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    cara21 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hey everyone! I finished my pov for the Percy Jackson club! My story is written with @ginnypotter12 and @dafemalefaun . Here it is:
    Millie’s Pov
    I opened the door of my cabin, only to have spaghetti poured on top of me. I flinched as the cold noodles hit me and looked up to see that a bucket had been balanced on the door to pour on the first person who opened it. I rolled my eyes. The Hermes cabin. They could be so annoying sometimes.
    I stormed into cabin eleven and glared at everyone there, their innocent faces staring back at me.
    “Which one of you did this?” I said with a glare, clearly very annoyed.
    They all chuckled, sharing smirks and whispers.
    “Millie!” Chiron called from a distance.
    I sighed. I could never punish (for their pranks) the Hermes cabin without being interrupted. I jogged up to the entrance of camp where Chiron was standing.
    It had taken a long time for me to get over the fact that he was a centaur. I looked at him then. The front half of his body was normal. In fact at first sight when you only see the top half of him, you wouldn’t suspect he was a centaur at all. He would just look like a normal man. And then you’d look down at his waist and see that he was very much inhuman. From his waist downwards, he was a horse. You could see his waist gradually turn into a horse. Strange, I know.
    I looked up, away from my thoughts, to see that next to Chiron was a tall girl in ancient greek clothes. You know, white tunics, flower crown thingys and sandals. I found that quite weird as even though all of us here are Greek, it was very difficult to find anyone actually wearing the traditional clothes.
    “Millie, this is Lyric. She is a hunter of Artemis and will be staying here due to some issues. Please show her around,” Chiron informed me, pointing to the girl next to him who apparently was called Lyric. That made sense, she was a hunter of Artemis. A lot of the hunters wear those sort of clothes.
    “Hey Lyric,” I say with a welcoming smile.
    She pulled her long, dark hair behind her ear and smiled back. “Hello Millie.”
    For the rest of the morning, I showed Lyric around the place. She seemed to know where most things were so it didn’t take that long before she knew her way around (kinda) and I left her to get settled in the Artemis cabin while I walked into the Apollo cabin.
    “Hello,” I sing to the tune of “Hello” by Adele.
    “It’s me,” The rest of the cabin sings back. We laugh together. In the Apollo cabin, we’re very musical. Well, most of us. Some of us only specialise in healing or archery and aren’t so good at music, but we all love music anyway.
    “Anything special going on today?” I ask everyone.
    “A couple hunters have visited but no one knows why,” Someone answered, but I couldn’t quite tell who it was.
    “Yeah, I met one. She was nice but she kinda talked funny,” I commented. It was true, Lyric’s vocabulary consisted of a bunch of thys and thous. It was a bit hard to understand at first but it became easier the more you heard it.
    Suddenly, I felt fur brush my leg and I looked down to see my dog Ace. I smiled and rubbed his ears as I turned to the person to my left and began talking.
    “When’s the next capture the flag game?” I asked.
    “There’s one on today silly! Don’t you remember anything Chiron announces!” My half sister Anna replies.
    “Not really-” I began saying but was caught off with a knock on the door.
    There was an awkward silence for a couple minutes. Then I realised that the knock was the same knock before the song ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ song came on in the Frozen movie.
    “Do you wanna build a snowman!” I started singing but stopped to the glares of everyone else in the room. They’d obviously heard that song way too many times already. So, I walked up to the door and opened it to reveal a short girl with a bow slung around her arm.
    “Hey,” She said.
    Anna came to my side, a confused look on her face. “Zola?”
    “That’s me!” The girl answered with a smile, happy someone recognised her.
    “I’m sorry… am I supposed to know you?” I said, a confused look now on my face.
    “Millie, this is Zola. Zola, this is Millie,” Anna started. “Zola came to camp half blood a little before you came but instead of staying here, she left to be a hunter of Artemis.”
    Zola chuckled awkwardly. “Yeah, sorry about that.”
    “Okay. Hey Zola, how come you’re in camp half blood?” I asked her with a smile.
    But, just as she opened her mouth to answer, Chiron’s voice called from a distance. “Time for capture the flag!”
    @GRACEANNEMARIE (Leader of club, Grace)
    @THEMAPLEBACONDONUT (Co-leader of club, Maple)
    @ranumasha (A)
    @kittybp2 (Kitty)
    @uraza169 (Uraza)
    @bookmaster10 (Maddie)
    @annafan (Anna)
    @ellathewizard (Victoria)
    @inlovewithbooks (Ellie)
    @cara21 (Cara)
    @ginnypotter12 (Rice Krispie)
    @kenzieever (Kenzie)
    @dherrington (DD)
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        yaha12 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Nice!! “time for capture the flag!” 😀 .

        themaplebacondonut replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        It’ll be an interesting game for sure XD
        To bad Flavia and Arielle won’t be there yet…

        dafemalefaun replied 1 year, 11 months ago


        xxxxsophiaxxxx replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        wow this club is so cool! Could I join? Here is my Bio:

        Sofie’s Bio
        Gender: Girl
        Name: Sofia
        Age: 16
        School: Good
        Appearance/Clothes: Milky white skin, rose red lips, bright blue eyes and blonde hair
        Clothes: Usually casual but will dress up for formal occasions.
        Personality: Bubbly, funny and smart
        Fingerglow: Pink
        Flaws/Weaknesses: Doing a finger glow, snakes and spiders.
        Hobbies/Talents: Likes doing art and playing music
        Magical Power: Hasn’t discovered yet
        Weapons: Small Dagger and a bow.
        Friends: Sophie (Not THE Sophie but another one)
        Fairytale lineage: Daughter of Snow White

        I understand if I can’t join this late into the story but if so pls reply and tag me if you will lets me join! THX

          cara21 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          It’s fine to join, except this is a Percy Jackson club and rn we’re writing fanfic for Percy Jackson, not the School for Good and Evil

          themaplebacondonut replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          What Kenzie said. And @xxxxsophiaxxxx sure u can join our club and it’s RP 🙂 though like Cara said it is a Percy Jackson Club and RP so you may want to change ur bio a bit

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