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    bunnyrabbit123 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 months ago

    Truth be Told
    Name: Savannah Price
    Age: 12
    School: Good
    Personality: Shy, bookworm, mysterious, kind, forgiving, romantic
    Parentage/lineage: Mother- Amy Price, Father- deceased
    Appearance: Long black hair that covers her eye, deep green eyes, pale skin, tall, bitten nails
    Apparel: Leggings, long sleeved t-shirts, trainers, cardigans
    Location: Small wooden house on the edge of Camelot
    Fingerglow: Navy blue
    Strengths: Reading fast, magic, making up random stories to make things better
    Flaws: Gets easily distracted, doesn’t speak up for herself, isn’t very confident
    Fears: Spiders, public speaking, people who are taller and older than her, heights
    Likes: Books, her friends and family, warmth, comfort, hot chocolate, cookies and milk, roast dinner
    Dislikes: Cheese, full fat milk, snakes, the school master
    Weapons: Magic, her mind
    Pets: Her mouse called Starbucks
    Backstory: Has lived with her mother forever and never knew her father, she was a very over protected child and still is until she was taken to the school for good and evil.

    Name: Ash McCartney
    Age: 13
    School: Good
    Personality: Brave, bold, popular, respected, strong, ignored Nevers
    Parentage/lineage: Mother- deceased, Father- deseaced, Brother- Harry McCartney
    Appearance: Short ginger hair that flops on his face, tall, brown eyes, tanned, perfect white teeth
    Apparel: Checked shirts, jeans, hoodies, trainers
    Location: Big mansion in the woods
    Fingerglow: Red
    Strengths: Sport, climbing, martial arts
    Flaws: Focuses a lot on strength and not on his brain, ignores his ‘inferiors’, a bit too confident
    Fears: A girl declining his invite to the Snow Ball, not being the most popular, being hated worldwide, being face-to-face with evil
    Likes: To workout, martial arts, all the girls that have very loved him, his looks
    Dislikes: People who see past his strong act, people who tell him what to do, geeks and nerds
    Weapons: Magic, his sword
    Pets: His lion called Inferno
    Backstory: His parents died at his birth and he has lived with his older brother his entire life, he was home schooled by Harry

    Name: Lola-Rose Carter
    Age: 12
    School: Good
    Personality: Brave, smart, popular, loyal, happy, smiley
    Parentage/lineage: Mother- Penelope Carter, Father- Henry Carter, Sister- Jenna Carter, Brother- Sam Carter
    Appearance: Mid-length golden blonde hair, short, painted pink nails, tanned skin, blue eyes, braces
    Apparel: Puffy pink miniskirts, pink and white blouses, pink high heels, small rose in her hair, pink and red makeup
    Location: Small house in a busy town
    Fingerglow: Pink
    Strengths: Picking suitable outfits, smiling, making people feel better, hugging
    Flaws: Can be very arrogant, only cares for her friends, spends ages getting dressed and then changes her mind and does it again
    Fears: Not being popular, failing school, losing her clothes, not washing, being stupid, being humiliated in public
    Likes: Friends, fairy tales, boys, family, her room, clothes, sleep, chocolate
    Dislikes: Bullies, Nevers, teachers, the school master, history, axes
    Weapons: Magic, her beauty
    Pets: Her fluffy bunny called Princess
    Backstory: She has always lived with her parents and is spoilt, her parents have a lot of money and she always gets her way

    Name: Daphne Hunter
    Age: 13
    Personality: Evil, goth, quiet, poetic, slow, smart, moody
    Parentage/lineage: Mother- Harmony Hunter, Father- Cameron Hunter
    Appearance: Short black hair with split ends, short, black eyes, black makeup, white skin, skinny
    Apparel: Loose black dresses, black clumps, black lace gloves, black hood
    Location: Big house where everything is black or white
    Fingerglow: Black
    Strengths: Puzzles, writing poems and stories, creeping through random places
    Flaws: So moody she doesn’t speak, gets angry very easily, needs glasses but wont use them because she is so arrogant
    Fears: Sun, smiles, her family leaving her
    Likes: Black, spiders, snakes, poems, books
    Dislikes: Pink, every colour apart from black and white, glasses, long hair
    Weapons: Magic, swords, punishment devices like the ones in the doom room
    Pets: Her snake called Slithers
    Backstory: She lives with her parents but never talks to them, she gets angry whenever someone talks to her and hates all form of happiness, she only writes stories about death and destruction

        bunnyrabbit123 replied 4 months ago

        Sorry it is so long, I wanted to get all the bios out the way at the start of my story

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