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    Enjoy! 🙂

    Chapter 37 “My fault”

    Everyone grumbled and slowly walked to their rooms. Bruklyn on the other hand stayed in the blue forest still shocked at the events that just occurred. She crashed to the ground, placing her hands on her face in frustration, why had she let them beat each other like that.
    “Over a bruise? A bruise I caused from not telling my brother about the story. This is all my fault.” She thought, fighting back tears.
    Kaden placed his hand on her shoulder. “Get up.” He demanded, forcing out one hand.
    “Why? Why should I? I deserve to die here, I deserve to be eaten by animals”
    “Look if your upset about that fight, you shouldn’t be. Bruklyn, Juan loves you. He tried to prove that today.” He whispered, “Now get up.”
    “When you truly love someone you don’t have to prove it, you can just feel it.” Bruklyn mumbled, pushing herself up with one hand, facing Kaden.
    “However taught you that, is completely right.” Kaden laughed.
    “This is no laughing matter! My boyfriend and brother are probably dead, and instead of being with them I’m here moping because that fight was my fault.”
    “It wasn’t your fault, Juan was probably upset that he hurt you.”
    “Stop talking.”
    “What why?”
    “Stop talking, understand?” Bruklyn whispered, walking to the nurses.
    Kaden run behind her, “why can I talk now?”
    “Because, I have no interest in talking to you”
    “What why?”
    “Because, I’m trying to walk to the nurses office to make sure Juan is okay, but I can’t if my boyfriends best friend is talking to me.”
    “Right,” Kaden apologized, walking away “Sorry.”
    “Wait! Kaden I didn’t mean it like that.” Bruklyn cried, “I can’t face him alone, not while he’s hurt.”
    “You want me to come with you?”
    “No, you don’t have to, I can do it myself.”
    “I’m gonna come with you I guess, gotta make sure my best friend is okay.”
    Bruklyn sighed “Thank you.”
    Kaden walked way a head, arriving way earlier then Bruklyn.
    “Hello miss… Bruklyn,” the nurse said looking at her clipboard, “is something wrong with your sling? Need help adjusting it?”
    “Oh no, it’s perfectly fine. I came looking for a Juan, is he here?”
    “Oh yes, your just in time.”
    “In time? For what?”
    “He just woke up. We had to put him to sleep, because he was in lots of pain. I can go see if he’d like to see you.”
    “Thank you,” Bruklyn sighed.
    The nurse left the room, and walking into the back room.”
    Everything went silent. Bruklyn’s breathing increased, her heart started beating faster, almost racing.
    “Bruklyn, he wants to see you,” the Nurse said, peeking her head through the door.
    Bruklyn smiled, speed walking over to the nurse. The nurse smiled, leaving the room.
    “Now, what do you need young man?” Bruklyn could hear the nurse asking Kaden.
    “Oh nothing, just walked someone here” she could here Kaden saying back.
    Bruklyn closed the door behind her as quietly as she could.
    Juan’s eyes fluttered, he mumbled in pain “Bruklyn?”
    “I’m here” Bruklyn whispered, sitting down in a chair by the door.
    “Come closer, cutie” Juan said obviously, still a bit hammered.
    “No, no it’s fine.”
    “But why?”
    “Because, I was told I couldn’t be close to you,” Bruklyn lied.
    “Oh, well nobody needs to know if we cuddle”
    “Juan, I don’t want to hurt you,” Bruklyn said standing up.
    “Fine, I didn’t want to cuddle with you anyways. You’ve obviously done something to her. So what have you done with her witch”
    “What, I’m not a witch!”
    “Yes you are! Now give me back my girlfriend” Juan said smirking.
    “Juan, I’m am your girlfriend.”
    “No! My girlfriend would want to cuddle, so what have you done with her.”
    “Nothing, I don’t want to risk hurting you.”
    “I’ll be fine, just come here.”
    “No! I’ll hurt you.”
    “What your doing is hurting my feelings”
    “Fine, I’ll come cuddle with you!” Bruklyn said laying down beside Juan, “But only for a little bit.”
    Juan rolled over on his side, moving his hair out of his face.
    Bruklyn’s heart fluttered. “Juan why did you attack Ashton.”
    “Because he hurt you. I couldn’t let him get away with hurting you.” Juan whisper through deep breaths, “I wanted to make him hurt like what he did to you. You made me feel like I needed to prove something to love you.”
    “Juan, when you truly love someone you don’t have to prove anything, you can just feel it.”
    “You made me feel like I didn’t love you enough! I just wanted to make you feel loved”
    ”Juan, you make me feel loved, even when your not around.”
    “Even if you do feel loved. I wanted to make him pay”
    “Juan he was trying to protect me.”
    “Protect you from what!?”
    “It’s not important”
    “No! Bruklyn tell me the truth! What are you hiding?”
    “I’m not hiding anything. I swear!”
    “Yes you are, you just don’t trust me.”
    “I do, I trust you like I trusted my gut to grab you hand that day we met.”
    “Then why won’t you tell me what going on?”
    “Because, I wanted to keep you safe.”
    “Safe? Safe form what?”

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        Aww…that’s so sweet.
        That cliff hanger…

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        Awesome! But yeah, that cliffhanger.
        Ehehe that title is totally me.

          annekam replied 5 months ago

          ugh,cliffhanger! tag me!

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