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    bostonhorsez2 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 3 months ago

    Angelica’s POV

    Westina was gone. Out of my life forever, and hopefully out of Danny’s as well. No more worries, no more competition. Even now, I felt a satisfied smile curl my lips as the thought crossed my mind.
    I rolled over to look at Danny, who had been sleeping much better now that Westina wasn’t in Good. Before, he wouldn’t sleep for hours, and would toss and turn so much I was kept awake too. And then when he did surrender to sleep, he would always wake again with night terrors mere hours afterward. He still had night terrors now, but at least he seemed to fall asleep faster.
    As if he could hear my thoughts, Danny started breathing faster and making choking noises beside me.
    He flailed his arms about, clawing at the sheets with a manic desperation.
    Dodging expertly around his arms, I pulled his head into my lap.
    I sighed and stroked his hair a few times, knowing that it always seemed to calm him down. I wasn’t quite sure why. (So do you remember when Westina was stroking Danny’s hair back in Dovey’s office to calm him down? Just thought I’d connect it back to that)
    Sure enough, Danny’s breathing slowed and his eyes flicked open for a moment before he fell back asleep.
    This was our routine. He would take his pills, I would remove my makeup. He would succumb to the warm embrace of sleep, I would stay awake and think about what was to come. He would awake plagued with nightmares, and I would heal him. Eventually, I would fall asleep, but I could always replenish all that I lost from the lack of rest in the morning with my talent.
    Danny mumbled something incoherent and draped his arm around me.
    I never asked him what he dreamt about; I knew he’d tell me when he was ready. Right now, I believed, he just needed someone to trust him.

    (I’m very sorry about the short chapter; I accidentally deleted it when I was trying to copy it so I could paste it on here. )

        autumnofwoodsbeyond replied 1 year, 3 months ago

        *Twiddles fingers together* muahahahaha…

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