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    PART 2
    (of the story i posted here recently with me on the run from the you-know-what police)


    *i look up*
    *my eyes bulge*
    *I move my head just a bit to look out at the street*
    Oh man. That guy looks really sad. Like everything in his life just came crashing down. He could use some good physical comfort too.
    *Berry turns, lowering her hands, looking for the sad guy I just mentioned*
    *i shrink down, run past her, then spring back to full size and activate my wings, tail, and horn again*
    *i take off into the sky*
    *Berry glares at me, baring her teeth*
    *she flies up after me*
    *i start firing fireworks and exploding pancakes at her with my horn as I keep flying away from her*
    *she pulls all the sharp swerves and loop-de-loops and other aerial acrobatics to expertly dodge each one*
    “You will NOT get away from me without some serious hugs!”
    Jeez, Inspector Javert! All I did was steal a loaf of bread!
    “What are you even talking about?!?!”
    It’s a Les Mis reference. Although admittedly that second sentence might’ve been less well thought out than the first.
    “Oh yeah, yeah, I remember now. That was a good musical.”
    I know, right?
    “Now gimme a hug!
    *she’s somehow now close enough to lunge for me and very nearly actually close her arms around me*
    *i drop down lower away from her, and suddenly lose my grip on the magic-transformation thing, my wings and tail and horn disappearing*
    *we were flying right over a junkyard just now, apparently, because I land atop a huge pile of random stuff, while I struggle to climb down, only to soon find myself just slip-sliding down the mountain*
    *i somehow manage to land more of less fine at the bottom, though scratched up and ***** and with a few scrapes*
    *Berry, meanwhile, flies onto that junk pile and starts climbing down carefully, looking all around for where in it I might be–*
    *she makes a wrong step onto a metal cage big enough for maybe a lion or something*
    *and slips and falls into the cage*
    *the door of it swings shut on her and the cage starts tumbling down the junk hill*
    *she tries to make it stop in midair with her magic, but her magic keeps faltering, making the cage wobble in the air for like a second at a time before it keeps tumbling down*
    OH MY G.OD!
    *spotting some old mattresses nearby, I push them towards where the cage might land, making a large area covered with soft-ish mattresses to catch it*
    *i cross all my fingers, holding my breath, gritting my teeth–she may be a pretty annoying pursuer to shake off, but I’m not about to let her DIE–*
    *the cage lands upon the mattresses*
    *i look at Berry–she’s covered with what look like burn marks, though somehow she doesn’t seem to injured*
    *she gasps and pants as she speaks*
    “It’s — solid iron — fairies — allergic — OW!”
    *she’s writhing in what seems like serious pain*
    “Ow…it burns…ack..ow…”
    So…you’re saying that…because you’re a fairy… iron, like…burns you, or something? Is that why you couldn’t just, like, teleport yourself out of it, or make it float safely down, or make it disappear, or somethi–
    “YES!! Yes! Please — get me out of — ow –”
    Okay, okay! I just wondered!
    *i manage to unclasp the latch keeping the door of the cage shut, and pull Berry out by the arms*
    That explains a lot. Um, are…you okay…Officer–
    “Berry. It’s…Berry.”
    *she’s still shaking a bit, wincing at her burns*
    “I-I’m fine…they’ll…they’ll heal fast…especially with a spell…”
    *she takes some herbs out of her utility belt, mashes them together, puts them on her burns, makes her hands glow as she chants a bit under her breath*
    *she still looks a bit shaken up*
    *i hug her*
    *she stops, looking at me in shock, then smiles*
    *she hugs me too*
    *though also keeping one hand free, glowing, and still chanting as softly as she can*
    *we stay like that for…awhile*
    *could be fifteen minutes, could be way longer than that*
    *eventually, we both let go*
    *Berry’s burns are all better now, and she looks happy*
    “That was a GOOD HUG.”
    *i roll my eyes*
    Yeah, yeah. Look, I hug my parents and grandparents only, and only if and when I want to. No more than a few times a day for the most part, and NOPONY else. Ever. BUT…
    *i take a deep breath through my nostrils*
    …I guess I wouldn’t be completely opposed to a hug or two with you once in awhile if I really am touch-starved. But that’s IT.
    *Berry looks at me for a moment, then nods*
    “People have different preferences and needs when it comes to these things, huh?”
    “Okay, yeah, it took me a stupid amount of time just to say THAT…”
    It’s not always a bad time running and chasing with you either.
    “Yeah, I guess it’s…not.”
    *we both smile awkwardly*
    Wanna go watch a movie?

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