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    Second chapter of The Tale of Four Friends
    Jesimane’s Pov

    I stared down at the note in complete shock. I had been accepted into the School for Evil.
    No. This wasn’t supposed to happen! I was supposed to go to the School for Evil! How was I supposed to tell Mother! I paced the room, thoughts clouding my mind. I had no idea what to do, so I headed over to Xcilona’s house. She would know what to do.
    “Jaz!” She squealed running up to me. “Guess what! I have the best news!”
    I managed a feeble smile. “What is it?”
    “I got accepted into the School for Good!” She said, practical screaming in happiness.
    “That’s great,” I said, giving her a small smile.
    The next hour was just filled with Xcilona’s squeals and packing.
    I took a deep breath. “Xcilona? Can I tell you something?”
    “I got accepted into the School for Evil.”
    For a minute there was silence.
    “That’s amazing! We can write to each other and see each other at lunch!”
    I looked down gloomily. I guess I did belong in the School for Evil, I could be quite mean at times. Well, there’s no going back now.

    I’m in the School for Evil. It’s honestly pretty cool but I don’t really fit in. The reason I didn’t get accepted into the other school was that I didn’t care enough, but I wasn’t mean enough to be in the School for Evil. But, the deans wanted me to join so they just put me into the School for Evil. I have a group of friends. They consist of Clara, Adrime, Elest and Eric. They were cool, but they were evil. As was I, but I just felt different to them. All they wanted to do was be mean to people and honestly, I felt like I really didn’t have any feelings towards other people. I don’t feel sorry for anyone, I have never fallen in love. Sometimes I think I’m a psychopath. But I know I’m not, because… Well, I don’t know how to explain it. Sometimes I feel a bit different around people like Xcilona. Mainly Xcilona. I don’t know why though, probably because we are so close. We still write to each other. Everyday. Today I received a note from Xcil (Xcilona).

    Hey Jaz!
    Ugh, evers can be so annoying sometimes! I mean, don’t get me started on my roommates. They keep talking about this “really special and amazing” fashion designer called Xilone Hemick. It’s quite weird, we have pretty similar names. She even has the same surname as me! It’s probably just a coincidence though. How’s your life going? What have you been up to with your friends? Oh, I have to go now! See you at lunch!
    -Xcil x

    I smiled down at the paper. Somehow her notes always made me smile, even if I was in the worst of moods. I started writing my reply.

    Dear Xcil,
    You think the evers say weird stuff! The other day, Eric was telling me how much he loved the smell of rotting bodies! Try to beat that! Well, anyways, life is good. I’m pretty good at History of Villains and Special Talents now. I still **** at uglification. Have you made any progress? How are you and Har-

    My pen fell on the paper and ink spilled over the last word. Weird. I guess I was writing too hard.

    Dear Xcil,
    You think the evers say weird stuff! The other day, Eric was telling me how much he loved the smell of rotting bodies! Try to beat that! Well, anyways, life is good. I’m pretty good at History of Villains and Special Talents now. I still **** at uglification. Have you made any progress? How are you and Harman? Are you still shaking whenever you’re talking to him? Any conversations since last time? Tell me everything! How’s your life? I kinda wish you were in my school. I would love to spend some time with you other than just in Lunch or Surviving Fairy Tales. Well, that’s all I have to say. Bye!! See you at lunch!
    -Jaz x

    I folded the paper and put it in the post, where it would be sent soon. I sighed. I missed when it was just us. No school, no barrier separating us. It was great. We would always come to each other’s houses and play till we got tired. Which, usually, wasn’t till a long time.
    Suddenly, the wolves howled, taking me from my thoughts. It was time for lessons! Which lesson, I had no idea but Clara had the same schedule as me so I just followed her.
    “Hey Jesimane,” Eric said as I caught up with the group, winking. I blinked at him, not feeling or saying anything.
    “We have surviving fairy tales,” Clara informed me.
    “Thanks Clara,” I replied.
    For the next minute, we walked in silence until we reached our destinations. Me and Adrime walked into a small part of the forest as we were both in group #2. And, as a matter of fact, so was Xcilona and Harman.
    “Hey Xcil,” I whispered to her as we all sat down on the logs layed around the patch for us.
    “Hi Jaz!” She whispered back.
    I was about to say something when Harman came up and broke our conversation.
    “Hey, Xcilona? I was wondering… Could I talk to you in private?”
    I almost glared at him. Even though I didn’t, there was this anger inside of me for some reason. He couldn’t just come up, ruin our conversation and take her away to talk somewhere else! I mean, rude!
    They weren’t really in private because I could hear everything they were saying, but the good thing was that they didn’t know that.
    “Xcilona, I’m worried about you.” He said.
    “Worried about me? Why?” Xcilona said out of confusion.
    “That never girl you’re hanging out with.”
    “What about her?”
    “I don’t think it’s safe to hang out with her.”
    “What? Jesimane? Oh, you don’t know her.”
    “That’s correct, but I know she is a never and I know nevers. They’re evil, Xcilona. You think they’re your friend and then they stab you in the back. Sometimes literally.”
    “Yeah well, you don’t know Jaz.”
    Harman sighed. “Well, look Xcilona. I like you and all, but I don’t like Jesimane. So you’re going to have to pick between us.”
    Xcilona stepped backwards, looking shocked.
    Harman didn’t wait for an answer. Instead he said, “I’ll give you some time to think. Choose by when it’s the snowball.”
    With that, he walked back to his friends.
    Xcilona sat down next to Darete, who was sitting on the log next to mine.
    “What did Prince Charming have to say for himself?” He asked.
    She hugged him. Poor guy. I knew he had a crush on her, since the start of the first year. But Xcil only saw him as a brother.
    She let go of Darete and held my hand as the teacher strolled into the patch. I could tell by her ****** expression that she was thinking hard, and those thoughts were making her upset. She was clearly thinking about who she would choose, but I pretended not to know.
    “Something up?” I asked her, squeezing her hand lightly. She didn’t say anything, but a single tear rolled down her cheek.
    Harman kept glancing at Xcilona, trying to sign something to her but I glared at him to stop.
    “We have new rules,”Yuba (the teacher) began. “We unlock fingers in second year.”
    He went around unlocking everyone’s fingers. Xcilona giggled, I don’t know why though.
    “Focus on your emotions, that’s usually what gets them glowing!” Yuba encouraged. Oh dear, this was going to be a hard one. I don’t really know my emotions. I just, don’t really feel them as much as others do.
    Suddenly, Xcilona’s fingers glowed a bright silver colour. She smiled.
    I looked around, everyone’s finger was glowing, but Xcilona’s was clearly the brightest. I was the only one with no glowing finger.
    “Think of me,” She whispered. And I did. I thought of the first day I met her, when we used to play dress up, when we would just talk and talk until our voices hurt. I thought about when we joined the school, how we spent every lunch sitting together away from everyone else. I thought of every note I had ever received from her. I thought of every thought I had of her.
    I opened my eyes and everyone was behind the trees apart from me and Xcil. Then, I looked around and every stone, twig, leaf, basically everything was raised above the ground.
    Suddenly, my fingers lit up a bright lilac colour. So bright, even brighter than hers.
    Suddenly, everything dropped, but I didn’t care. I beamed at her, and she looked back but she didn’t smile. I could tell by the way her eyebrows furrowed that she was thinking about something and felt bad about it, but I kept smiling and soon she was smiling too. It seemed like it lasted forever, just her and me, smiling back at each other. Pure smiles that I hadn’t seen in forever. The happiest of smiles. It was at that moment that I felt real. I felt alive. I felt my heartbeat in my chest. I felt the breath I took. But most importantly, I felt happy.

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