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    cassidyofleighshollow11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    Okay, who’s ready for chapter five part two!? I am!


    “STOOOOP!!!!” Malevonia screamed at the prince. “SHE IS NOT A WITCH, YOU MURDERER OF GOOD SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she thundered.
    “Ooooh, try and stop me!” the boasting prince taunted, shoving Malyria’s fingers off the sill and sending her to her death.
    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the air was pierced by a cry louder and more sad than that of someone who just lost their entire family. Although, Malyria was her entire family.
    “Did you ever wonder what happened to all those princes and suitors?” Malevonia regaining malevolence. He killed her sister. He would pay a price higher than that of his own life.
    “N-n-n-no,” the now afraid prince stuttered. The fed in his eyes was mounting. Malevonia smiled at his cowardice.
    “They all thought I was extremely beautiful. Malyria-” she whispered the name sadly- “wouldn’t let them kill me. All they thought I was was a witch. But they came for my hand, anyway. So they could control me. And when I said no to them all, they were deeply depressed. And so they put themselves out of their defeated misery. And here the villagers thought I murdered them. Well, they’ll be right about one of them: you.” she ranted.
    And then a strong force shot all the fire in the castle towards the killing, sister-thieving snake of a prince. He caught fire in an instant.
    Malevonia watched him scream in agony, watch him lose control of himself and careen out the window, and saw his ashes scatter throughout the village while his pained screams of death rang through the air.
    And she felt alive. She felt like she had finally done something entirely for her sister. She had killed for her.
    And she would do it again.

        cassidyofleighshollow11 replied 4 years ago

        She would do it all again. She would kill all the people in his kingdom if she hadn’t killed him before getting his addess.

          cassidyofleighshollow11 replied 4 years ago


        peppy replied 4 years ago

        Ooooooh! That’s wonderful. 😉

          cassidyofleighshollow11 replied 4 years ago

          How is killing wonderful?

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        *Clears throat poshly*
        Killing is far from wonderful, but the writing is.

          cassidyofleighshollow11 replied 4 years ago

          *giggles* Do you always do body functions? It’s funny. *snorts*

        gracelynnofmadinvail replied 4 years ago

        I like it 🙂

          cassidyofleighshollow11 replied 4 years ago

          Thanks. Do you ever say anything else, Gracelynn?

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