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    brukycuky posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I’ve had this chapter finished ever since I posted 27! Decided to post it before school,
    so like enjoy!!


    Chapter 38 “The Truth”

    “Juan, I’m sorry,” Bruklyn said, sitting up.
    “For what?” Juan asked, grabbing her hand.
    “I should have told you.” Bruklyn blurted.
    “Tell me what? Bruklyn what are you talking about?” Juan asked, trying to sit up. Juan yelled out in pain.
    “Juan! Lay down!”
    “I’m fine really,” he whispered, carefully laying back down, “Now tell me.”
    Bruklyn bit her lip, debating, “Do you remember when I told you I wanted to go home?”
    “Well, that night I went to the School Masters Tower.”
    “Well, I asked if I could go home, and he almost let me, if it weren’t for that stupid storian!” Bruklyn continued.
    “Wait? You telling me your story is being written as we speak?”
    “Yes. Were you not listening to a thing I said?”
    “I was. Now why didn’t you tell me?”
    “I couldn’t risk you knowing, and being in danger. What if my enemy showed up, and hurt someone I loved?” Bruklyn stammered, “I couldn’t let that happen”
    “I could have kept you safe, from Adrain” Juan snapped, “But you had to keep it a secret, and I tried to look for you for months, Bruklyn I thought you were dead. I thought whoever kidnapped you killed you and left.”
    “I wasn’t dead, and I escaped on my own, you should be happy I’m here with you, not back at my house, back in that cave, or worse” Bruklyn hissed, getting up
    “Where are you going?”
    “Please don’t leave me, Bruklyn” Juan blurted, “I’m sorry.”
    “Why do you always try to argue with me!”
    “Because I’m trying to keep you safe”
    “I can do that quite fine on my own”
    “Bruklyn, I love you.”
    “Right now, I don’t think I even know who you are” Bruklyn said frowning.
    “DON’T LEAVE ME” Juan screamed. “PLEASE”
    “Juan, unless you have a good reason not to leave, I’m leaving.”
    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings”
    “You’re forgiven, and I love you too”
    “So you’re not leaving?”
    “No, I am. I have homework to do.”
    “Oh, bye. Good luck”
    “Thanks? I’ll come visit you after dinner if you haven’t been released.”
    “Thank you.”
    Bruklyn smiled, blowing a kiss in Juan direction, closing the door. She walking in the direction of the nurse.
    “Do you know when he’ll be released?” Bruklyn asked, standing in her top-toes.
    “Oh dear, you where in there for an hour! I thought you were doing something so I didn’t want to go in there and intrude.” The nurse said raise her eyebrow. “What did you do in there?”
    “We talked, and cuddled.” Bruklyn said with a smile.
    The nurse scrunched up her face, “Alright, I guess I believe you. Now it says he’s to be released, in two hours!”
    “Can you send a fairy to find me when he can be released?”
    “Of course, you can leave now.”
    “Thank you!”

    Hope you enjoyed!!❤️

        vaydacapricorn replied 4 months, 3 weeks ago

        YASSSSS GREAT JOBBBBB!!! I forgot what to call you so….. tell moi please!

          brukycuky replied 4 months, 3 weeks ago

          Well I go by Bruklyn, Bruky, Cuky, or Bruky Cuky
          Cuky (cookie) is how I used to spell the word cookie, plus I really liked cookies so it just kinda stuck as a nickname.
          But ya, any of those work.

        lilystarling replied 4 months, 3 weeks ago


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