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    Okay so a lot of people have been posting their Percy Jackson club bios so I thought I would post mine.
    @GRACEANNEMARIE (Leader of club, Grace)
    @THEMAPLEBACONDONUT (Co-leader of club, Maple)
    @ranumasha (A)
    @kittybp2 (Kitty)
    @uraza169 (Uraza)
    @bookmaster10 (Maddie)
    @annafan (Anna)
    @ellathewizard (Victoria)
    @inlovewithbooks (Ellie)
    @cara21 (Cara)
    @ginnypotter12 (Rice Krispie)
    @kenzieever (Kenzie)
    @dherrington (DD)
    @pinkeleora08 (eleven)
    and I think @yaha12
    Also if you want to join just ask Grace or Maple.
    Name of Character: Millie Grey
    Age: 14
    Daughter/Son of: Apollo
    Parents: Apollo and Amy Grey
    Personality: Millie’s personality changes a lot. She is normally quite goofy and happy, but also can be headstrong and determined. She gets hurt (emotionally) quite easily and when sad she can turn into a completely different person. She loves all music and is a great singer. She tries to be nice to everyone, unless they try to kill her or someone she cares about. When bored she likes to play music or annoy her friends. She is rather smart and likes things to go her way.
    Greek/Roman: Greek
    Pet/s: A golden retriever called Ace, which she rescued in one of her missions who now lives with her in camp half blood.
    Strengths: She is very good at combat and is quite athletic, which helps when you need to run away from things that are trying to kill you.
    Powers: She can play music very well and when she tries hard, she can change the emotions of her listeners with her music.
    Flaws: Her mind is pretty negative, and even though she tries to be positive on the outside, she thinks the worst of things on the inside. That leads to sad thoughts in her mind, cold thoughts that sometimes makes her wonder why she should even try.
    Weapon: Ironically she ***** at the bow and arrow, even though her father is the god of archery. So instead of that, she has a hair pin that, once taken out of her hair, transforms into a celestial bronze sword with ancient writing down the middle of the blade which reads the word ‘sun’.
    Signature Color: Lilac
    Crush/Relationship: Um…
    Cabin: Apollo!
    Best Friend: Lyric Luna-Isla (though Lyric’s former best friend was Zoe Nightshade)
    Appearance: Millie has light brown hair that goes just underneath her shoulders which she normally keeps it down with some sort of hat. She is quite skinny, average height and has tanned skin and pale blue eyes.
    Clothes: I made a google slide because everyone else did it so why not give it a go. Here it is:
    Background: Millie had a complicated life before camp half-blood. When she was little she grew up with her mother, Amy Grey who was a children’s book writer and illustrator. But, Amy died saving Millie from a monster when Millie was six. She was instantly put into foster care, but hated it. It was very hard for Millie to get over the fact that her mother had died. She had always thought it was her fault, since she had attracted the monster in the first place. But also, Millie was a weird kid. She still is to this day. (Well isn’t every demigod?) The people at foster care didn’t know how to treat her correctly. She has ADHD and Dyslexia, which made it hard for her to concentrate and almost impossible for her to spell any words correctly, still does. And as much hard as they tried, they always got annoyed with Millie for not being like the most of the other kids. Scared and alone, Millie ran away from all the foster cares, but different people kept finding her no matter where she was and putting her into another foster care. I guess young children running across the streets with no adults nearby wasn’t as common as Millie had expected it to be. She had ran away from so many different foster cares that she didn’t even know the number when a satyr found her in the middle of nowhere, told her she was a demigod and took her to camp half-blood. Now, she lives in camp halfblood with Ace and her friends.

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