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    bryleethorn posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 9 months ago

    Character profiles- part1- Bekka Bromwell
    Stuck for characters? Feel free to use these ones, as you ask first! Here’s my first character…

    Bekka Bromwell
    Schools: Evil/ Girls/New
    Finger glow: Orange
    Age: 14 (you can change this if you want)
    Parent: Mother Gothel ( from the fairytale Rapunzel) Yes, surprise, mother gothel did actually have a child before the whole Rapunzel mess; but another villain (you choose whom) kidnapped Bekka as a child, just like mother gothel kidnapped Rapunzel.
    Personality: Bekka is much like a mix between Sophie and Hester; sassy, evilly talented, stubborn, brave, kinda mean and can very easily manipulate people, also aggressive. Like Hester, she is not interested in love interested (however, could someone change that, maybe even an ever).
    Appearance: For a never, she’s actually quite pretty,but she doesn’t like thinking about her looks at all. Bekka has tanned skin and hazel eyes, her hair is a very dark brown with red streaks and is often either down or tied into two french braids that go down to just under her shoulders. Defined cheekbones (almost like maleficent’s) Average height
    Flaws: Although hiding her emotions and being perceived as heartless has it’s ups, it also has it’s downs. She has a hard time letting people in.
    Talent: She has a red, swirl-like mark running down each arms, she can make lava flow from these marks at will & can shape and stop the lava, after training she could also perhaps cool down the lave to make molten objects or use it to create forcefields.
    Pet: Bekka has a black coloured “chinchilla” with red stripes running along it that stays perched on her shoulder, head or pocket at most times. The chinchilla can cut through ropes etc as it has very sharp teeth.
    Crush: If you are going to use characters from the original series. Bekka is most likely to have a forbidden crush on Hester or eventually falls in love with one of the boys she manipulates (possibly chaddick). If you are going to use your own characters she’s more likely to fall for someone that has a similar personality to her (sarcastic, witty, high achiever etc)

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