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    bostonhorsez2 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 4 months ago

    Danny’s POV
    “Angelica! Open the door this instant!”
    I rolled off the bed, my body hitting the floor with a thud.
    “Mother of—“ I yelped, whacking my head on the bed frame as I attempted to stand.
    Kash ran around me in cirlces, whining.
    “Angelica!” The voice I now recognized as Dovey’s sounded again.
    Angelica and I shared a concerned glance.
    This was not good.
    I looked over at Jane, who had been awoken by the racket and was trying to withhold a look of immense joy.
    Shooting her a glare, I scrambled to my feet and scooped Kash into my arms.
    “Not a word.” I threatened, feeling less intimidating than usual in my shirtless, 15% fat body.
    “In the closet!” Angelica hissed, opening the door and shoving me in.
    I stumbled in amoung the dresses and shoes and held Kash to my chest, praying he’d be silent.
    Angelica shut the door with a soft click and called back to Dovey. “Coming!”
    I heard the door open and the clicking of Dovey’s heels as she tromped into the room.
    “Where’s Daniel, Angelica?” She said, straight and to the point.
    “His room?” Angelica replied, her voice going up an octave at the end so that it sounded like a question. It might have been unintentional; I could hear her voice wobble a bit on the ‘room’.
    I pressed my ear to the door.
    “Nice try. I’ve already checked his room, and it doesn’t appear anyone’s been in there for days.” Dovey’s voice growled. “So, again I ask you; where is he?”
    “I don’t know,” Angelica’s voice said, not sounding convincing in the least.
    I shuddered. Dovey sounded angry, much angrier than she had been at me in the past.
    Kash let out a quiet yip, causing me to jump and shush him. I strained my ears for the sound of footsteps, but it seemed Dovey hadn’t heard.
    “Daniel, there are going to be some serious consequences if you don’t get out here immediately!”
    I heard Angelica’s feeble lie of “I told you; he’s not here!”
    Angelica was good at many things, but lying was not one of them.
    I figured it would be in my best interest to stay hidden in the safety of the closet. Maybe I could wait her out. She had to give up at some point.
    Distracted by my thoughts, I hadn’t realized that the room had gone silent.
    I held my breath, worried by the sudden quiet.
    The closet door sprang open to reveal a fierce-looking Dovey.
    I let loose a very unmanly shriek of terror and leaped backwards. As I landed, I managed to trip over a pile of clothes lying on the floor of the closet and go sprawling to the floor. Kash landed on my stomach with an angered bark.
    “Daniel Scarlet,” Dovey said, looming over me.
    “The one and only,” I said, mustering up what I thought was a winning smile.
    “You two need to come with me.” Dovey growled, unimpressed.

        autumnofwoodsbeyond replied 1 year, 4 months ago

        Dovey’s Wrath: Part 2

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