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    cassia-cedar-wood posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 3 months ago

    Cassia’s Diary Entry 4
    School hasn’t been good AT ALL considering we still have Captain Hook as a teacher I wish our normal everyday teacher Cinderella would hurry up and get over this poison ivy thing. Mine and Dragon White’s popularity levels are way higher than usual. Now most unpopular kids would think thats great but its not to me nor Dragon White. Considering us having a higher popularity level we get called on a ton!!! Thats why I have been trying to pay more attention (even tho I usually pay attention and am a VERY good student if you ask me along with Dragon White) I still try to pay EXTRA attention but its not always easy exspecially when the people in the dorm next to you are playing super loud music when your trying to sleep !!!! Anyways this weekend im going home to visit my stepsister because she just got engaged (getting married) to this guy named Jesse the things that gets me is that dad accepts this guy because (Cassia makes Dun Dun Dun sound) HE HAS NEVER GONE TO SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL!! Meanwhile dad has always made us go to SGE ( School for good and evil) because he went to school for good and evil so wish me good luck tomorrow I will update you on how this goes

    Want more of Cassia’s Diary find it @cassia-cedar-wood comment your feedback in the comments
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