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    Hope you enjoy! Also I think this is one of my many favorite chapters from this book!

    Chapter 23 “A new day”

    Bruklyn jolted awake, she was breathing heavily. She had a terrible nightmare. She was chained to a cave wall, there was a cloth on her mouth to muffle her cries, and there was a red haired man in the corner, who would come over to her and creepily pet her hair, and whisper things like “You will be mine,” or “You’re so pretty when you cry,”.
    Bruklyn glanced at the clock, it read 5:59, one more minute and the clock would go off, signaling it was time for a new day.
    She got up and started getting dressed. She put on the crop top and pants she had laid out the night before. The alarm went off, scaring Bruklyn so bad she tripped over Kimberly.
    “Ow, my rib cage.” Bruklyn groaned.
    “I think you broke my back,” Kimberly complained.
    Bruklyn rolled off Kimberly and helped her to her feet.
    “Kimberly your hair,” Bruklyn giggled.
    “It’s not as bad as yours,” Kimberly chuckled, “Here, come with me to my room, and bring a brush.”
    The girls walked through the hall, one in pajamas and the other with her midriff sticking out, but both with messy hair.
    Kimberly ordered Bruklyn to sit down on the bed so Kimberly could do her hair. Bruklyn didn’t object, she normally put it in a messy bun on the top of her hair. Kimberly was very talented, she put Bruklyn’s hair in a tight ponytail, and somehow made it look like Bruklyn had bangs.
    “Here you can use my shoes!” Kimberly said passing over some white, ankle high boots.
    “Thank you!” Bruklyn chirped, putting them on.
    Kimberly started brushing her hair and looking through her suitcase. She came across a yellow and black dress and put it on, and added some yellow heels.
    “Let’s go to breakfast,” Bruklyn squealed.
    “Oh…. I would…. but yesterday, Jayden invited me to have a breakfast picnic by the lake,” Kimberly mumbled.
    “Oh that’s okay,”
    “I’ll see you in the clearing,” Kimberly said getting up, and leaving the room; Bruklyn following close behind.
    Bruklyn quickly walked down the stairs to the breakfast hall.
    Bruklyn grabbed a plate of bacon and eggs, and sat down at her normal table. She slowly started eating, and thought back to the man from her dream. The more she thought about him, the more she realized he looked a lot like Adrian, he almost resembled him. Bruklyn scolded her self, she was just going crazy.
    “Hi Bruklyn!” Alex chirped sitting down.
    “Morning Alex,” Bruklyn whispered.
    Alex bit her lip, “You’ve been having dreams, haven’t you?”
    “What?” Bruklyn asked, mouth full of bacon.
    “You’ve been having dreams.” Alex replied again.
    “I have dreams every night?” Bruklyn said.
    “Bruklyn, your not save, he’s coming for you,” Alex replied, glancing around, looking nervous.
    ”Who?” Bruklyn asked, wide eyed.
    “Adrain.” Alex whispered in her ear.
    “I’m confused,” Bruklyn said.
    “Come with me, I have a feeling he’s listening.” Alex chirped, pulling her to the nearest bathroom.
    “I thought you where twins?”
    “We… are.”
    “But… wait! Who are you guys parents!?”
    “Merida is our mother, and Hades is our father.”
    “So wait are you guys evil? Or good?”
    “I’m 100% good. My brother on the other hand is both, but the evil is quickly taking over him.” Alex mumbled quietly.
    “If he’s evil, why hasn’t the school ejected him?” Bruklyn questioned.
    “Because, something is keeping him good. Me,” Alex replied, pointing at herself.
    “How do you know about my dream?” Bruklyn gulped.
    “He casted the speed on you at dinner, that’s why I started kicking him and arguing. So you could escape. B-b-but I was to late to, he had already casted it.”
    “Thank you for warning me. But how did you know?” Bruklyn questioned.
    “Because I can see the future, and I was sent to protect you.” Alex said, “now pretend like I never told you any of this, because Adrain will try and find out what I just told you,”
    “Wait. Does he know?”
    “Know what?” Alex asked.
    “That you were sent to protect me,”
    “I’m not sure.”
    “I have to get going to the clearing, thank you again, for the warning,”
    Bruklyn started running through the hall.
    “Wait! Stop running your going to-“
    Bruklyn hit the floor, with a huge crash.
    “Called it,” Alex called turning around.


        brukycuky replied 1 week ago

        The word “speed” is supposed to be “spell”

        lilystarling replied 1 week ago

        Loved it!!

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