’ll go SPLAT on the roof of a building in seconds*
    *she takes a hand off me real quick, putting a palm downwards, and causes a giant bouncy squishy cushion-y object to appear there, just in time to break our fall*
    *we bounce off that and land on the rooftop place, Berry landing on her back and me landing on top of her, my foot on her stomach, both of our arms gripping each others’*
    *i stomping on her stomach hard*
    *she involuntarily releases me, and I run to an elevator which happened to have its doors open, get in, and hit a button for the 2nd floor*
    *Berry zips over there just a split second too late–that elevator door closed FAST, and I ride down, leaving Berry up there on the roof*
    *of course, I know she’ll just take some other way down–but who says she’ll guess the floor I’m headed to? and who says I won’t be gone before she figures it out?*
    *a minute later, the door opens again on the 2nd floor*
    *I veeeeerrry cautiously peek out, checking both directions…I don’t see Berry either way…*
    *I step out of the elevator, then dash down the hall*
    *just when i think I’m gonna make it out unhugged, I slam into something and fall over* OOF!
    *Berry, who was standing there invisible, reappears, grinning, pulls me up, pulls me in–*
    *–i shrink again to get out of her hug just in time*
    *but this time she grabs me inside both hands*
    *i spring back to full size and kick her, sending her crashing backwards onto the floor*
    *i run towards an open window and leap out of it*
    *i extend my Troll hair down to the ground in a slant, slip so I’m standing sideways upon it, and slide down it to the ground, hair retracting bit by bit as I do*
    *Berry reaches the window as I land on the ground with a jump, hair springing back to how it normally is, and continue running down the street*
    You’ll never take me alive!
    *Berry flies after me*
    “she keeps flying after me as I keep turning corners, crossing streets, jumping across cars, turning more corners running down blocks*
    “That’s what they all say. Trust me pal, that never lasts. And pretty soon, you won’t want it to.”
    *she swoops in on me, grabbing for another hug, just as I turn and keep running, barely missing*
    *i cut into an alley, a long darkened alley, and run down it…*
    *…until I hit a dead end*
    *i screech to a stop, turn around–and Berry pins me to the wall*
    *her hands fizz with magic*
    *to be honest, this is a pretty tight spot here*
    *Berry stares me in the eyes*
    *she speaks softly*
    “We can make this easy, Pancakes. Just one gooood tight hug…”
    *i stiffen against the wall, holding my breath*
    *to be completely honest, i have felt a little touch-starved lately*
    *i hang my head down*
    All right.
    Do your worst.



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