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    cassia-cedar-wood posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 4 months ago

    Cassia’s Diary
    Entry 3
    1-9-17 “Captain Hook”
    I guess you could say me and Dragon White are not very popular ok cross out the very part lets face it were not popular at all!! Thats not a bad thing tho that just means we dont stand out of a crowd.So we sit in the back of all our classes.My FAVORITE part about not being popular in we litterly never get called on in class,that is untill today!!!!! It all started when our teacher Cinderella got poisen ivy from a plant a kid gave her before christmas break as a christmas present .So Captain Hook is now our teacher untill Cinderella recovers or I guess you could say “Stops Itching”.But at first it was no big deal to me nor Dragon White .But it was pretty clear that Captain Hook didn’t know the popularity levels of the students.I say that because the first student he called on to anwser a question was Dragon White on the bright side she did get the question right but thats all i know tho because i was daydreaming which is suprising because usually i pay attention and be the good student I am.But the one time im not paying attention I get called on !!!! I was supposed to explain the explanation meanwhile I didnt even know what the question was .But thanks to my best friend Dragon White i ended up being safe and getting it right meanwhile she wispered the explanation to me !!!! So everything ended up being ok afterwards the class thought I was paying attention and being thegood student I usually am. So I deffenetly owe it to Dragon White !!! She is defenetly the best friend anyone could ever ask for !!!
    To be Continued Hope you are enjoying my story so far tell me your feedback in the comments

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        dot111 replied 4 years, 4 months ago

        Nice! After each point of punctuation, don’t forget to have a space. 😉

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