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    Hola amigos, here is my second pov for the percy jackson group rp! This story is written with @ginnypotter12 and @dafemalefaun , also this chapter is featuring @kenzieever and @graceannemarie . Tags:
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    Millie’s Second POV
    I pull of my blood stained helmet, staring at a tall, rather thin, girl who was laying on the floor, her body limp, probably because of the giant bruise at the side of her head. I stared at her. I didn’t recognise her, she must have somehow stumbled into camp and accidently gotten into the way of someone wearing hard armour, or gotten involved in a fight. Poor thing. I lifted her up and slung her on my back, struggling very hard to stay upright with her weight on top of me. With a bit of falling down, I walked away from the battlefield we were playing capture the flag in to the infirmary, pushing the door open with the side of my shoulder. When I got in, I noticed Anna was there with another kid who I also didn’t know. Gods, how many people do I not know!?
    “Hey Anna I found this random girl unconscious in the battlefield.She looks new, must have stumbled into the place and accidently got caught in the fight or something. Looks like she has a nasty bruise on the side of her head, can you fix her up?” I asked the redhead. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t fix her up myself. Well, my special talents consist of music. No healing. I **** at all the doctors stuff. Anyway, I handed the strange girl’s limp body to Anna and turned to the other girl I didn’t know, who was crying.
    “Oh! Don’t cry! What’s the matter?” I asked the small bundle of long, brown hair. She looked up, her eyes welling with tears. As soon as I saw her, I immediately knew she was from the Aphrodite cabin. She had the perfect pale skin, shy blue eyes and long, luscious hair. Even her freckles looked good! Aphrodite kids these days, always looking more perfect than anything.
    “Well that girl just died right? Why aren’t you crying?” She asks through her tears, clearly very confused.
    I chuckle, finding her confusion amusing. “Oh honey, you’ve got it all wrong. She’s only got a bruise on her head which, as a matter of fact, you do too. I’m presuming you blacked out as well?”
    She doesn’t answer, but from her ****** expressions it’s pretty obvious that it was true.
    “Well, the name’s Gray. Millie Gray.” I say with a smile, knowing she probably wouldn’t understand the joke but at least I found it funny.
    “Um, I’m Aurora. I’m from the Aphrodite cabin,” She says rather sheepishly, I guessed she wasn’t that used to too many introductions like this.
    “I was guessing that, you’re so pretty! I’m from the Apollo cabin. Do you know Alex? What am I saying, of course you know Alex! She would just freak at the thought of a new sister!” I rant, not paying attention to the fact that I was talking far too much and that Aurora was probably starting to feel awkward.
    “You know Alex too? She-she saved me from a monster and brought me to camp. I really like it here,” She said, stumbling on her words. She looked happy, but something must have upset heras tears well up in her eyes and she started crying.
    “Aw don’t cry! What’s wrong?” I asked her, starting to get worried about how many times she was crying. She must have been through a lot that day.
    “It’s just- I- Just- So many things have happened today and I like camp half blood and all but I- I miss my dad and my friends!” She said through her sobs.
    Just as I was about to say something comforting, Alex walked in.
    “Hey Rori!” She said happily. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere! It’s time for you to lean charm speaking!” Aurora didn’t look so happy about that, and I was very surprised.
    “You’re so lucky! I wish I could charm speak. All I can do is sing good,” I complained, but Aurora still looked disappointed in the fact that all she could do was look nice and charm speak. Oh well, she could have her own thoughts. Aurora and Alex started talking about something I had no interest in listening to, so I awkwardly left the room to go and do something. I wandered around the camp for a short while, singing under my breath and letting my thoughts go wild.
    “Where was thou.”
    I yelped in fright as Lyric surprised me, appearing out of nowhere.
    “Oh gods, you scared me Lyric! Don’t do that to me! What is it?” I asked her, rather annoyed that she broke my chain of thoughts.
    “Where was thou in capture the flag?”
    “Oh, I had to take this random girl to the infirmentry.”
    “Okay. A boy was searching for thy,” She said, her tone changing to disgust at the word “boy”.
    “Um, okay. Where is he?”
    “There.” She pointed to the left of us, where a guy with messy brown hair was standing. Ah, it was Jayden.
    “Hey Jayden. You needed me?” I said, walking up to him.
    “Uh, yeah. Where did you go in capture the flag? We were winning.”
    “I had to take this random girl to the infirmentry. Sorry about that,” I said sheepishly.
    “Oh, it’s okay.” There was a moment of silence, and it started to get awkward.
    “Well, um, See you another time?” I said, breaking the silence.
    “Yeah, see you,” He answered and we walked off in separate directions.

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