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    bostonhorsez2 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 3 months ago

    Danny’s POV
    About a week had passed since the incident, and I had been avoiding Westina like the plague every day of it.
    I only caught glimpses of her in crowded hallways and the occasional lunch. When I saw Westina, even if I wasn’t sure if it was her, I would cling to Angelica like a lifeline, trying to prove to her—Westina—that I was unaffected by her absence in my life.
    Of course, she was in many of my classes, so many of them, in fact, that I was worried I might lose my composure and the wall of indifference I had worked so hard to build.
    Angelica seemed to sense this, and somehow managed to convince Dovey to switch her schedule to match mine class for class, except for Forest Groups.
    I swear she could read my mind at times, Angelica, which makes me worry that I wasn’t as good at acting as I thought I was. Having Angelica there helped me a lot to get through the day. It was almost ridiculous how much I depended on her. It felt like she truly understood me, and accepted me for who I was. She always knew exactly what to say, and I felt stupid after she had explained something to me. Angelica made me realize just how much Westina didn’t care about me, and how I shouldn’t care either. Angelica proved to me time and time again how much she cared, and eventually, I became more comfortable around her. Much more comfortable than I had ever been around Westina.
    Angelica and I had been officially together since yesterday. She had introduced me to her friends, who while at first were uneasy and suspicious around me—no doubt because of my reputation—gradually became friendlier. I managed to be tentative friends with a couple guys by the end of it. I wasn’t surprised that Angelica was friends with so many people—she was, after all, the most popular girl in Good—although it was somewhat embarrassing that I didn’t have friends of my own here.
    “Hey, Danny,” A voice jolted me out of my thoughts.
    I guess I still wasn’t used to having people talking to me.
    I turned to see Avier, a tall dark skinned guy with biceps as big as my head pushing through the crowd of other students like a battering ram while another guy, Sal, trailed behind him.
    Realizing I had seen him, Avier stopped shouting.
    I pushed my half-eaten lunch off the table for Kash.
    “We’re gonna go sneak into Evil. You game?” Avier said, once he was in speaking distance.
    “Just don’t tell Angelica, or she’ll marry you on the spot.” Sal added, looking over at the blonde, who was making her way towards the table with her basket.
    I rolled my eyes. “Shut up, you’re just upset she turned you down.”
    It was Avier’s turn to snicker.
    “Hardy har har,” Sal said, crossing his arms. “So are you coming with us or are you too chicken?”
    “Hey guys,” Angelica said, sitting down next to me on the bench. “What’s up?”
    “Danny’s too scared to go into Evil.”
    Sal said, still smarting from my previous remark.
    I frowned. “Please. In your dreams, maybe.”
    “Sounds like fun,” Angelica said, intertwining her hand with mine. “Am I invited too?”
    Avier shrugged. “Sure.”
    “Just make sure your boyfriend here doesn’t **** himself.” Sal added.
    I launched up from my seat.
    “Are you trying to get beat up?” I growled, the hand not attached to Angelica’s clenching into a fist.
    “Whoa, whoa,” Avier said, pushing Sal away from me as Angelica pulled me back to the bench. “Rules of good, peace and love and stuff. Chill out.”
    I scowled. “Fine. I’ll go.”
    “When are we leaving?” Angelica asked, breaking the tension.
    “Now, unless you want to be eaten by a stymph.” Avier said.
    “Then what are we waiting for?” I said, standing and pulling Angelica up with me. “I’ve got to bring Kash back inside first though; there’s no way I’m bringing him in there.”
    Angelica picked up Kash with her free hand and we began walking back towards Good.
    As we were making our way through the clearing, I glanced over at Westina, who had been sitting by herself next to a tree the last time I had checked.
    I froze dead in my tracks when I saw a blonde haired and definitely masculine figure sitting next to her.
    “Danny?” Angelica followed my line of vision.
    I felt my brows furrowing.
    Angelica spun on her heel. “We’re taking the long way.” She growled, spinning around and yanking me towards them.
    As we got closer, Angelica cozied up to me even more, laughing and blushing like nobody’s business. I understood what she was doing and went along with it, flirting and pretending to whisper into her ear. I was sure every head turned as we walked by.
    I had to show Westina I had moved on.
    Just as we were walking past where Westina and the guy were sitting, Angelica twirled around and pressed her lips to mine.

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        It’s getting good.. MUAHAHAH!

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