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    catsforlife posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 months ago

    Hey Guys! New RP Cuz Open Chat is down! If you want to join, post a bio in the comments!
    Two twin sisters with a wild and crazy family! Original idea by Catsforlife, co-leaded by Thecoven4ever this rp will be based around 2 twin sisters (Cats and Cove) and their crazy family, close and distant. (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc etc). We’re doing realistic enough so make your character close to your irl personality please! (Same with appearance if you’re comfortable) We’re doing MINOR powers and they need to be different for each person. Look at Cats’ and Cove’s bios if you don’t know what we mean by minor, I better not see Mind Controlling, flight, super speed, etc or you will have to redo that part of your bio. Plot: TBD
    @Thecoven4ever (Cove)
    @ravenclawjedi (Maddie)
    @ginnypotter12 (Ginny)
    @blondieonfire (Blondie)
    *insert bold Username here*
    Relation to Twins:
    (Pictures off google are fine, just not crazy supermodel stuff):
    Clothes (Normally):
    Downfall of Power:
    Close With (In the Family):
    Extra Info:
    Slideshow (optional):

        evilerruler845 replied 5 months ago

        Y’all asked for it! I have a question, tho: is it ok to be a minor character? Like y’all can just kill me off later when you proceed to the important parts of the story. My death can be just a warning if you like 🙂

          catsforlife replied 5 months ago

          Sure! Only if you want it to be though, we won’t just randomly kill you off without you wanting it

        ruby0fwoodsbeyond replied 5 months ago

        do you have an idea for a plot or?

          catsforlife replied 5 months ago

          That’s why it says TBD
          We’re gonna let everyone give ideas

        pencilpeytie replied 5 months ago

        Can I join? Here’s my bio :p

        Name: Peyton Satya (satya is my middle name)
        Nickname: Peytie, Sati
        Gender: Female
        Age: 14
        Sexuality: Omnisexual
        Relation to twins: second cousin
        Appearance: medium brown skin, a kind of spiky/poofy black pixie cut with purple highlights, on the taller side, hazel eyes.
        Clothes: (Normally) Her go-to is a big, old band T-shirt with a jean overall-dress or overalls, and some seriously weird/awesome shoes
        Personality: Sarcastic, a little socially awkward but loud and kinda insane once you get to know her. Whenever someone else is sad or worried, she’s always the first to be there, even if what she says inadvertently makes them feel worse. She’s much better at fighting physically than verbally.
        Flaws: She never ever studies for school and forgets everything. She also gets easily flustered and is bad at keeping her cool, which makes her quick to fight. This gets her in a lot of trouble at school and she’s the proverbial “troubled child.” She always loves starting projects but almost never follows through with them.
        Fears: She often gets bullied about her sexuality and has bad anxiety. Her worst fear is that her friends and her will drift apart and she’ll be all alone.
        Power/Ability: She can move things with her mind, but nothing heavier than the first SGE book
        Downfall of Power: She has to be thinking only about the object and staring at it intensely, and it works sort of like Hort’s man-wolf–she can only move things for twenty seconds at a time and if she stops concentrating at any point, it will move back to where it was originally.
        Close with: Hmm, I don’t know any of the other characters…can I follow up on this?
        Extra Info: She reads the news every morning and cares a lot about humanitarian crises. She also loves houses and goes to an art and design high school, hoping to become an architect and interior designer when she’s older. She loves doing art.

        spyingclimber replied 5 months ago

        Name: Becca
        Nickname: Becca
        Gender: Female
        Age: 14
        Sexuality: Abrosexual
        Relation to Twins: Sibling
        Appearance: Long reddish brown hair with bright blue eyes. Bangs that are currently being grown out. Pale skin with some freckles on the face. 5’2 and wears pale pink glasses.
        Clothes (Normally): Jeans and the standard black and white VANS with a off the shoulder sweater.
        Personality: At first she is really shy but once you get to know her she will talk your head off. Has severe anxiety and is quite insecure. Extremely loyal to those she cares for. Has tough time forgiving but will at some point. Makes lame jokes and is a huge Greek Geek. When something seems too hard she might freak out and then get to work. Generally seems happy.
        Flaws: Can talk way too much, may focus too much on other and what they need instead of what she needs, wants to impress everyone. Is quite stubborn about things she believes in and will debate with people about them.
        Fears: She has a major fear of falling (though she loves heights). Being unable to branch out and make new friends.
        Power/Ability: Can increase senses
        Downfall of Power: Is only able to do when concentrating really hard and can only do one at a time.
        Close With (In the Family): N/A (will see)
        Extra Info: Loves to ride horses and hunter jumps. Climbing is also a fun things she likes to do. Wants work with animals when she grows up.

        ruby0fwoodsbeyond replied 4 months, 4 weeks ago

        @catsforlife (sorry wouldn’t let me reply)
        once you think of a plot, could you tell me? it’s just with no current plot, how are we gonna start?

          catsforlife replied 4 months, 4 weeks ago

          Like I said before, we were gonna let people join and then decide on a plot that everyone can agree on.

        evilerruler845 replied 4 months, 4 weeks ago

        Alrightyyyy I’m in school so let’s do this hehehe
        Name: Lyn
        Nickname: Lyn is my nickname. I refuse to be called otherwise. Only a select few ppl know my real name.
        Gender: Female
        Age: 14
        Sexuality: questioning
        Relation to Twins: second cousin once removed 😛
        Appearance: Brown hair that falls down to shoulders, brown eyes, 5’6”, just look at my avatar for appearance.
        (Pictures off google are fine, just not crazy supermodel stuff): as I said ^
        Clothes (Normally): jeans or black leggings, sneakers usually, if vv cold, I wear boots, or crocs whenever I go swimming. Wear crop top and bra almost 90% of times. Throws on sweats or shirt w/ jacket. I s.uck at clothing but here ya go. If you want more I’ll give you more description.
        Personality: introverted, takes time to open up. Very observant (try me), semi-clever. Also I’m very nice. Many ppl tell me that.
        Flaws: well I try my best to have patience, and I usually do. Unfortunately, I have quite the blowing temper so don’t mess w/ me. I will find a way to bite you back in your *ss so h*rd you wish you never crossed paths w/ me ever again. Also slightly clumsy, more of a kinetic learner. And a bit lazy, gets distracted sometimes.
        Fears: dying, losing my loved ones, losing my hands especially.
        Power/Ability: can heighten someone’s thoughts/feelings. Is possible that this will sway their decisions, but that is entirely up to them.
        Downfall of Power: let’s say I lose my own feelings and thoughts. So like I’ll be more emotionless and empty. Oof. I’d be hurt to see an empty Lyn.
        Close With (In the Family): TBD
        Extra Info: I play the violin (not quite the prodigy, but like I’m better than the average person my age) in classical music (so not pop, hip hop, K-pop, rapping, alternative, but maybe the occasional song that I’m interested in). Loves writing and writes when I can. Also reads books when I can. It’s not easy for me to make friends since I got trust issues but I try. Also I’m a night owl. Only uses social media for school purposes and friends, not so much for drama and what goes on in the real world

          catsforlife replied 4 months, 3 weeks ago

          Could you maybe change your power? Cove is using something insanely similar to that

          evilerruler845 replied 4 months, 3 weeks ago

          Holy f*** really?!?! Well great minds think alike 😛
          Okay my new power:
          I can foresee events of the future. However they are typically small, useless, UnImPoRtAnT eVeNtS so like yeah whatever. This happens to me irl all the time anyway. Downfall of power can remain the same tho yes?

          catsforlife replied 4 months, 3 weeks ago


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