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    bunnyrabbit123 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 months ago

    Truth be Told

    Ugh! The one thing I hate mor than hippocrates, popular kids and boys is eating tea with friends. Or, to be precise, my mum’s friends. Adults who pinch your cheeks and tell you how much you’ve grown since they last saw you.
    “Savannah darling!” called my mum from downstairs.
    “Yeah mum?!” I replied.
    “Are you dressed. My friends will be round soon!” she shrieked as two ladies knocked on the door.
    I decided to lie and get away with it, “Yeah!”

    Five minutes later, I was tiptoeing out the door to run away to the park, also known as my secret hideout (even though loads of people went there).
    The thorns on our Rose’s scratched my legs as I walked down the country path. Even though we lived in Camelot, we still had a bit of countryside instead of busy towns. I saw the climbing arch in the distance and increased my speed to a run to ensure I get there first. The arch was a very popular place for teens and the like to ‘hang out’ or, as I call it, sit and play on there phones.
    I was almost there when I saw a boy on the other side, almost touching the arch.
    Finally! I got away from those pesky girls! Not that I dont like them, I just need some time to get more girlfriends. I don’t want to have less than the nerds!
    To escape from girls, I go to the climbing arch in the park. None of the girls I know would go there for fear of ruining their dresses or messing their makeup. But, when I got there, i was surprised to see a girl making her way to the arch.
    Why was she there?
    But, just when I thought it was weird, another girl appeared! What is wrong with them today?!
    Boys! I love them! I mean, they are the most important things in the world, right?
    Just as I thought I had seen the most handsome boys ever at the club, I saw a boy in a checked shirt walking slowly towards the climbing arch. I love the arch, with it’s beautiful flowers wrapping round the rings and the wood without varnish. I never climb on it, I only pick flowers to match hair.
    I look at the boy smile, hoping to charm him with my looks. Then he turns and sees a goth like girl stalking towards the arch. So many people today!
    Poems. That’s it. I only go outside to write poems about the dead things I see. That’s it. You can leave me now!
    I hate the actual arch, i just like the… the… the ravens that circle it in the skies. Yeah. That’s it. Ravens.
    But today, I have some competition. Three other people are going to the arch. Three! I’ve never seen so many people! Things are going to get *****!

        bunnyrabbit123 replied 4 months ago

        The stars mean D.I.R.T.Y

        tt51 replied 4 months ago

        Wow this is really good! Keep it going i really enjoyed it 🙂 <333

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