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    bunnyrabbit123 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 months, 1 week ago

    Chapter One

    Do you have to wake up at midnight to clean your own house? Didn’t think so. Well, I do! My name is Kayla Jane Brady and I live in- well, I don’t actually know where I live. But no one cares about that! Let’s get onto the good stuff…
    It was midnight and I was already up and ready to work. I slept in a room with my best friend forever, Rose McCurdy. We had been on all sorts of nighttime adventures, one of which was tonight.
    We were bored, that was what started it. Miss Henpin always made us go to bed at seven so we had ages to do nothing. We weren’t allowed to do any form of communication or eating when in bed; it was strictly forbidden. One time, Sally Graves, who was new at the time, had bought a midnight feast for us but the moment Miss Henpin saw it she came down on her with all her force. Her least favourite thing was sweets, chocolate or any kind of sweet treat. So when she saw the box of all those things, she was more than furious. Sally had made a grave mistake (pun intended!) and had to pay the consequences. Which were rive whole days in the potato room- a cold, dark cesspit of the worlds best creation- potatoes! The potato room included peeling potatoes for twenty-four hours! Horrid!
    But anyway, back to our adventure. Rose was bored, hungry and thirsty- the worst three things to be when your in bed. She hung over the top of our bunk and tapped on bottom of the bed, creating a noise only we could hear.
    “What?!” I moaned, annoyed that she had to disturb my slumber.
    “I’m, well, suffering from the dreaded three!” she whispered frantically.
    I huffed at her stupidity. Every girl here knew to eat and drink before going to bed or you’ll suffer all night. “Come on!” I said, a hint of anger in my voice, as I got out of bed.
    Creeping along the floor, we snuck out of the door and onto the landing , careful not to step on any of the notoriously creaky floorboards.
    “Psst!” Rose hissed, having spotted something coming up the stairs.
    I looked at her with my what-is-it look, hoping she’ll understand.
    She cocked her head to one side and moved eyes to look at the stairs.
    I gasped and tried to run to our room, only being stopped at the last minute by a terrified Rose. It was Miss Henpin with her lamp and cane: both of which could be used for bodily harm.
    The boards moaned from the pressure of her hefty weight and the hanging lights swung from her heavy breathing.
    Another few steps and she would reach us and we would reach our doom.
    I grabbed Rose by the arm and hastily piled her into a gap between the door and a wall. Then, I sang round and hopped softly to another door, which just so happened to be Miss Henpin’s door. I held my breath as I realised my mistake, and ****** my whole body in to make myself as flat as possible.
    “Oh, come on Greta, get a move on!” Miss Henpin said to herself, realing how insufferably slow she was.
    Somehow, she heard a noise that even our young ears couldn’t pick up and she swivelled round to trot down the stairs to what ever it was.
    When she was comfortably out of sight, we looked at each other and giggled, not able to believe our luck. Quick as a flash, we galloped to Miss Henpin’s door and swept each other inside. We continued to giggle as we stuffed ourselves silly with confectionary of all sorts until we were fit to burst. Lastly, Rose relieved herself in the loo and we walked quietly back to our room, laughing uncontrollably as soon as we got though the door.
    “Ugh! What is it with you?” asked Sally Graves, annoyed yet again that we escaped from eating food when she didn’t.
    But we could answer because of all our giggles and returned to our bunks, full of food and fun.

        bunnyrabbit123 replied 4 months, 1 week ago

        The stars after and are for s u c k e d btw!

        geek replied 4 months, 1 week ago

        Cool 🙂

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