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    cara21 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hey everyone! This is my bio for me and @rophie ‘s story we’re doing together!
    Name: Jesimane
    Gender: female
    Parents/Relative: Beatrix and unknown
    School: School for Evil
    Personality: shy, quirky, kind, outgoing, fast, and can ignore people sometimes
    Flaws: Doesn’t really feel many emotions to people, or at all, has trust issues
    Appearance: Jesimane is an average height girl with long brown hair she usually hides her face behind. She is quite pale and skinny yet athletic. She has electric blue eyes that stick out on her dull, oval shaped face.
    Clothing/Wears: Her clothing style is pretty casual, she normally wears a large grey sweater and light blue jeans. Okay
    Pet: gecko (geeky is the name)
    Weapon: Magic
    Talent: Can change the weather
    Finger Glow: Lilac
    Favorite subject: Doesn’t really care
    Enemy: Doesn’t have one
    Love interest: You’ll learn that in the story
    Backstory: Jesimane was always a strange kid. She grew up in a nice home without a father, but still managed with just herself and her mother Beatrix. Oh, and also her best friend Xcilona. The two were friends since they were 8 and were inseparable since. One day, while playing with Xcil, Jesimane received a note. She had been accepted into the School for Good and Evil! But the only thing was that she had been accepted into the School for Evil and Xcilona had been accepted into the School for Good. Nevertheless, a magic barrier couldn’t stop them from being best friends. They wrote notes to each other everyday. They still do. Throughout their first year they struggled together, learning new ways they weren’t used to.

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