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    Chapter Six: The Prisoners

    The next morning, Azira awoke to the sound of someone hammering on the door of the shack, Luke asleep on the tree stump seat in front of her.
    “Who’s there?” Azira called suspiciously. Luke didn’t wake, but kept snoring. Clearly he was a heavy sleeper.
    “Mail delivery for Azira Blue and Luke Mire,” an unknown female voice answered. It was rough and hoarse.
    Azira went to the door and opened it. Luke sat up instantly when he heard the door open, zooming across the room to see who was at the door.
    Outside stood a beautiful woman, with platinum-blonde hair, red full lips, hourglass curves, and entrancing gray eyes that lured the two children to her. She was holding no letter, but a burlap sack and sleeping powder from the poppy field just out of town. Even though she looked set to kidnap someone, the two runaways came closer still, trapped by her magical gray eyes.
    When they finally got close enough, she threw the sleeping powder into the sack and stuffed the two children inside it. She heard their surprised and broken-tranced screams suffocate as they came in contact with the sleeping powder. Now she would learn more about them, keeping them locked up in the same sitting room where her sister Malyria was shoved out the window in Darke Castle.


    Azira awoke with a start in the middle of a nightmare. Her cousins had shoved her parents out the window and Luke and Ruby burned them up, scattering their ashes through the window of the shack. She sat up, breathing heavily and shallowly, drenched in sweat. ‘That wasn’t them,’ she thought. ‘It was just a dream.’
    Then she realized where she was. She was in a cold cell in an unknown building. The walls were rough stone, and there were chains binding her arms and legs to the wall. She felt like she was stuck mid-jumping-jack. There were no windows, but a peculiar metal instrument in the corner. She looked around for someone. But in the dark, she couldn’t see the rest of the cell, the part that was the farthest away.
    She tried calling for someone. She mouthed “Luke” and “Ruby” but no sound came. ‘How odd,’ she thought. Since she couldn’t be helped, she changed the subject to another important matter: How had she gotten there?
    She racked her brain for the answer, but the last thing she remembered was opening the door to get the mail and being shoved into a burlap sack by an angel.
    Wait, how in the world would the mailperson know where they were, and why had nobody found them if they knew where they lived? ‘Suspicious, very suspicious indeed,’ she thought, frowning at the fact that she couldn’t mutter it.
    And now that she discovered that this woman was deceit, she could try to free herself.
    She felt a very powerful emotion just then: Worry. And then, she saw a light. Why was her finger glowing blue? It was chained above her head, but there was no denying that her finger was glowing blue. And then in the light, she saw something.
    There, on the other side of the room, was Luke. He was still asleep, and probably mute. He was chained to the stone wall as well. In his sleep, his finger was glowing gold. Was he scared, too?
    And then she noticed something different about both of them. Why were they wearing black clothing? Azira’s was a black swimsuit, but she was relieved that it was a one piece. It was skin-tight, so she could see her ribs right through the material. Luke’s was black swim trunks. Why did they look like they were going to a beach funeral? Azira thought that she would never find out until the door burst open. There was the woman from her vision: Malevonia Redrum.

    SEE ME TOMORROW FOR CHAPTER SEVEN: THE SUITS IN BLACK! Or, to see old chapters, go to @cassidyofleighshollow11.

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