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    cassia-cedar-wood posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 3 months ago

    i like sheep with green wool

        hmpotter666 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        Me too!

        oreliaotter replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        Are you new here? If so…
        Hi there and welcome to RP (role playing) Level 0! I’m @oreliaotter, and even though I’m not an elder (an elder is a user that has lots of experience with the site and helps people in the group. Our elder is @caramelprincess), or a WC person (Welcoming Committee), that doesn’t mean I can’t help, right? 😉 So, to start, you can make a biography (bio for short) of a character you’d like to put in your tale. At minimum, you can put:
        Full Name: first, middle (if any), last. Self explanatory.
        Nickname: if any.
        Favorite Mogrif: a plant or an animal
        Era: before or after Agatha and Sophie
        School: good or evil, then include percentage, like 57% evil and 43% good
        Fingerglow: any color you want. There’s even been some that change colors!
        Friend Group: or BFF
        Appearance: hair, skin, height, etc.
        Weapon: if any; your character might not have one
        Talent: like what they would do at the Circus of Talents. Sometimes the talent and weapon are the same
        Personality: strengths AND flaws, don’t forget those flaws, or else your character will seem too perfect.
        Hometown: example: Jaunt Jolie, Bloodbrook, Ooty, Pifflepaff Hills, etc
        Parents and Fairy Tale Lineage: such as: daughter of Snow White, or great grandson of Hansel from Hansel and Gretel
        Age: I recommend somewhere between 12 and 18
        Siblings: if they’re a big part of the story, include a bio for them
        But you can also add:
        Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: You might want to make a bio for them, too
        Favorite colors:
        Favorite animal:
        Backstory: what happened before when your story started, e. g. their parents died, they moved to a desert island, etc.
        Pets: dog, cat, or manatee, if you want! Really any animal, fictional or real!
        Typical outfit/Style: like casual, trendy, only blue clothes, or whatever.
        … or anything else you think of. You can also ask to “borrow” someone else’s bio if you see it on their post and want to use their bio.
        Then, you can begin writing out your tale. People generally post it one chapter at a time, and copy and paste it from a Google Doc/Microsoft Word Doc. If people want you to “tag” them, you put an @ sign and then their username. Like “@oreliaotter.” Once you post it, it turns pink. If you click on it, you get to their report card. You can see their activity and groups. If people want to be tagged, it means they like your story. It will appear in their “Mentions” section. Try going to your report card. You’ll see a button on the right of your avatar that says “Activity.” Click it. You’ll get three buttons below the report card, “Personal,” “Mentions,” and “Favorites.” Personal is the activity you post. Mentions is the activity someone has tagged you in. Tagging is good because if you miss it on the RP group, you can still view it on your mentions, because the Load More button takes forever. Favorites is posts you have pressed the “Favorite” button on in all groups, not just RP level 0.
        Here are a few basic rules:
        When you want to add something to your bio and you’ve already posted it, please don’t do another post. Press the comments button and comment on it.
        Please don’t post one liners unless they’re RP related. Example of a RP related okay one liner: “Can I please have an Evergirl bio?” or a summary of your story or something along those lines. Example of a not okay unrelated one liner: “I got my nails painted today.” and “I broke my leg yesterday slipping on a banana peel.” Or even “Have you read Book 3 of SGE yet?” These are better for a group called Open Chat, where you can talk about whatever you want (within reason.) Posting one liners is bad in RP groups because it pushes everyone’s stories to the bottom and makes people have to click the dreaded “Load More” button.
        Only comment nicely on people’s posts. You are allowed to give constructive criticism, but say something nice too! Most people’s comments will be something like, “Nice!” “Cool Chapter!” or “Interesting!” (In a good way!). You might get a detailed comment, which always feels really good. Like, “Great Chapter! I can’t wait for the next one. I like the verbs! Please tag me. I can’t wait ‘til your next update!” If you want to give constructive criticism, people generally post something like this: “Great chapter, but maybe make it longer?” or “Be careful of grammar, but aside from that, great chapter!” Not something like: “this is really sloppy. It needs work.” or “Ugh! What a disgusting chapter!” (I know you won’t post THAT, though.)
        Everyone here is really nice, so don’t hesitate to ask questions, and hope to hear your tale soon! If you need more help, talk to a Welcoming Committee person, like @luna101, @dot111, @fairytalegirl123, and @kiko55. You can also talk to our elder, @caramelprincess. Also, if you need an extra bio for your tale, like a nemesis, a roommate, a best friend, a sister, and so on, just ask me! I’ve included a few bios here to get you started:
        Annie of Claw Valley
        Full Name: Anastacia C. Curdle II (The C. stands for cruel, her middle name). She was named after her grandmother Anastasia, Cinderella’s stepsister.
        Nicknames: Anne (she is called this by relatives and she positively hates it), Anna, Stacey, and Annie (by her friends. They call her Annie most often).
        Gender: female
        Favorite mogrif: a raven.
        School: Good, but not by much
        Fingerglow: ice blue
        Friend: the only person that will talk to her is Liliana.
        Weapon: carries a dagger with a claw-shaped handle
        Talent: can turn any inanimate object to snow
        Personality: she is rather mysterious and suspicious and shy, and doesn’t fit in very well. She is sympathetic, but only to people whose problems are real, not rich girl problems. When she gets mad she roasts people very well. She is loyal to people she knows are loyal back and when she’s in nature, she is brave. Around people she is very skittish.
        Hometown: Claw Valley
        Age: 16, but you can change it to fit with your characters
        Siblings: she has three younger brothers she constantly had to care for: Tom, Harry, and Matt
        Crush: in her mind, boys are stupid. And she is right in a way, all of the everboys are arrogant.
        Popularity: she is not popular at all.
        Favorite colors: she likes kitten gray and soft pastels.
        Clique: not in a clique, it’s just her and Liliana
        Enemies: She hates Santiago, an Everboy, who is super full of himself. She warns Liliana, who is crushing on him, that he’s never serious and will only hurt her. (And she tells the truth.)
        Favorite animal: She likes birds in general, and has a special gift with them. She especially likes ravens.
        Appearance: she has long, raven black hair, which could be beautiful if she didn’t tie it in a messy ponytail all the time. She has narrow brown eyes and medium skin. She is short and skinny.
        Hobbies: she likes to go hiking, or any outdoor activities.
        Backstory: Anastasia grew up in a Never kingdom, among Nevers. Everyone thought she wouldn’t get into SGE, and if she did happen to get in she would be evil, because of her Fairy Tale Lineage. But secretly, even though the fairy tales didn’t say, the stepsisters were nice for the most part. Anastasia’s mother and grandmother wanted her to go to Good, along with her little brother. However, her father had a strong feeling of her going to Evil. When Anastasia got into Good, her father was enraged, and her mother and grandmother were happy. That made her father even more mad, and he divorced her mother. Her mother cried a bit but didn’t care much. Then at Good, she was looked down on by everyone except the teachers. Well, Prof. Anenome didn’t like her because, even though she could be pretty, she didn’t try to. She sought friendship and found Liliana.
        Pets: a raven named Lulu who likes to sit on her shoulder.
        Typical outfits/style: She wears plain gray sweaters and pants, all the time.
        Liliana of Adobe Desert
        School: Good
        Age: 16 but you can change it
        Gender: female
        Appearance: she has medium-dark skin and brown eyes. She has thick very dark brown hair that falls to her shoulders. She has braces. Her face is very pretty, but she is teased because she is chubby.
        Attire: she wears leggings and tight tops with sneakers. She hates dresses.
        Personality: she can tolerate very hot heat (she has to, because her homeland is a dry desert.). She likes parties. She has uncontrollable fits of giggles.
        Ranks: medium to not very good
        Favorite Mogrif: she doesn’t like mogrifying into animals, it makes her itch. She likes to mogrify into plants, especially cactus.
        Crush: Santiago of Pablo City
        Friends: Annie of Claw Valley. The two of them are the most unpopular girls in school
        Backstory: she grew up in a poor family with her two older sisters who bossed her around and a baby brother she had to take care of. Her father died and her mother was sickly. She worked as a maid for a wealthy family. Her mother’s only dream was for Liliana to go to the school for good. She was overjoyed when Liliana was accepted.
        Santiago of Pablo City
        School: Good
        Age: 16 but you can change it
        Gender: male
        Appearance: a fluffy dark brown afro with dark eyebrows and full lips. He is tall, with deep brown eyes.
        Attire: Everboy uniform usually.
        Personality: he is very dramatic and romantic. He enjoys flirting.
        Ranks: pretty good
        Popularity: medium popular among boys, but very popular with the girls
        Crush: he changes it every week
        Backstory: Santiago grew up in a wealthy family in the busy place of Pablo City. Pablo City was right next to Adobe Desert, and Liliana’s mother worked as a nurse for him when he was little, though he doesn’t know this.

          cassia-cedar-wood replied 4 years, 3 months ago

          im not new and i am playing around with my friend and i did do a bio and a story check it out @Cassia-Cedar-Wood

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