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    cassidyofleighshollow11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    Sorry, but I think I’ll get back to Ruby, now.

    “So, guys, what do you want for breakfast?” Ruby asked walking into the sitting room.
    When she entered, a surprising scene awaited her. Nothing!
    “Luke!? Azira!? Where are you!?” She called. She went into Luke’s room. The blanket was strewn about on the floor in a very untidy manner. ‘Boys,” she thought to herself.
    Well, now that she knew that something had happened to them, she needed to set off to find them. But what had happened? Where could they be? ‘I’ll check the town, first,’ Ruby thought.
    And so she packed up her necessities and set off for the village of Leigh’s Hollow. “Are they at Penelope and Roxanna’s house?” she said to herself. Walking to the manor on the outskirts of the village, she hoped that they wouldn’t be so bad.
    Knocking on the door, she took a deep breath. A nasally voice answered her.
    “Who is it? We don’t do charity and we’re not interested in buying anything.”
    “Have you seen a girl with black hair and a scar on her cheek? Her name is Azira. Oh, and a boy with black hair, he’s my-”
    “Azira? You know her? Can you bring her here if you find her? She’s our, um, maidservant. She must have gotten away.” The voice said slyly.
    “Well, have you seen her or not?” Ruby answered hotly.
    “No, she ran away from us.”
    “Well, have you seen my friend? He has black hair and-”
    Clearly stung by the fat lady’s words, Ruby shot back. “Well, fine, you want her, find her yourself!” she screeched back, slamming the door in the cousin’s face.
    ‘Well, I guess they’re not there,” she thought angrily, heading towards the square.
    They were nowhere in sight. She started getting worried. ‘Are they still alive?’ Ruby worried silently.
    Since they definitely weren’t in Leigh’s Hollow, Ruby moved on to the Graylands. They weren’t even in the local prison. Hunger roaring inside her, she pressed on, not even stopping for lunch. It was afternoon by the time she reached Thunderia. “Have you seen these people?” she asked people she passed on the busy, rainy street, while waving around an extremely intricate and surprisingly accurate drawing of her two partners in hiding. Everybody shook their heads or ignored her, being too busy to care. Crying out in despair, she headed for Fantasia.
    With no luck, she went on to Evilla, finally at their unknown destination. It was nightfall, and from what Ruby had heard, was the wrong time to be in the streets of Evilla.
    Somehow, she reached Darke Castle unharmed, except for one man trying to steal her sword and pierce her with it. She left him out cold.
    “This is it,” she breathed. She found some arrows on the ground around some unconscious guards and started climbing the wall. She gulped, catching a glimpse of a half-burnt bones below. Soon she reached a window. Climbing in, she found herself face-to-face with Malevonia Redrum, in the doorway of a room housing two familiar figures in black swimsuits.

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        Mmmmmmmmm . . . Exciting!

          cassidyofleighshollow11 replied 4 years ago

          Thanks @peppy. At least you stick by me. *looks at feet and groans*

        gracelynnofmadinvail replied 4 years ago

        I like it 🙂

          cassidyofleighshollow11 replied 4 years ago


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