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    Angelica’s POV
    I watched Westina speed away from the chanting crowd, her dark hair blowing in the wind.
    I knew Danny had seen her too, I could tell by the way he was staring fiercely in the opposite direction.
    I frowned, knowing I had a decision to make. It wasn’t safe for her to be out there alone, so close to the Endless Woods. I disliked her greatly, but I knew I could never forgive myself if she were to get lost or die. The real question was what to do about it. I couldn’t just chase after her and leave Danny, no, he was too unstable. There would be no telling of what he’d do to Cassian without me to stop him.
    I could see Westina’s figure fading into the darkness, and knew I had to think fast.
    I could try to bring him with me, and pray that he’ll listen to reason. But then what about Cassian? I would feel awful if he were to go running into the forest himself to search for her.
    No, I knew what I had to do. It was high time we fixed this mess and figured out where we all stood with each other.
    My decision made, I locked eyes with Danny. He wanted to help her too, I could see it.
    “We have to get to Cassian!” I yelled over the commotion as I started pushing through the mob.
    “What, why?” Danny hollered, shoving a nameless Ever out of the way.
    “He might try to go after her too. We’ve got to get to him before he decides to try and find her alone.” I said, leaving out the part of my plan to get everything out in the open.
    Danny scowled. “Fine! Get on my shoulders and tell me if you can see him.”
    I clambered up, careful not to kick him.
    “There he is.” I told Danny, after a moment of searching. “Forward and to the right.”
    Danny took off, me hanging on for dear life, him knocking down Evers like bowling pins.
    I tried to ignore the profanities and screeches that emitted from the sea of people around us, telling myself that Westina could actually be in danger and that these people would be fine. If they weren’t, then I could always heal them up in the Infirmary.
    After what seemed like far too long, we reached Cassian.
    “Westina ran off in that direction,” I shouted.
    He nodded, showing he had heard me. Danny remained silent.
    “Follow us.” I beckoned with my hand as Danny repeated his linebacker imitation.
    Westina came into view soon after we broke out of the crowd.
    “Westina!” Cassian yelled, trying to get her attention.
    When she didn’t respond, I joined in, yelling as loud as I could.
    Danny, of course, didn’t speak at all.
    A part of me was relieved, even pleased, but the other part felt a bit guilty.
    I pushed the emotions away and chose instead to stare at the back of Danny’s head as we approached Westina. She had finally come to a standstill, thank the Storian.
    I felt a twinge of worry as her face came into the light.
    He could resolve this ridiculousness with Westina and Cassian without giving up me, right?

        autumnofwoodsbeyond replied 1 year, 3 months ago

        Westina: “Who could have possibly found me? A, B, or C?”

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