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    Chapter Two

    So, we’ve already told you about our little escapade, now you need to know about the unfortunate consequences.
    “Shut up!” screeched Sally, who had recently become queen of the roost, at Rose and I, who she now detested even more.
    “Three words, Sally,” I said, with a smirk on my face.
    Rose continued: ” We!”
    “Don’t!” I said, this time louder.
    “Care!” shouted Rose, finishing our classic catchphrase.
    With quick, jerky movements, Sally slammed her head into the pillow and sobbed loudly. Again, we giggled, attracting a bit too much unwanted attention.
    Creeping silently up the stairs, Miss Henpin- or, as we called her, the fat hen- turned slowly to face the door of our dorm.
    “Girls!” she called in her creaky old crone voice.
    “What Miss Henpin?” we called as one.
    “Silence!” she cackled, laughing under her breath at the end.
    We all sighed and swivelled round to face our pillows. Most of us dropped our heads onto the feathery heaven, but not me and Rose. We reached up to the underside up our beds and grabbed our books. None of the girls in Miss Henpin’s residence were supposed to be able to read, but we had taught our selves in secrecy to improve our intellect. We gained books from secret sources outside of our house and stashed them I a time u der our bed.
    “What KK?” Rose called, in a sing song voice you would use for babies.
    “I hear….” I waited, and tried to think of the word, “the fat hen!”
    She gasped and brought her head slowly down to her pillow, as I did the same.
    We heard a screaming noise and I saw Rose’s head pop over the side of her bunk.
    Miss Henpin came storming in and grabbed Rose and I by the hair, dragging us to her room.
    “Can you explain this?” she screeched in an unbearable voice.
    We panted and tried to come up with a reasonable lie.
    “Miss!” someone called from behind us, in a sweet as sugar goody two shoes voice.
    “They stole your sweets. They read in bed. They used your lavatory.” sung Sally Graves, proud owner of the worst human ever award.
    We clamped our eyes tightly shut and closed our mouths to stop us from throwing up the sweets.
    But, unlike what we expected, the fat hen let go of us and pushed us to our room, much to the anger of Sally. We tiptoed inside so we didn’t wake our peers up and settled ourselves in our beds again. Sally gritted her teeth at us and lowered her head onto her pillow.
    I bet your wondering a bit about me and Rose. Well, here you go…
    Rose has long, blonde curls that cascade over her shoulders and I have horrible, overgrown brown hair that sits at awkward angles on my back. Her eyes are a perfect sea green colour and mine are a mix of grey and midnight blue. She always wears long dresses in lavender or pink while I wear a range of dark and neon clothes, all of them too big or too small.
    I think you get the impression that when is a bit more perfect than me, but we both live on Miss Henpin’s farm.
    In the morning, we sighed as we faced our doom. Not receiving a punishment was even worse that getting one as you had to face the shame of your naughty deed. If you have a punishment then you spend the day in whichever room you need to.
    When we crept into the main hall, we swiftly sat on an empty table, ignoring the shameful looks from our peers. But, to our surprise, they were quickly interrupted by the fat hen when she pulled our hair again and dragged us into our dormitory, closing the lock behind us, condemning us to living in a small cramped space.
    “Why did we do this?” moaned Rose, turning to me with purpose.
    I hid, trying to ignore her gaze.
    “It was your fault! If you had never got up, I wouldn’t have either!”
    I was shocked, no matter how many times we got into trouble, Rose had never blamed it on more, or herself for that matter.
    “Me? I wasn’t even hungry!” I replied angrily.
    Rose rose from her bed and lifted her fist. Standing with one foot infront of the other, she walloped me with her hand and I was down. Unconscious. Unaware of what was happening.

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