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    brukycuky posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 months, 1 week ago

    Hi! I’m so sorry for not posting in a while, I had really bad writers block and I needed to take a mental health break.
    Chapter 45 “His sweater”

    Bruklyn flew upward in Juan’s bed, breathing heavily.
    “Woah, easy there.”
    Bruklyn looked around terrified.
    “You good?”
    “I, I think so” Bruklyn said rubbing her temple, “Just had a dream.”
    “What was it about.”
    Bruklyn thought long and hard, trying to remember, “I can’t remember”
    “It’s okay,” Comforted Juan, “Don’t fret remembering. It’s not worth stressing about.”
    Bruklyn smiled, and planted a kiss on Juan’s forehead.
    “How long have I been asleep.” Bruklyn mumbled.
    “Oh, two hours?”
    “What? I missed curfew!”
    “Calm down, told the curfew fairy you were spending the night.”
    “Are you sure that’s aloud!?”
    “Yes, very certain. She said it’s alright.”
    “I think I should go to my room now.”
    “Oh, okay.”
    Bruklyn opened the door hesitantly, but quickly pulled away, “I think I’ll say.”
    “What changed your mind?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “Well climb back in bed.”
    Bruklyn shrugged, “I’ll sleep on the floor.”
    “All right,” Juan said throwing a pillow and blanket on the floor. “I’ll make sure to step on your fingers in the morning.”
    “Then I’ll pull your hair.”
    “I’m teasing, go to bed”


    “Wake up, beautiful!” Juan chimed.
    “Five more minutes.” Bruklyn grumbled, groggily.
    “Wake up! I gave you an extra 15 minutes to sleep.”
    “I hope it’s okay I picked out an outfit I thought you’d look cute in.”
    “Let’s see it!”
    “Yeah, show me.”
    Juan smiled, pulling a short white dress, long white socks with small blue bows, doc martens, and his jacket uniform off of his bed.
    “Where did you get that dress!?”
    “It was Agatha’s”
    “It looks familiar.”
    “Maybe from her fairytale, little reader”
    Her cheeks turned bright red, “Don’t call me that!”
    Juan chuckled, shaking the dress, “You gonna wear it?”
    “Of course! Now get out!”
    “What? I’ll have you know this is my room!”
    “Okay fine, I’ll change with you in here.” Bruklyn giggled, about to take off her shirt.
    “No! Keep that on! I’m leaving!” Juan yelled closing the door behind him.
    Bruklyn shook her head, quickly changing her clothes. She pulled Juan’s jacket over her arms, smelling it. It smelt just like him.
    “Yum!” She whispered falling backwards.
    Bruklyn jumped up, opening the door, “You ready?”
    Juan looked at her wide eyed, “Yep!”

    Hope you enjoyed!!

        vaydacapricorn replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        WOO!! Take all the time you need. Your health is important.

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