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    Chapter 43 “Forgiveness”

    Bruklyn’s stomach rumbled, she hadn’t eaten since lunch. She glanced at the clock, dinner was over about 30 minutes ago.
    Bruklyn had locked herself in her bedroom, after her encounter with Maddox. While she was hidden in her room, she had finished all her homework, even the work she had missed while locked in the cave.
    She had to turn all her work in before curfew, she quickly unlocked her door, and lit her finger. She walked quickly to all her classrooms placing her papers in the turn in bin. After, she was done she unconsciously walked through the hallways and to the boys rooms. She stopped at a door, and without looking up at the name on the door, she opened it.
    Someone bolted up in bed, Bruklyn glanced at the name on the door, “Sorry! Wrong room!”
    She closed the door and walked to the next door. She stared at the door, making sure it was the correct name, instead of walking in she knocked. Juan opened the door, and put a knife up to her throat.
    Bruklyn blushed, “Oh!”
    “Get in here” Juan said pulling her into his room, “If you want, you don’t have too”
    “That’s why I came.”
    Juan chuckled, putting his knife in a case and stuffed it under his bed.
    “Juan, what do you need that for?”
    “Making my future wife blush, duh.” Juan laughed, “It’s just in case something happens”
    “Bruklyn, that’s beside the point.” He whispered in her ear, “what do you need at such a late hour?”
    “I want to apologize, for storming off at dinner.”
    “Don’t apologize. I should be the one apologizing.”
    “I’m sorry I let him into my room, I’m sorry I never told you about the storian, I’m so-“ Bruklyn was cut off by Juan’s lips against hers.
    “You done?”
    “I-“ Again she was cut off by his lips.
    “Don’t apologize”
    “I wasn’t going to”
    “So what where you going to tell me?”
    Bruklyn looked out the window and screamed, someone was starring into the bed room. The person outside out there finger up to there mouth a flew away on carpet.
    “Someone was starring in, I saw them outside”
    “There nobody there now, your okay”
    “They flew away”
    “I think your just tired, come on.” Juan reassured, picking her up, and placed her in bed.
    “Wait, lock the door.”
    Juan shock his head, got up and locked both of the doors, “There”
    Juan slide in bed next to Bruklyn.
    “Sing me something”
    Juan hesitated, but sang a song in a beautiful singing voice. Bruklyn was overwhelmed with butterflies, suddenly she joined in the singing. They finished the song a Juan laughed, “How do you know that song?”
    “My mother sung it to my brother and I, every night before bed.”
    “As did mine. Now it’s time to sleep.”
    “Won’t we get in trouble?”
    “It’s okay, you’re just napping here”
    “Are you sure”
    “Yes. Now, it’s time to sleep”
    Bruklyn closed her eyes, and steadied her breathing. Shortly falling asleep.
    Juan giggled, pulling out a book and read while Bruklyn slept.
    Enjoy ;p

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        i seriously need to know
        what happens next, also
        plz tag me!!😁

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          PLZ TAG ME

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          why though its so good!

        snakelover replied 3 months, 4 weeks ago

        I LOVED IT!

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